First Class Records against Lancashire

All First Class Matches

Hampshire have played Lancashire 153 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 19, Lost 67, Drawn 64, Tied 1 and 2 were abandoned without a ball being bowled
Hampshire have also played Lancashire 2 times in other First Class matches since 1864.
They won 0, Lost 2, Drawn 0

Hampshire Records against Lancashire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score548-6 at The Ageas Bowl (2016)
Lowest Score37 at Old Trafford (1900)
Highest individual score249no JG Greig at Liverpool (1901)
Best Bowling (innings)9-25 RMH Cottam at Old Trafford (1965)
Best Bowling (match)14-111 D Shackleton at Old Trafford (1957)
1st Wicket partnership212 JS Laney and DA Kenway at Southampton (1999)
2nd Wicket partnership184 MCJ Nicholas and DR Turner at Portsmouth (1984)
3rd Wicket partnership167 CG Greenidge and CL Smith at Old Trafford (1986)
4th Wicket partnership170 J Bailey and NT McCorkell at Bournemouth (1947)
5th Wicket partnership171 NEJ Pocock and NGC Cowley at Southampton (1982)
6th Wicket partnership118 PJ Sainsbury and ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie at Portsmouth (1963)
7th Wicket partnership124 JP Stephenson and AN Aymes at Portsmouth (1995)
8th Wicket partnership191 MT Coles and AJA Wheater at Southport (2013)
9th Wicket partnership112 CP Mead and WH Livsey at Old Trafford (1926)
10th Wicket partnership113 JG Greig and C Robson at Liverpool (1901)

Lancashire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score676-7 at Old Trafford (1911)
Lowest Score54 at Portsmouth (1937)
Highest individual score291 E Paynter at Southampton (1938)
Best Bowling (innings)10-46 W Hickton at Old Trafford (1870)
Best in County Championship
9-51 SC Kerrigan at Liverpool (2011)
Best Bowling (match)14-73 W Hickton at Old Trafford (1870)
Best in County Championship
14-180 CH Parkin at Liverpool (1921)
1st Wicket partnership260 FB Watson and C Hallows at Liverpool (1927)
2nd Wicket partnership261 JP Crawley and NH Fairbrother at Old Trafford (1998)
3rd Wicket partnership306 E Paynter and N Oldfield at Southampton (1938)
4th Wicket partnership242 J Sharp and JWH Makepeace at Southampton (1910)
5th Wicket partnership214 A Flintoff and M Watkinson at Southampton (1997)
6th Wicket partnership231 DJ Vilas and R McLaren at Old Trafford (2017)
7th Wicket partnership132 M Watkinson and PAJ DeFreitas at Southampton (1993)
8th Wicket partnership116 G Chapple and KW Hogg at Liverpool (2011)
9th Wicket partnership118 J Sharp and AH Hornby at Bournemouth (1911)
10th Wicket partnership114 G Chapple and SC Kerrigan at Southport (2013)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Lancashire 12 times in the County Championship since 2001.
They have won 0, Lost 4, Drawn 8

Hampshire Records against Lancashire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score548-6 (2016)
Lowest Score127 (2002)
Highest individual score210 WR Smith (2016)
Best Bowling (innings)7-82 SR Clark (2007)
Best Bowling (match)9-84 SD Udal (2002)
1st Wicket partnership191 WR Smith and JHK Adams (2016)
2nd Wicket partnership117 JHK Adams and MJ Lumb (2010)
3rd Wicket partnership70 JP Crawley and CC Benham (2006)
4th Wicket partnership87 MA Carberry and LA Dawson (2009)
5th Wicket partnership144 NRT Gubbins and BC Brown (2022)
6th Wicket partnership92 NRT Gubbins and FS Organ (2022)
7th Wicket partnership46 NRT Gubbins and KHD Barker (2022)
8th Wicket partnership83 NRT Gubbins and JK Fuller (2022)
9th Wicket partnership57 GJ Bailey and DR Briggs (2013)
10th Wicket partnership84 CT Tremlett and JA Tomlinson (2008)

Lancashire Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score568-5 (2009)
Lowest Score149 (2017)
Highest individual score135 VVS Laxman (2009)
Best Bowling (innings)7-28 KW Hogg (2011)
Best Bowling (match)11-59 KW Hogg (2011)
1st Wicket partnership129 AL Davies and H Hameed (2017)
2nd Wicket partnership152 TC Smith and MB Loye (2009)
3rd Wicket partnership99 MB Loye and SG Law (2006)
4th Wicket partnership216 VVS Laxman and MJ Chilton (2009)
5th Wicket partnership70 NH Fairbrother and G Chapple (2002)
6th Wicket partnership183 NJ Astle and LD Sutton (2006)
7th Wicket partnership75 SJ Croft and WA White (2013)
8th Wicket partnership94 PD Salt and TE Bailey (2022)
9th Wicket partnership88 TC Smith and M Kartik (2006)
10th Wicket partnership70 AP Agathangelou and SC Kerrigan (2013)