First Class Records against Indians

Hampshire Records against Indians

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score458-9 at Southampton (1996)
Lowest Score123 at The Rose Bowl (2002)
Highest individual score164no TE Jesty at Southampton (1982)
Best Bowling (innings)7-36 CJ Knott at Southampton (1946)
Best Bowling (match)10-110 CJ Knott at Southampton (1946)
1st Wicket partnership138 JM Rice and DJ Rock at Southampton (1979)
2nd Wicket partnership181 CG Greenidge and MCJ Nicholas at Southampton (1982)
3rd Wicket partnership175 JS Laney and KD James at Southampton (1996)
4th Wicket partnership149 J Arnold and AS Kennedy at Southampton (1932)
5th Wicket partnership64 TA Jesty and NGC Cowley at Southampton (1979)
6th Wicket partnership162 EDR Eagar and ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie at Bournemouth (1952)
7th Wicket partnership69 PJ Sainsbury and MNS Taylor at Southampton (1974)
8th Wicket partnership34 PJ Sainsbury and GR Stephenson at Southampton (1974)
9th Wicket partnership57 SD Udal and JA Tomlinson at The Rose Bowl (2002)
10th Wicket partnership91 MJ Thursfield and SM Milburn at Southampton (1996)

Indians Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score369-3 at Southampton (1979)
Lowest Score51 at Southampton (1932)
Highest individual score166 SM Gavaskar at Southampton (1979)
Best Bowling (innings)9-93 S Venkataraghavan at Bournemouth (1971)
Best Bowling (match)10-129 BS Chandrasekhar at Southampton (1967)
1st Wicket partnership192 AD Jadeja and V Rathour at Southampton (1996)
2nd Wicket partnership105 NS Sidhu and SR Tendulkar at Southampton (1990)
3rd Wicket partnership136 AD Gaekwad and Yajurvindra Singh at Southampton (1979)
4th Wicket partnership143 AV Mankad and GR Viswanath at Bournemouth (1971)
5th Wicket partnership148 M Azharuddin and M Prabhakar at Southampton (1990)
6th Wicket partnership158 RMH Binny and Kapil Dev at Southampton (1986)
7th Wicket partnership44 ND Marshall and M Jahangir Khan at Southampton (1932)
8th Wicket partnership36 AA Baig and PG Joshi at Bournemouth (1959)
9th Wicket partnership12 SMH Kirmani and EAS Prasanna at Southampton (1974)
10th Wicket partnership100 SN Banerjee and CS Nayudu at Bournemouth (1936)