First Class Century Partnerships

1st1987347VP Terry and CL SmithWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1990292VP Terry and TC MiddletonNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 1991274VP Terry and CL SmithSussexHove
 1992267VP Terry and TC MiddletonSurreySouthampton
 1990264VP Terry and CL SmithOxford UnivThe Parks
 2009261JHK Adams and MA CarberryWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 2014253JHK Adams and MA CarberryLeicestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1986250CG Greenidge and VP TerryNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1960249RE Marshall and JR GrayMiddlesexPortsmouth
 1992246VP Terry and TC MiddletonSussexSouthampton
 1973241BA Richards and CG Greenidge
1st wicket fell at 334, BA Richards retired hurt
 1967233RE Marshall and BL ReedNorthamptonshirePortsmouth
 1971233BA Richards and CG GreenidgeOxford UnivThe Parks
 1984223VP Terry and CL SmithGloucestershireSouthampton
 1959214JR Gray and RE MarshallGloucestershireBristol
 1997213JS Laney and ML HaydenDerbyshireChesterfield
 1999212JS Laney and DA KenwayLancashireSouthampton
 1973207BA Richards and CG GreenidgeSurreyPortsmouth
 1920204HAW Bowell and G BrownWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1970201BA Richards and CG GreenidgeLeicestershireSouthampton
 1973200BA Richards and CG GreenidgeLancashireSouthport
 1997200JS Laney and ML HaydenLancashireSouthampton
 1950199NT McCorkell and NH RogersNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2007199MJ Brown and MA CarberryWorcestershireKidderminster
 1998195GW White and JS LaneyOxford UnivThe Parks
 1911194CB Fry and HAW BowellDerbyshireSouthampton
 1910193CP Mead and J StoneWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1910193CP Mead and J StoneLancashireSouthampton
 1929193G Brown and JA NewmanEssexPortsmouth
 1951193NT McCorkell and NH RogersNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1983191CG Greenidge and CL SmithLancashireLiverpool
 2006191JHK Adams and MA CarberryDurhamChester-le-Street
 2016191WR Smith and JHK AdamsLancashireThe Ageas Bowl
 1965190RE Marshall and HM BarnardOxford UnivThe Parks
 1994189TC Middleton and VP TerryOxford UnivThe Parks
 1935188J Arnold and NT McCorkellNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 1989188VP Terry and CL SmithLancashirePortsmouth
 1958186JR Gray and RE MarshallNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1920185G Brown and HAW BowellLeicestershireSouthampton
 1959185JR Gray and RE MarshallSussexPortsmouth
 1972185BA Richards and RV LewisEssexChelmsford
 1920183G Brown and HAW BowellYorkshireHeadingley
 1990183VP Terry and TC MiddletonKentCanterbury
 2010183JHK Adams and MA CarberryDurhamChester-le-Street
 1959182BRS Harrison and RE MarshallOxford UnivBournemouth
 1968182BA Richards and BL ReedNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 2011181JHK Adams and LA DawsonSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1970180BA Richards and BL ReedDerbyshireChesterfield
 1975180BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWorcestershireWorcester
 1981180CG Greenidge and TM TremlettGlamorganBournemouth
 2022180JJ Weatherley and IG HollandSomersetThe Ageas Bowl
 2014179JHK Adams and MA CarberryKentCanterbury
 1982176CG Greenidge and JM RiceGlamorganPortsmouth
 1987176VP Terry and CL SmithSomersetBournemouth
 1980174TM Tremlett and CL SmithSomersetBath
 2021174JJ Weatherley and IG HollandGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1991172VP Terry and CL SmithWorcestershirePortsmouth
 2011171JHK Adams and LA DawsonDurhamThe Rose Bowl
 1986170CG Greenidge and VP TerryNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1993170RA Smith and VP TerrySurreyThe Oval
 2013170JHK Adams and MA CarberryLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1989168VP Terry and CL SmithSurreyThe Oval
 1985167VP Terry and CL SmithKentSouthampton
 1993167TC Middleton and VP TerryAustraliansSouthampton
 1934166J Arnold and RH MooreKentPortsmouth
 1993166TC Middleton and VP TerryOxford UnivThe Parks
 2016166TP Alsop and JJ WeatherleyCardiff MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1992164KD James and TC MiddletonLancashireOld Trafford
 1911163HAW Bowell and CP MeadSussexPortsmouth
 1957163JR Gray and RE MarshallGlamorganPortsmouth
 1937162RH Moore and NT McCorkellWorcestershireBournemouth
 1931160J Arnold and J BaileyGloucestershireBristol
 1949160NT McCorkell and NH RogersWarwickshireBournemouth
 1953160JR Gray and NH RogersLeicestershireLoughborough
 1968160BA Richards and RV LewisOxford UnivThe Parks
 2016160WR Smith and JHK AdamsDurhamChester-le-Street
 1923159AS Kennedy and HAW BowellWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1983159CG Greenidge and CL SmithGlamorganSouthampton
 1983158VP Terry and CL SmithLancashireBournemouth
 1909156HAW Bowell and CP MeadSomersetSouthampton
 1928156AS Kennedy and GS BoyesLancashireSouthampton
 1946156J Arnold and AG HoltKentCanterbury
 1962156JR Gray and H HortonDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1911155CB Fry and HAW BowellWorcestershireSouthampton
 1956155JR Gray and RE MarshallWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1961155RE Marshall and JR GraySomersetBournemouth
 1984155DR Turner and RJ ParksCambridge UnivFenner's
 1978154CG Greenidge and BA RichardsSurreyPortsmouth
 1996153GW White and JS LaneyGlamorganSouthampton
 1927152G Brown and AS KennedyLeicestershireSouthampton
 1947152J Arnold and NH RogersSurreyPortsmouth
 1953152JR Gray and NH RogersLancashireOld Trafford
 1984152VP Terry and CL SmithGloucestershireBristol
 1905150EG Wynyard and AJL HillSomersetSouthampton
 1919150BGV Melle and G BrownMiddlesexSouthampton
 1952150JR Gray and NH RogersDerbyshireChesterfield
 1960150RE Marshall and JR GrayGlamorganSwansea
 2012150JHK Adams and ND McKenzieNorthamptonshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1937149RH Moore and NT McCorkellSussexWorthing
 1939149NT McCorkell and J BaileySussexHove
 1971148BA Richards and CG GreenidgeGlamorganSwansea
 1884147FE Lacey and AJ AndrewsSomersetSouthampton, Antelope Ground
 1914147J Stone and HAW BowellWorcestershireDudley
 1977147BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1996147GW White and JS LaneyNottinghamshireSouthampton
 2009146JHK Adams and MA CarberryNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1948144J Arnold and NH RogersGloucestershireBournemouth
 1965144RE Marshall and HM BarnardSomersetBournemouth
 1986143CG Greenidge and VP TerrySussexHove
 2015143MA Carberry and JHK AdamsSomersetTaunton
 1932142J Arnold and G BrownLancashirePortsmouth
 1986142CG Greenidge and VP TerrySurreyBasingstoke
 1998141GW White and JP StephensonMiddlesexSouthampton
 1926140G Brown and JA NewmanGloucestershireGloucester
 1976140BA Richards and RV LewisKentSouthampton
 1973139BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWorcestershireWorcester
 1987139VP Terry and CL SmithYorkshireBasingstoke
 1961138RE Marshall and JR GrayYorkshireScarborough
 1979138JM Rice and DJ RockIndiansSouthampton
 2003138JHK Adams and DA KenwayDerbyshireDerby
 1935137J Arnold and NT McCorkellLancashireLiverpool
 1955137JR Gray and RE MarshallMiddlesexBournemouth
 1957137JR Gray and RE MarshallNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1983137CG Greenidge and CL SmithGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1990137TC Middleton and CL SmithKentBournemouth
 1962136RE Marshall and JR GrayLeicestershireLeicester
 1970136BA Richards and BL ReedWorcestershireSouthampton
 2011136JHK Adams and LA DawsonSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1950135NT McCorkell and NH RogersWest IndiansSouthampton
 1966135RE Marshall and BL ReedWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1973135BA Richards and CG GreenidgeLeicestershireLeicester
 1990135VP Terry and CL SmithSomersetTaunton
 2022135FS Organ and IG HollandYorkshireScarborough
 1976134BA Richards and JM RiceWarwickshireBournemouth
 1983134CG Greenidge and CL SmithSurreySouthampton
 1987134CG Greenidge and VP TerryGloucestershireSouthampton
 1993134TC Middleton and VP TerryDurhamStockton-on-Tees
 1909133CB Fry and CP MeadKentCanterbury
 1949133NT McCorkell and NH RogersLeicestershireLeicester
 1971133BA Richards and CG GreenidgeSussexPortsmouth
 1985133JJE Hardy and CL SmithOxford UnivThe Parks
 2006133JHK Adams and MA CarberryYorkshireHeadingley
 2007133MJ Brown and MA CarberryWorcestershireThe Rose Bowl
 1961132RE Marshall and JR GrayNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1983132VP Terry and CL SmithLancashireBournemouth
 1985132CG Greenidge and VP TerrySomersetBournemouth
 1906131AC Johnston and JG GreigDerbyshireSouthampton
 1925131G Brown and JA NewmanLeicestershireAshby-de-la-Zouch
 1953131JR Gray and NH RogersSomersetTaunton
 1955131JR Gray and RE MarshallNorthamptonshirePeterborough
 1964130RE Marshall and GL KeithGlamorganPortsmouth
 1965130RE Marshall and BL ReedIrelandDublin
 1989130VP Terry and CL SmithSussexSouthampton
 1911129CB Fry and HAW BowellKentSouthampton
 1949129NT McCorkell and NH RogersDerbyshireChesterfield
 1951129NT McCorkell and NH RogersGlamorganBournemouth
 1972129BA Richards and CG GreenidgeOxford UnivThe Parks
 1991129VP Terry and CL SmithSussexHove
 1999129JS Laney and DA KenwaySomersetSouthampton
 2015129MA Carberry and JHK AdamsNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1952128JR Gray and NH RogersSurreySouthampton
 1972128BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1977128BA Richards and CG GreenidgeGloucestershireBristol
 1931127J Arnold and J BaileyNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1931127J Arnold and J BaileySurreyThe Oval
 1954127JR Gray and NH RogersGlamorganSouthampton
 1959127JR Gray and RE MarshallMiddlesexHornsey
 1959127JR Gray and RE MarshallLancashireOld Trafford
 1978127CG Greenidge and DJ RockGlamorganSouthampton
 1901126AS Webb and VA BartonDerbyshireSouthampton
 1914126JG Greig and HAW BowellDerbyshireBasingstoke
 1936126RH Moore and NT McCorkellKentSouthampton
 1947126J Arnold and NH RogersKentSouthampton
 1987126VP Terry and CL SmithMiddlesexSouthampton
 2009126JHK Adams and MA CarberrySussexThe Rose Bowl
 1899125C Robson and VA BartonYorkshireSouthampton
 1962125RE Marshall and JR GrayWorcestershireCowes
 1910124JG Greig and CP MeadGloucestershireSouthampton
 1934124J Arnold and RH MooreSomersetBournemouth
 1954124NH Rogers and JR GraySomersetBournemouth
 1977124CG Greenidge and DJ RockLeicestershireLeicester
 1986124CG Greenidge and VP TerryIndiansSouthampton
 1988124VP Terry and CL SmithSomersetSouthampton
 1960122RE Marshall and JR GraySomersetTaunton
 1970122RV Lewis and PJ SainsburySussexBournemouth
 1960121RE Marshall and JR GrayWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1974121BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1957120JR Gray and RE MarshallKentSouthampton
 1961120RE Marshall and JR GrayDerbyshireBournemouth
 1971120BA Richards and CG GreenidgeGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1960119RE Marshall and JR GraySussexHove
 1973119BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWarwickshireCoventry, Courtaulds
 1998119GW White and JP StephensonSomersetTaunton
 1926118G Brown and JA NewmanEssexSouthend-on-Sea
 1935118J Arnold and NT McCorkellEssexBournemouth
 1960118RE Marshall and JR GrayYorkshirePortsmouth
 1968118BA Richards and BL ReedSussexPortsmouth
 1988118VP Terry and CL SmithNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 1991118VP Terry and TC MiddletonGlamorganSouthampton
 2009118JHK Adams and MA CarberryLancashireLiverpool
 1921117CB Fry and G BrownKentSouthampton
 1936117RH Moore and NT McCorkellWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1952117JR Gray and NH RogersKentCanterbury
 1956117JR Gray and RE MarshallNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1961117RE Marshall and JR GrayWorcestershireBournemouth
 1967117RE Marshall and BL ReedGlamorganPortsmouth
 1979117CG Greenidge and JM RiceEssexBournemouth
 1985117CG Greenidge and VP TerryKentFolkestone
 2005117SM Ervine and SM KaitchGlamorganCardiff
 2014117JHK Adams and MA CarberryDerbyshireDerby
 2015117JHK Adams and AJA WheaterLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 2022117FS Organ and IG HollandGloucestershireCheltenham
 1978116CG Greenidge and DJ RockKentBournemouth
 1912115AC Johnston and J StoneDerbyshireDerby
 1934115J Arnold and RH MooreSurreyBournemouth
 1982115CG Greenidge and JM RiceLancashireSouthampton
 1989115VP Terry and CL SmithDerbyshireDerby
 1901114C Robson and JG GreigLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1931114J Arnold and J BaileyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1947114J Arnold and NH RogersMiddlesexPortsmouth
 1958114JR Gray and RE MarshallSomersetBournemouth
 1976114RV Lewis and DR TurnerMiddlesexLords
 1978114CG Greenidge and BA RichardsSussexHove
 1987114CG Greenidge and CL SmithDerbyshireHeanor
 1991114TC Middleton and CL SmithSomersetBath
 1907113HAW Bowell and CP MeadMiddlesexLords
 1911113CP Mead and HAW BowellGloucestershireBristol
 1947113J Arnold and NH RogersWorcestershireWorcester
 1953113JR Bridger and NH RogersWorcestershireWorcester
 1954113JR Gray and NH RogersLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1962113RE Marshall and JR GrayNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1971113BA Richards and CG GreenidgeWorcestershireKidderminster
 1979113CG Greenidge and DJ RockKentCanterbury
 1984113MCJ Nicholas and CL SmithYorkshireScarborough
 2006113JHK Adams and MA CarberryWarwickshireEdgbaston
 2013113JHK Adams and MA CarberryWorcestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1928112G Brown and AS KennedyNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1950112NT McCorkell and NH RogersWarwickshireSouthampton
 1951112NT McCorkell and NH RogersGloucestershireGloucester
 1961112RE Marshall and JR GrayNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2019112JJ Weatherley and OC SoamesNottinghamshireNewclose, IOW
 1906111AC Johnston and HAW BowellNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1908111AC Johnston and HAW BowellDerbyshireDerby
 1926111JA Newman and HAW BowellSussexSouthampton
 1995111VP Terry and JS LaneyWarwickshireSouthampton
 2004111JHK Adams and MJ BrownGlamorganThe Rose Bowl
 2006111JHK Adams and MA CarberryNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2007111MJ Brown and MA CarberryWorcestershireKidderminster
 2016111JHK Adams and WR SmithDurhamThe Ageas Bowl
 1914110AC Johnston and ER RemnantSurreyPortsmouth
 1922110AS Kennedy and HAW BowellWorcestershireSouthampton
 1962110RE Marshall and JR GrayMiddlesexLords
 1975110BA Richards and CG Greenidge
1st wicket fell at 121, BA Richards retired hurt
 1980110TM Tremlett and CL SmithGlamorganBasingstoke
 1997110JS Laney and ML HaydenDerbyshireChesterfield
 2001110JL Laney and GW WhiteDurhamChester-le-Street
 2014110JHK Adams and WR SmithDerbyshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1907109CP Mead and HAW BowellYorkshireBournemouth
 1949109NT McCorkell and NH RogersLancashireBournemouth
 1906108AC Johnston and HAW BowellWorcestershireAmblecote
 1931108AK Judd and LH TennysonNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1937108RH Moore and NT McCorkellWarwickshireBournemouth
 1946108J Arnold and AG HoltDerbyshireSouthampton
 1983108CG Greenidge and CL SmithDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1992108TC Middleton and RSM MorrisWorcestershireSouthampton
 1997108JS Laney and ML HaydenNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2008108MJ Brown and MA CarberryYorkshireThe Rose Bowl
 1897107C Robson and AJL HillWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1960107RE Marshall and JR GrayCambridge UnivFenner's
 1962107RE Marshall and JR GraySurreyGuildford
 2009107JHK Adams and MA CarberrySussexArundel
 2023107JJ Weatherley and FS MiddletonKentCanterbury
 1947106J Arnold and NH RogersNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1952106NH Rogers and JR GrayWarwickshireBournemouth
 1967106RE Marshall and BL ReedEssexIlford
 1989106VP Terry and CL SmithLeicestershireBournemouth
 1990106TC Middleton and CL SmithSurreySouthampton
 1919105BGV Melle and G BrownKentTunbridge Wells
 1946105J Arnold and JR BridgerMiddlesexBournemouth
 1947105J Arnold and NH RogersLancashireBournemouth
 1959105H Horton and RE MarshallWorcestershireAmblecote
 1975105BA Richards and CG GreenidgeGlamorganBasingstoke
 1986105CG Greenidge and MCJ NicholasDerbyshireDerby
 2003105JRC Hamblin and DA KenwayOxford UCCEThe Parks
 2009105JHK Adams and LA DawsonYorkshireHeadingley
 2010105JHK Adams and MA CarberryYorkshireScarborough
 1905104EG Wynyard and HAW BowellWorcestershireBournemouth
 1930104G Brown and J ArnoldEssexChelmsford
 1950104NT McCorkell and NH RogersOxford UnivThe Parks
 1983104CG Greenidge and CL SmithWorcestershireSouthampton
 1990104TC Middleton and RJ ScottMiddlesexBournemouth
 2005104JHK Adams and SM ErvineWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 2009104JHK Adams and LA DawsonSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1937103RH Moore and NT McCorkellNorthamptonshireRushden
 1938103NT McCorkell and J ArnoldKentSouthampton
 1960103RE Marshall and JR GrayGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1986103CG Greenidge and VP TerryKentSouthampton
 2011103JHK Adams and LA DawsonLancashireBlackpool
 1931102J Arnold and J BaileyKentTunbridge Wells
 1933102G Brown and J ArnoldSomersetBath
 1938102NT McCorkell and J ArnoldKentSouthampton
 1946102J Arnold and AG HoltEssexWestcliff-on-Sea
 1955102JR Gray and RE MarshallSurreyBournemouth
 1971102BA Richards and CG GreenidgeNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1977102BA Richards and CG GreenidgeKentBournemouth
 1992102TC Middleton and RSM MorrisGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 2019102JJ Weatherley and OC SoamesWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1913101J Stone and HAW BowellDerbyshireDerby
 1938101NT McCorkell and AG HoltLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1951101NT McCorkell and NH RogersGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1981101CG Greenidge and JM RiceWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1984101VP Terry and CL SmithSussexBournemouth
 1935100WGLF Lowndes and RH MooreKentPortsmouth
 1935100J Arnold and NT McCorkellGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1935100J Arnold and NT McCorkellKentTonbridge
 1965100RE Marshall and HM BarnardWorcestershireWorcester
 1991100MCJ Nicholas and CL SmithGlamorganSwansea
2nd2011373JHK Adams and MA CarberrySomersetTaunton
 1920321G Brown and EIM BarrettGloucestershireSouthampton
 2010314MA Carberry and MJ LumbDurhamBasingstoke
 1984302VP Terry and TE JestyCambridge UnivFenner's
 1983290MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerOxford UnivThe Parks
 1920280G Brown and EIM BarrettWarwickshirePortsmouth
 2006276JHK Adams and JP CrawleyNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1912250AC Johnston and CP MeadWarwickshireCoventry, Bulls Head
 1990237TC Middleton and CL SmithEssexSouthampton
 1984231CL Smith and DR TurnerDerbyshireDerby
 2021228IG Holland and TP AlsopGloucestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1905221JG Greig and EM SprotWorcestershireWorcester
 2010221MA Carberry and ND McKenzieOxford MCCUThe Parks
 2024213FS Middleton and NRT GubbinsWarwickshireThe Utilita Bowl
 1988210CL Smith and MCJ NicholasEssexPortsmouth
 1973205DR Turner and RMC Gilliat
2nd wicket fell at 213, CG Greenidge retired hurt
 1958204ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and RE MarshallKentSouthampton
 1981203JM Rice and CL SmithWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1991202CL Smith and KD JamesDerbyshireChesterfield
 1992202TC Middleton and JR AylingOxford UnivThe Parks
 1963201JR Gray and H HortonGlamorganSwansea
 2024201TE Albert and NRT GubbinsSurreyThe Utilita Bowl
 2015200MA Carberry and WR SmithLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1995199VP Terry and JP StephensonYoung AustraliaSouthampton
 1909197J Stone and WN WhiteWorcestershireWorcester
 1986197CG Greenidge and RJ ParksDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1982196JM Rice and MCJ NicholasSussexBasingstoke
 1929193G Brown and CP MeadEssexPortsmouth
 1910192CP Mead and AC JohnstonSussexSouthampton
 1997189ML Hayden and KD JamesNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1912188CB Fry and CP MeadOxford UnivSouthampton
 1983188CL Smith and MCJ NicholasEssexSouthend-on-Sea
 1984188MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerMiddlesexLords
 1985185VP Terry and CL SmithSomersetBournemouth
 1986185CG Greenidge and RA SmithSussexSouthampton
 1984184MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerLancashirePortsmouth
 1936183RH Moore and CGA ParisDerbyshireSouthampton
 1996183RSM Morris and M KeechCambridge UnivFenner's
 1982181CG Greenidge and MCJ NicholasIndiansSouthampton
 1900180C Robson and EM SprotWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1961180RE Marshall and H HortonSurreyThe Oval
 1985180VP Terry and CL SmithSomersetTaunton
 2015180MA Carberry and JM VinceWarwickshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1946179JR Bridger and G HillMiddlesexBournemouth
 1908176HAW Bowell and CP MeadGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1969175BL Reed and RMC GilliatSomersetPortsmouth
 1960173JR Gray and H HortonLeicestershireCoalville
 1961170JR Gray and H HortonLancashirePortsmouth
 2008170MA Carberry and MJ LumbSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1974168RV Lewis and DR TurnerGloucestershireBristol
 2006168JHK Adams and JP CrawleyNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 1975165CG Greenidge and DR TurnerSussexSouthampton
 1960164RE Marshall and H HortonEssexBournemouth
 2012164JHK Adams and BM ShafayatDerbyshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1983163CG Greenidge and MCJ NicholasLancashireLiverpool
 1994163VP Terry and GW WhiteSurreySouthampton
 1899162EG Wynyard and AS WebbYorkshireBradford
 1988160VP Terry and MCJ NicholasSurreyGuildford
 2016160JHK Adams and TP AlsopNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1912159AC Johnston and JA NewmanWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1937159NT McCorkell and AE PothecaryDerbyshireChesterfield
 2016159JHK Adams and SM ErvineSomersetTaunton
 1990158CL Smith and DI GowerSurreyThe Oval
 1939157PA MacKenzie and DF WalkerNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1956156H Horton and RE MarshallNorthamptonshireRushden
 1967155RE Marshall and H HortonMiddlesexLords
 1938154CGA Paris and DF WalkerGlamorganPortsmouth
 1978153CG Greenidge and DR TurnerWarwickshireBournemouth
 1981153TM Tremlett and MCJ NicholasLancashireOld Trafford
 1985153CL Smith and MCJ NicholasLancashireLiverpool
 2004153MJ Brown and JP CrawleyNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1952152NH Rogers and JR Gray
2nd wicket fell at 155, DE Blake retired hurt
 1975152BA Richards and DR TurnerSussexHove
 1984152CL Smith and DR TurnerWarwickshireSouthampton
 1986152CG Greenidge and CL SmithDerbyshireDerby
 1912151AC Johnston and CP MeadWarwickshireCoventry, Bulls Head
 1922151HAW Bowell and AS KennedySussexSouthampton
 1937150NT McCorkell and J Arnold
2nd wicket partnership was 184, AE Pothecary retired hurt
 1936149J Arnold and CGA ParisSurreyBournemouth
 1901148JG Greig and EM SprotSomersetTaunton
 2013146MA Carberry and LA DawsonKentCanterbury
 1935145NT McCorkell and CGA ParisNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 2002145JP Crawley and WS KendallYorkshireHeadingley
 2006145JHK Adams and JP CrawleyKentCanterbury
 1963144RE Marshall and H HortonNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1994144RSM Morris and RA SmithNottinghamshireBasingstoke
 1965143RE Marshall and H HortonSussexHastings
 1977143CG Greenidge and DR TurnerGloucestershireSouthampton
 1991143TC Middleton and MCJ NicholasWest IndiansSouthampton
 1911142J Stone and AS KennedySomersetSouthampton
 1926142JA Newman and R AirdMiddlesexLords
 1962142RE Marshall and H HortonSomersetSouthampton
 2003142JP Crawley and SM KaitchGloucestershireBristol
 2007142JHK Adams and MA CarberryWorcestershireKidderminster
 1926141G Brown and R AirdKentSouthampton
 1953141JR Gray and DE BlakeNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 1983141CL Smith and MCJ NicholasGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1923140AS Kennedy and PE Lawrie
to be confirmed
LeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1960140BRS Harrison and HM BarnardOxford UnivThe Parks
 1960140JR Gray and H HortonGlamorganCowes
 2003140JP Crawley and DA KenwaySomersetTaunton
 1923139G Brown and HS AlthamLancashireOld Trafford
 1993139RSM Morris and DI GowerMiddlesexLords
 1998139GW White and RA SmithGlamorganSouthampton
 2002139JHK Adams and JL LaneySussexHove
 1932138J Arnold and LH TennysonGlamorganCardiff Arms Park
 1949138JR Bridger and NH RogersEssexBournemouth
 1975138BA Richards and DR TurnerAustraliansSouthampton
 1983138CL Smith and MCJ NicholasGloucestershireBristol
 2001138WS Kendall and GW WhiteNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2007138MJ Brown and JP CrawleySurreyThe Oval
 1906137AC Johnston and HAW BowellNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1959137H Horton and RE MarshallMiddlesexPortsmouth
 1962137JR Gray and H HortonLancashireOld Trafford
 1973137BA Richards and DR TurnerWarwickshireCoventry, Courtaulds
 1972136CG Greenidge and DR TurnerEssexChelmsford
 1976136BA Richards and DR TurnerKentSouthampton
 1958135JR Gray and H HortonNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1988135VP Terry and MCJ NicholasSri LankansSouthampton
 1904134AC Johnston and J StoneLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1904134AS Webb and EM SprotYorkshirePortsmouth
 1928134AS Kennedy and AL HosieWarwickshireBournemouth
 1975134BA Richards and DR TurnerLancashireLiverpool
 2006134MA Carberry and JP CrawleyMiddlesexLords
 2023134FS Middleton and NRT GubbinsLancashireSouthport
 1905133JG Greig and EM SprotWorcestershireBournemouth
 1953133JR Bridger and C WalkerWorcestershireWorcester
 1958133JR Gray and H HortonCambridge UnivPortsmouth
 1972133BA Richards and DR TurnerNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2003133SM Kaitch and DA KenwayGloucestershireThe Rose Bowl
 1959132JR Gray and H HortonSurreyPortsmouth
 1962132JR Gray and HM BarnardDerbyshirePortsmouth
 2018132JHK Adams and RR RossouwCardiff MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1911131CP Mead and J StoneWorcestershireWorcester
 1989131CL Smith and KD JamesGloucestershirePortsmouth
 2001131WS Kendall and DA KenwayDerbyshireDerby
 2009131JHK Adams and MJ LumbSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1914130HAW Bowell and ACP ArnoldLancashireBournemouth
 1969130RV Lewis and RMC GilliatWarwickshireSouthampton
 1982130CG Greenidge and MCJ NicholasWarwickshireSouthampton
 1992130VP Terry and KD JamesLeicestershireLeicester
 1997130JP Stephenson and KD JamesOxford UnivThe Parks
 2004130MJ Brown and JP CrawleyGlamorganThe Rose Bowl
 1988129CL Smith and MCJ NicholasKentCanterbury
 2014129JHK Adams and WR SmithSurreyThe Oval
 1971128BA Richards and DR TurnerDerbyshireDerby
 2015128JHK Adams and JM VinceSomersetTaunton
 1926127G Brown and HAW Bowell
to be confirmed
 1964127BSV Timms and RE MarshallDerbyshireBournemouth
 1992127TC Middleton and RA SmithSussexSouthampton
 2012127JHK Adams and SM KaitchNorthamptonshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1911126HAW Bowell and G BrownDerbyshireSouthampton
 1956126JR Gray and H HortonKentSouthampton
 1937125AG Holt and AE PothecarySurreyThe Oval
 1970125CG Greenidge and DR TurnerGlamorganPortsmouth
 1972125BA Richards and DR TurnerAustraliansSouthampton
 1972125BA Richards and RV LewisKentFolkestone
 1884124LG Bonham-Carter and EO PowellSurreyThe Oval
 1931123J Arnold and G BrownKentTunbridge Wells
 1957123H Horton and RE MarshallNottinghamshireCowes
 1959123JR Gray and H HortonKentCanterbury
 1963123RE Marshall and H HortonGloucestershireBristol
 1976123RV Lewis and DR TurnerYorkshirePortsmouth
 1977123CG Greenidge and DR TurnerGloucestershireBristol
 1997123JS Laney and GW WhiteYorkshirePortsmouth
 2003123JP Crawley and RA SmithGlamorganCardiff
 1976122BA Richards and DR TurnerGlamorganBournemouth
 1899121C Robson and RM PooreLancashireSouthampton
 1959121JR Gray and H HortonMiddlesexHornsey
 1968120BA Richards and PJ SainsburyNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1978120CG Greenidge and DR TurnerGlamorganSwansea
 1984120CL Smith and MCJ NicholasLeicestershireSouthampton
 1951119NT McCorkell and AWH RaymentGloucestershireGloucester
 1957119H Horton and RE MarshallSurreyPortsmouth
 1961119BRC Harrison and HM BarnardOxford UnivPortsmouth
 1955118JR Gray and H HortonSomersetPortsmouth
 1969118BA Richards and DR TurnerSurreyThe Oval
 1981118CG Greenidge and MCJ NicholasGloucestershireSouthampton
 1991118VP Terry and KD JamesGlamorganSouthampton
 1996118GW White and PR WhitakerKentCanterbury
 1998118GW White and WS KendallSri LankansSouthampton
 1974117BA Richards and DR TurnerGlamorganSouthampton
 1998117GW White and WS KendallSussexHove
 2010117JHK Adams and MJ LumbLancashireThe Rose Bowl
 1954116NH Rogers and DE BlakeSomersetBournemouth
 1961116JR Gray and H HortonSurreyBournemouth
 1962116RE Marshall and HM BarnardGlamorganCardiff Arms Park
 1998116GW White and PR WhitakerSomersetTaunton
 1896115HF Ward and EG WynyardSussexHove
 1899115VA Barton and RM PooreWorcestershireWorcester
 1927115G Brown and WH LivseySomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 1934115RH Moore and AE PothecaryNorthamptonshireKettering
 1958115H Horton and RE MarshallGloucestershireBristol
 1975115BA Richards and RV LewisGloucestershireBournemouth
 1985115CL Smith and RJ MaruSussexPortsmouth
 1996115JP Stephenson and KD JamesSurreySouthampton
 1951114L Harrison and RO ProutonCambridge UnivBournemouth
 1953114C Walker and NH RogersLancashireOld Trafford
 1958114JR Gray and H HortonKentCanterbury
 1992114TC Middleton and DI GowerLancashireOld Trafford
 2004114MJ Brown and JP CrawleyLeicestershireLeicester
 2007113MA Carberry and JP CrawleyWorcestershireThe Rose Bowl
 1897112VA Barton and EG WynyardYorkshireSouthampton
 1899112VA Barton and RM PooreSomersetPortsmouth
 1927112JA Newman and AS KennedyWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1962112JR Gray and HM BarnardGlamorganSouthampton
 1965112BL Reed and H HortonNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1967112BL Reed and RMC GilliatSussexSouthampton
 1987112CL Smith and MCJ NicholasKentBournemouth
 1954111H Horton and RWC PitmanOxford UnivThe Parks
 1954111JR Bridger and JR GrayLancashirePortsmouth
 1956111JR Gray and H HortonLeicestershireBournemouth
 1964111RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneKentCanterbury
 1966111RE Marshall and RG CapleKentBournemouth
 1980111CL Smith and MCJ NicholasGlamorganBasingstoke
 1995111RSM Morris and PR WhitakerYorkshireSouthampton
 2023111FS Middleton and NRT GubbinsNottinghamshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1961110JR Gray and H HortonSussexHove
 1981110CG Greenidge and JM RiceSri LankansBournemouth
 1983110CG Greenidge and RJ ParksSurreySouthampton
 1984110VP Terry and MCJ NicholasSomersetSouthampton
 1991110VP Terry and RA SmithSussexHove
 2004110MJ Brown and JP CrawleyGlamorganThe Rose Bowl
 1912109HAW Bowell and CP MeadLeicestershireSouthampton
 1962109JR Gray and H HortonLancashireSouthampton
 1971109CG Greenidge and DR TurnerDerbyshireDerby
 1978109CG Greenidge and DR TurnerPakistanisSouthampton
 1990109CL Smith and TC MiddletonNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 2009109JHK Adams and MJ LumbNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 1948108J Arnold and GW DawsonNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1951108L Harrison and NT McCorkellWorcestershireSouthampton
 1955108H Horton and RE MarshallNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1996108JS Laney and KD JamesSussexArundel
 2000108GW White and WS KendallKentCanterbury
 2014108MA Carberry and LA DawsonGlamorganThe Ageas Bowl
 2014108WR Smith and LA DawsonKentThe Ageas Bowl
 1922107AS Kennedy and G BrownNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1932107G Brown and AE PothecaryGlamorganBournemouth
 1988107MCJ Nicholas and RA SmithOxford UnivThe Parks
 2014107JHK Adams and WR SmithWorcestershireWorcester
 2018107JHK Adams and JM VinceLancashireOld Trafford
 1911106CB Fry and CP MeadSurreyThe Oval
 1968106BL Reed and BSV TimmsGloucestershireBristol
 1981106CG Greenidge and MCJ NicholasAustraliansSouthampton
 1990106TC Middleton and KD JamesKentCanterbury
 2018106JHK Adams and JM VinceWorcestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1960105RE Marshall and H HortonCambridge UnivFenner's
 1970105PJ Sainsbury and DR TurnerNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1974105CG Greenidge and DR TurnerKentTunbridge Wells
 1983105CL Smith and MCJ NicholasSussexBasingstoke
 1999105DA Kenway and WS KendallWarwickshireSouthampton
 2009105JHK Adams and JP CrawleyLoughborough UCCEThe Rose Bowl
 1900104AJL Hill and EM SprotLancashireSouthampton
 1952104JR Gray and G HillWorcestershireBournemouth
 1903103DA Steele and EM SprotSussexHove
 1914103HAW Bowell and ACP ArnoldDerbyshireChesterfield
 1922103HAW Bowell and AS KennedyKentSouthampton
 1922103HAW Bowell and HLV DayWarwickshireSouthampton
 1946103J Arnold and EDR EagarLeicestershireBournemouth
 1951103NH Rogers and AWH RaymentLancashirePortsmouth
 1899102AJL Hill and RM PooreWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1936102J Arnold and AE PothecaryMiddlesexLords
 1961102RE Marshall and H HortonKentSouthampton
 1993102RSM Morris and DI GowerGloucestershireBristol
 1939101J Bailey and AE PothecaryNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1993101VP Terry and KD JamesEssexChelmsford
 1999101JS Laney and WS KendallGloucestershireBristol
 1896100HF Ward and EG WynyardYorkshireSouthampton
 1929100S Fry and AS KennedyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1950100AWH Rayment and NH RogersSussexEastbourne
 1959100H Horton and RE MarshallMCCLords
 1966100RE Marshall and H HortonSussexHove
 1987100CL Smith and MCJ NicholasMiddlesexSouthampton
 1992100KD James and DI GowerYorkshireBasingstoke
3rd2011523MA Carberry and ND McKenzie
Highest ever partnership for any wicket for Hampshire
and Highest 3rd wicket first class partnership ever in Britain
YorkshireThe Rose Bowl
 2014387WR Smith and JM VinceEssexThe Ageas Bowl
 1927344G Brown and CP MeadYorkshirePortsmouth
 1983321CL Smith and TE JestyDerbyshireDerby
 1987311CG Greenidge and DR TurnerGloucestershireGloucester
 1911292AC Johnston and CP MeadWarwickshireSouthampton
 1966272H Horton and DA LivingstoneMiddlesexBournemouth
 1920269G Brown and CP MeadYorkshireHeadingley
 1962267RE Marshall and DA LivingstonePakistanisBournemouth
 1924266R Aird and CP MeadSussexHastings
 1912264CB Fry and EIM BarrettOxford UnivSouthampton
 1934259J Arnold and CP MeadDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1995259VP Terry and RA SmithSussexPortsmouth
 2019257AM Rahane and SA NortheastNottinghamshireNewclose, IOW
 2021257IG Holland and SA NortheastMiddlesexThe Ageas Bowl
 1990256DI Gower and RA SmithSussexSouthampton
 1982251CG Greenidge and TE JestyGlamorganPortsmouth
 2013250LA Dawson and JM VinceLeicestershireLeicester
 1912246CP Mead and CB FryKentSouthampton
 1978242CG Greenidge and TE JestySussexHove
 1984238MCJ Nicholas and TE JestyWorcestershireWorcester
 2004238MJ Clarke and JP CrawleyNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1976237TE Jesty and RMC GilliatGloucestershireSouthampton
 1993233TC Middleton and RA SmithAustraliansSouthampton
 1988225VP Terry and RA SmithSri LankansSouthampton
 1947223J Arnold and NT McCorkellGloucestershireBournemouth
 1969219RMC Gilliat and RE MarshallWarwickshireSouthampton
 1994214RSM Morris and RA SmithYorkshireHeadingley
 1978211DR Turner and TE JestyOxford UnivThe Parks
 1969209DR Turner and RMC GilliatSurreyThe Oval
 1968207BA Richards and RE MarshallNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1989203KD James and TC MiddletonGlamorganCardiff
 1903200EM Sport and AJL HillDerbyshireSouthampton
 1995199PR Whitaker and MCJ NicholasWorcestershireSouthampton
 2023198NRT Gubbins and JM VinceNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1988195MCJ Nicholas and RA SmithGlamorganBournemouth
 1987194MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerDerbyshireHeanor
 2013194JHK Adams and JM VinceLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 2018194JM Vince and HM AmlaSomersetTaunton
 1927192JA Newman and CP MeadNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2008190JP Crawley and KP PietersenSomersetTaunton
 1928186AS Kennedy and CP MeadMiddlesexLords
 1978185DR Turner and TE JestyNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1896184EG Wynyard and FWD QuintonYorkshireSouthampton
 1964184H Horton and DA LivingstoneKentCanterbury
 1997184ML Hayden and RA SmithYorkshirePortsmouth
 1898183AJL Hill and RM PooreEssexLeyton
 2008181MA Carberry and MJ LumbKentCanterbury
 1986180CL Smith and RA SmithSussexHove
 1993177VP Terry and RA SmithDerbyshireDerby
 1969175RMC Gilliat and RE MarshallMiddlesexBournemouth
 1982175MCJ Nicholas and TE JestyPakistanisBournemouth
 1996175JS Laney and KD JamesIndiansSouthampton
 1974174DR Turner and RMC GilliatEssexChelmsford
 1929173L Harfield and CP MeadYorkshireBournemouth
 1935173J Arnold and CP MeadGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1997173JP Stephenson and M KeechOxford UnivThe Parks
 1971172DR Turner and RE MarshallGlamorganSwansea
 1911171HAW Bowell and WN WhiteSussexHove
 1957171JR Gray and AWH RaymentCambridge UnivBournemouth
 1960169H Horton and DO BaldryWarwickshireEdgbaston
 2006168CC Benham and JP CrawleyDurhamChester-le-Street
 1974167DR Turner and RMC GilliatSurreyThe Oval
 1986167CG Greenidge and CL SmithLancashireOld Trafford
 1985166CG Greenidge and CL SmithGlamorganSouthampton
 2019166FS Organ and RR RossouwKentThe Ageas Bowl
 1980163MCJ Nicholas and TE JestySomersetBath
 2007162JHK Adams and JP CrawleyWorcestershireKidderminster
 2023162NRT Gubbins and JM VinceSomersetThe Ageas Bowl
 1963161H Horton and DA LivingstoneWest IndiansSouthampton
 2017161JHK Adams and JM VinceSurreyThe Oval
 2022161FS Organ and JM VinceGloucestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1938160AE Pothecary and J ArnoldGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1931159J Arnold and CP MeadNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1977158CG Greenidge and TE JestySurreyGuildford
 2013158LA Dawson and JM VinceWorcestershireWorcester
 1922157HLV Day and CP MeadLancashireBournemouth
 1933157NT McCorkell and CP MeadNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1960156H Horton and DO BaldryCambridge UnivFenner's
 1996156RA Smith and WS KendallGlamorganSouthampton
 1928155JA Newman and CP MeadGloucestershireBristol
 1984155VP Terry and TE JestySussexHove
 1990155MCJ Nicholas and DI GowerIndiansSouthampton
 1990155TC Middleton and RA SmithGloucestershireSouthampton
 1987154VP Terry and DR TurnerPakistanisSouthampton
 1948153J Arnold and NT McCorkellKentSouthampton
 1970153DR Turner and RE MarshallKentPortsmouth
 2003153JP Crawley and SM KaitchDerbyshireDerby
 1914152ACP Arnold and CP MeadSomersetSouthampton
 1956151H Horton and AWH RaymentEssexWestcliff-on-Sea
 1969151BA Richards and RE MarshallLancashireOld Trafford
 1976151BA Richards and TE JestySussexHove
 2010150MA Carberry and MJ LumbDurhamBasingstoke
 1948149GW Dawson and NT McCorkellDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1912148AC Johnston and CB FrySomersetSouthampton
 2001147DA Kenway and RA SmithGloucestershireThe Rose Bowl
 1928146JA Newman and CP MeadEssexLeyton
 1929146G Brown and CP MeadWorcestershireBournemouth
 1964145H Horton and DA LivingstoneNottinghamshireWorksop
 1999145WS Kendall and RA SmithNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 2019145JM Vince and SA NortheastOxford MCCUThe Parks
 1908144HAW Bowell and WN WhiteGentlemen of PhiladelphiaSouthampton
 1971144PJ Sainsbury and DR TurnerGlamorganPortsmouth
 1996144JS Laney and RA SmithNorthamptonshireBasingstoke
 1997144KD James and RA SmithGlamorganCardiff
 1954143EDR Eagar and JR GrayKentSouthampton
 1896142VA Barton and FWD QuintonWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1907142CP Mead and HAW BowellSussexPortsmouth
 1934142J Arnold and CP MeadEssexPortsmouth
 1986142VP Terry and CL SmithGlamorganSouthampton
 1999141JP Stephenson and AN Aymes
3rd wicket fell at 279, RA Smith retired hurt
Oxford UnivThe Parks
 2013141LA Dawson and GJ BaileyLeicestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1909139CP Mead and CB FryLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1921139CP Mead and AS Kennedy
to be confirmed
 1962139H Horton and DA LivingstoneMiddlesexPortsmouth
 1947138NT McCorkell and NH RogersSurreyPortsmouth
 1982138CL Smith and MCJ NicholasOxford UnivThe Parks
 1994138VP Terry and MCJ NicholasEssexSouthampton
 1913137HAW Bowell and G BrownDerbyshireSouthampton
 1934137J Arnold and CP MeadGloucestershireBristol
 1969137BA Richards and RMC GilliatNew ZealandersSouthampton
 1990137CL Smith and RA SmithSurreyThe Oval
 2004137MJ Clarke and JP CrawleyEssexChelmsford
 2006137JHK Adams and DJ ThornelyYorkshireHeadingley
 2007137MA Carberry and JP CrawleyYorkshireHeadingley
 1904136AS Webb and AJL HillSomersetBournemouth
 2022136NRT Gubbins and JM VinceKentCanterbury
 1959135DO Baldry and H HortonYorkshireHull
 1909134CB Fry and CB LlewellynKentCanterbury
 1908133WN White and AJL HillMiddlesexLords
 1922133HLV Day and CP MeadWarwickshireSouthampton
 1962133JR Gray and DA LivingstoneMiddlesexLords
 1970133DR Turner and RE MarshallGlamorganCardiff
 1982133MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerSurreyPortsmouth
 1989133CL Smith and RA SmithSomersetSouthampton
 2008133MJ Brown and MJ LumbSurreyThe Rose Bowl
 1912132EIM Barrett and CP MeadCambridge UnivSouthampton
 1946132J Bailey and G HillDerbyshireSouthampton
 1962132JR Gray and DA LivingstoneLeicestershireBournemouth
 1985132CG Greenidge and CL SmithWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1993132RSM Morris and VP TerryNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2006132MJ Brown and JJ McLeanLoughborough UCCEThe Rose Bowl
 1938131G Hill and WCL CreeseLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1949131NT McCorkell and C WalkerNottinghamshireSouthampton
 2003131JP Crawley and SM KaitchNorthamptonshireThe Rose Bowl
 1975130DR Turner and TE JestyAustraliansSouthampton
 2013130MA Carberry and ND McKenzieGlamorganThe Ageas Bowl
 1907129CP Mead and EM SprotKentSouthampton
 1978129DR Turner and TE JestyPakistanisSouthampton
 1987129MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerSussexHorsham
 1904128EM Sprot and AS WebbWorcestershireSouthampton
 1932128G Brown and CP MeadNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1950128J Arnold and NH RogersYorkshireBradford
 1970128BL Reed and RE MarshallOxford UnivThe Parks
 1979128DR Turner and TE JestyKentCanterbury
 1984128TE Jesty and NEJ PocockCambridge UnivFenner's
 1992128VP Terry and DI GowerLeicestershireLeicester
 1901127EM Sprot and AS WebbSomersetTaunton
 1905127EM Sprot and CB LlewellynDerbyshireDerby
 1927127AS Kennedy and CP MeadNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1955127JR Gray and PJ SainsburyNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1921126HD Hake and CP MeadSussexPortsmouth
 1971126DR Turner and RE MarshallSurreyThe Oval
 1973126CG Greenidge and RMC GilliatMiddlesexBasingstoke
 1970125DR Turner and RE MarshallSomersetBournemouth
 1997125GW White and PR WhitakerSussexSouthampton
 1906124CB Llewellyn and CP MeadWest IndiansSouthampton
 1914124J Stone and CP MeadWorcestershireDudley
 1919124BGV Melle and CP MeadGloucestershireBristol
 1923124G Brown and CP MeadSurreyBournemouth
 1950124NH Rogers and J ArnoldLancashireOld Trafford
 1952124NH Rogers and L HarrisonYorkshireScarborough
 1963124RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2012124MA Carberry and SM KaitchLeicestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1901123JG Greig and AS WebbDerbyshireDerby
 1935123CP Mead and GS BoyesNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1947123NT McCorkell and NH RogersNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1968123BA Richards and RE MarshallEssexWestcliff-on-Sea
 2000123WS Kendall and RA SmithZimbabweansSouthampton
 2006123CC Benham and JP CrawleyYorkshireThe Rose Bowl
 1935122NT McCorkell and CP MeadLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1937122AG Holt and J ArnoldSurreyThe Oval
 1965122H Horton and DA LivingstoneSomersetBournemouth
 1990122KD James and CL smithKentCanterbury
 2003122JP Crawley and RA SmithWorcestershireWorcester
 1921121HAW Bowell and CP MeadLancashireLiverpool
 1923121AS Kennedy and CP MeadKentSouthampton
 1951121L Harrison and AFH DebnamCambridge UnivBournemouth
 2020121TP Alsop and SA NortheastSurreyArundel
 1906120EM Sprot and CP MeadYorkshireSouthampton
 1926120G Brown and CP MeadWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1939120AE Pothecary and J ArnoldNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1951120L Harrison and DE BlakeSomersetSouthampton
 1984120DR Turner and TE JestyEssexColchester, Castle Park
 2009120CC Benham and MJ LumbYorkshireHeadingley
 2014120JHK Adams and JM VinceSurreyThe Ageas Bowl
 1899119RM Poore and EG WynyardLeicestershireLeicester
 1923119AS Kennedy and CP MeadEssexLeyton
 1930119J Arnold and CP MeadNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 1969118BL Reed and DA LivingstoneKentMaidstone
 2019118IG Holland and RR RossouwKentThe Ageas Bowl
 1947117L Harrison and NT McCorkellCambridge UnivPortsmouth
 1949117NH Rogers and D ShackletonSurreyPortsmouth
 1949117GW Dawson and J BaileyWarwickshireBournemouth
 1956117JR Gray and AWH RaymentWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1968117BA Richards and RE MarshallEssexBournemouth
 1982117MCJ Nicholas and TE JestyIndiansSouthampton
 1900116VA Barton and E NewtonDerbyshireDerby
 1913116LH Tennyson and CP MeadGloucestershireBournemouth
 1932116G Brown and CP MeadWorcestershireDudley
 1935116WGLF Lowndes and CP MeadKentPortsmouth
 1936116AE Pothecary and CP MeadGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1937116AE Pothecary and J ArnoldLancashireOld Trafford
 1994116VP Terry and RA SmithSurreySouthampton
 1925115JA Newman and CP MeadWorcestershireBournemouth
 1960115RE Marshall and DO BaldryLeicestershireBournemouth
 1975115BA Richards and TE JestyGloucestershireBristol
 2010115JHK Adams and CC BenhamNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1931114L Harfield and CP MeadSomersetTaunton
 1983114MCJ Nicholas and TE JestySomersetTaunton
 1993114KD James and DI GowerEssexChelmsford
 1999114JS Laney and RA SmithDerbyshireDerby
 1896113EG Wynyard and FWD QuintonWarwickshireSouthampton
 1924113AS Kennedy and CP MeadSomersetBath
 1977113DJ Rock and TE JestySussexSouthampton
 1983113MCJ Nicholas and RA SmithYorkshireSouthampton
 1934112AE Pothecary and CP MeadGloucestershireSouthampton
 1961112RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneSomersetBournemouth
 1991112CL Smith and DI GowerYorkshireSouthampton
 1996112KD James and RA SmithGloucestershireSouthampton
 1907111HAW Bowell and AJL HillMiddlesexSouthampton
 1908111CP Mead and CB LlewellynMiddlesexLords
 1914111HAW Bowell and CP MeadSurreyThe Oval
 1964111JR Gray and DA LivingstoneLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1965111RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1982111TM Tremlett and TE JestyWarwickshireSouthampton
 1992111TC Middleton and KD JamesSurreySouthampton
 1906110CB Llewellyn and EM SprotNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1907110EM Sprot and AJL HillSurreySouthampton
 1923110PE Lawrie and CP Mead
to be confirmed
LeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1958110RE Marshall and RWC PitmanOxford UnivThe Parks
 1964110H Horton and DA LivingstoneWarwickshireSouthampton
 1972110RV Lewis and RMC GilliatSussexHove
 1982110MCJ Nicholas and TE JestyYorkshireBournemouth
 1991110KD James and DI GowerSussexBournemouth
 1900109AS Webb and AJL HillSussexPortsmouth
 1912109J Stone and CB FryYorkshireSouthampton
 1927109AS Kennedy and CP MeadNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1932109J Arnold and CP MeadDerbyshireSouthampton
 1933109J Arnold and CP MeadLeicestershireSouthampton
 1967109RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneIndiansSouthampton
 1997109KD James and RA SmithDerbyshireChesterfield
 2006109JHK Adams and CC BenhamNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1895108HF Ward and RA StuddSussexHove
 1912108AC Johnston and CB FryDerbyshireSouthampton
 1914108HAW Bowell and G BrownSussexHorsham
 1963108JR Gray and DA LivingstoneNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1990108DI Gower and RA SmithOxford UnivThe Parks
 1900107AJL Hill and EM SprotLeicestershireSouthampton
 1928107AS Kennedy and CP MeadLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1961107H Horton and DA LivingstoneYorkshireScarborough
 1967107BL Reed and DA LivingstoneWorcestershireWorcester
 1983107VP Terry and TE JestySussexEastbourne
 1999107WS Kendall and RA SmithLeicestershireSouthampton
 1999107WS Kendall and RA SmithSussexSouthampton
 2005107JP Crawley and SR WatsonSurreyThe Oval
 1928106AS Kennedy and CP MeadSurreySouthampton
 1938106NT McCorkell and WCL CreeseWarwickshireBournemouth
 1960106H Horton and DA LivingstoneGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1974106BA Richards and RMC GilliatLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1990106VP Terry and JR AylingSri LankansSouthampton
 1991106CL Smith and KD JamesOxford UnivThe Parks
 2010106LA Dawson and JM VinceOxford MCCUThe Parks
 1926105JA Newman and CP MeadMiddlesexLords
 1968105BA Richards and RE MarshallSomersetBath
 1973105DR Turner and RV LewisWest IndiansSouthampton
 1987105CL Smith and DR TurnerEssexPortsmouth
 1989105KD James and RA SmithGloucestershireBristol
 1996105JP Stephenson and RA SmithDerbyshireSouthampton
 2009105LA Dawson and MJ LumbNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2010105JHK Adams and ND McKenzieEssexChelmsford
 1877104C Booth and AW RidleyKentSouthampton, Antelope Ground
 1910104AC Johnston and CB LlewellynWorcestershireWorcester
 1985104CL Smith and MCJ NicholasSurreySouthampton
 1987104MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerKentBournemouth
 1912103J Stone and EIM BarrettSussexEastbourne
 1921103AS Kennedy and CP MeadWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1925103JA Newman and CP MeadKentCanterbury
 1990103VP Terry and RA SmithSomersetTaunton
 2012103MA Carberry and SM KaitchYorkshireHeadingley
 1972102BA Richards and RE MarshallLancashireBournemouth
 1974102DR Turner and RMC GilliatIndiansSouthampton
 1991102VP Terry and RA SmithSomersetSouthampton
 1991102MCJ Nicholas and RA SmithWest IndiansSouthampton
 1991102KD James and DI GowerSussexBournemouth
 1999102WS Kendall and RA SmithWorcestershireSouthampton
 2001102DA Kenway and RA SmithAustraliansThe Rose Bowl
 2013102MA Carberry and ND McKenzieNorthamptonshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2016102WR Smith and JM VinceDurhamThe Ageas Bowl
 1900101VA Barton and EM SprotSomersetSouthampton
 1910101CP Mead and CB LlewellynGloucestershireSouthampton
 1922101HAW Bowell and CP MeadSussexSouthampton
 1932101J Arnold and CP MeadGlamorganCardiff Arms Park
 1946101J Bailey and AG HoltEssexPortsmouth
 1947101J Bailey and NH RogersSussexPortsmouth
 1952101DE Blake and L HarrisonGlamorganBournemouth
 1971101DR Turner and RE MarshallSurreySouthampton
 1977101BA Richards and TE JestyDerbyshireBournemouth
 1989101KD James and MCJ NicholasSurreyBasingstoke
 2005101JP Crawley and SR WatsonWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 2014101MA Carberry and JM VinceGloucestershireBristol
 2019101AM Rahane and SA NortheastSomersetTaunton
 1913100HAW Bowell and CP MeadOxford UnivSouthampton
 1921100JG Greig and CP MeadNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1926100JA Newman and CP MeadSomersetPortsmouth
 1928100WH Livsey and CP MeadSussexPortsmouth
 1949100DE Blake and DR GuardCombined ServicesPortsmouth
 1964100GL Keith and DA LivingstoneSurreyThe Oval
 1985100RA Smith and JJE HardyGlamorganCardiff
 1992100KD James and RA SmithNorthamptonshireBournemouth
 1995100VP Terry and MCJ NicholasWorcestershireSouthampton
 2000100WS Kendall and RA SmithDurhamChester-le-Street
 2005100MJ Brown and SM KaitchKentCanterbury
 2013100MA Carberry and JM VinceEssexThe Ageas Bowl
 2022100JJ Weatherley and JM VinceSurreyThe Oval
4th2017367JHK Adams and SM ErvineWarwickshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2010278JHK Adams and JM VinceYorkshireScarborough
 1970263RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneMiddlesexLords
 1921259CP Mead and LH TennysonLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1985259MCJ Nicholas and RA SmithLeicestershireBournemouth
 2010254MA Carberry and ND McKenzieKentThe Rose Bowl
 1995249RA Smith and MCJ NicholasNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1926248HAW Bowell and CP MeadWorcestershireWorcester
 2000248WS Kendall and LR PrittipaulDerbyshireSouthampton
 1934247CP Mead and WGLF LowndesAustraliansSouthampton
 1911246CB Fry and G BrownGloucestershireSouthampton
 1912246CB Fry and EIM BarrettYorkshireSouthampton
 1953246AWH Rayment and C WalkerGloucestershireAshley Down, Bristol
 1928240CP Mead and AL HosieYorkshireSouthampton
 2002232JP Crawley and NC JohnsonKentCanterbury
 2021224TP Alsop and JM VinceLeicestershireLeicester
 2009223CC Benham and MJ LumbLoughborough UCCEThe Rose Bowl
 1897222W Andrew and AJL HillWarwickshireSouthampton
 1984216DR Turner and JJE HardyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1926210CP Mead and HLV DayMiddlesexBournemouth
 1937207RH Moore and CGA ParisWarwickshireBournemouth
 1933206CP Mead and AE PothecaryKentCanterbury
 1997206ML Hayden and WS KendallWarwickshireSouthampton
 1909199HAW Bowell and CB LlewellynWorcestershireSouthampton
 1959194DO Baldry and H HortonSomersetSouthampton
 1910190AC Johnston and CB LlewellynNorthamptonshirePortsmouth
 1938187G Hill and RH MooreEssexPortsmouth
 1920182CP Mead and EIM Barrett
to be confirmed
 2001182NC Johnson and RA SmithAustraliansThe Rose Bowl
 2011182MA Carberry and ND McKenzieWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 2015182JM Vince and LA DawsonLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1976181DR Turner and RMC GilliatGlamorganBournemouth
 1921179AS Kennedy and AL HosieNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1986179CL Smith and RA SmithSomersetBournemouth
 2018179JHK Adams and TP AlsopYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2011178JG Myburgh and JM VinceSussexThe Rose Bowl
 1923177CP Mead and JA NewmanWorcestershireWorcester
 1899176AJL Hill and EG WynyardWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1999176WS Kendall and GW WhiteSussexSouthampton
 1933175CP Mead and AE PothecaryWorcestershireBournemouth
 2005175JP Crawley and KP PietersenGlamorganThe Rose Bowl
 2018171JM Vince and TP AlsopNottinghamshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1947170J Bailey and NT McCorkellLancashireBournemouth
 1984170TE Jesty and DR TurnerWorcestershireWorcester
 1921167CP Mead and LH TennysonYorkshireSheffield, Bramall Lane
 1927165CP Mead and JA NewmanWorcestershireBournemouth
 1987165DR Turner and RA SmithEssexSouthend-on-Sea
 1947163EDR Eagar and NT McCorkellDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1901162AJL Hill and CB LlewellynSouth AfricansSouthampton
 1928162CP Mead and AL HosieWorcestershireSouthampton
 2005162JP Crawley and JJ McLeanNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 1985161CL Smith and RA SmithDerbyshireBasingstoke
 2003161WS Kendall and LR PrittipaulOxford UCCEThe Parks
 1934160CP Mead and WGLF LowndesSurreyThe Oval
 1994160RSM Morris and AN AymesNottinghamshireBasingstoke
 2000160WS Kendall and DA KenwaySomersetTaunton
 2012160JHK Adams and LA DawsonEssexThe Ageas Bowl
 1928159CP Mead and AL HosieMiddlesexLords
 2006159CC Benham and DJ ThornelyWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 1961156DA Livingstone and PJ SainsburyNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1996156JS Laney and RA SmithNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1920155LH Tennyson and G Brown
to be confirmed
 1962155JR Gray and PJ SainsburyDerbyshirePortsmouth
 2016155LA Dawson and AJA WheaterWarwickshireEdgbaston
 2013154LA Dawson and JM VinceKentThe Ageas Bowl
 1988153RJ Maru and RA SmithGloucestershireGloucester
 2001153NC Johnson and DA KenwayNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 2017153MA Carberry and SM ErvineCardiff MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1959152DO Baldry and JR GrayEssexBournemouth
 1913151CP Mead and JA NewmanSurreyThe Oval
 1959151DO Baldry and H HortonGlamorganPortsmouth
 1984151TE Jesty and JJE HardyNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1985151RA Smith and KD JamesOxford UnivThe Parks
 1987151VP Terry and RA SmithSomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 1928150CP Mead and JA NewmanSurreyThe Oval
 1932149J Arnold and AS KennedyIndiansSouthampton
 1991149CL Smith and JR AylingOxford UnivThe Parks
 2014149MA Carberry and GJ MaxwellWorcestershireWorcester
 1925148CP Mead and AL HowieGloucestershireSouthampton
 1946148J Bailey and EDR EagarDerbyshireIlkeston
 1951148NH Rogers and C WalkerSurreySouthampton
 1957148HM Barnard and AWH RaymentCambridge UnivBournemouth
 1989148VP Terry and MCJ NicholasDerbyshireDerby
 1983146RA Smith and NEJ PocockLancashireBournemouth
 1985146CL Smith and RA SmithYorkshireMiddlesbrough
 2008145CC Benham and MJ BrownLancashireOld Trafford
 1968144BA Richards and PJ SainsburyEssexWestcliff-on-Sea
 1988144RA Smith and RJ ScottSussexSouthampton
 1953143AWH Rayment and C WalkerSomersetTaunton
 1933142CP Mead and AE PothecaryNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1981142TE Jesty and DR TurnerGloucestershireSouthampton
 1999142WS Kendall and AN AymesDurhamChester-le-Street
 1905141CB Llewellyn and J StoneKentPortsmouth
 1912140CB Fry and EIM BarrettSomersetSouthampton
 1947140J Arnold and NT McCorkellEssexColchester, Castle Park
 1978140TE Jesty and NGC CowleyKentBournemouth
 1919139CP Mead and GN BignellSurreySouthampton
 1960139H Horton and HM BarnardSouth AfricansSouthampton
 2020139JJ Weatherley and SA NortheastMiddlesexRadlett
 1934138CP Mead and WGLF LowndesMiddlesexLords
 1969138BA Richards and PJ SainsburyWest IndiansSouthampton
 1975138DR Turner and RMC GilliatWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1939137AG Holt and J ArnoldWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1999136RA Smith and GW WhiteLancashireSouthampton
 1919135CP Mead and RAD BrooksGloucestershireSouthampton
 1924135HLV Day and R AirdSomersetBath
 1929135G Brown and CP MeadEssexLeyton
 1939134WCL Creese and J ArnoldWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1951134NH Rogers and C WalkerDerbyshireChesterfield
 1970134RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneGlamorganPortsmouth
 1986134DR Turner and VP TerryCambridge UnivFenner's
 2001134NC Johnson and GW WhiteSussexThe Rose Bowl
 1913133LH Tennyson and EM SprotEssexLeyton
 1923133CP Mead and LH TennysonWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1966133RE Marshall and PJ SainsburyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1998133RA Smith and AN AymesDerbyshireBasingstoke
 1913132LH Tennyson and EM SprotNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1983132TE Jesty and VP TerryNottinghamshireBournemouth
 2013132LA Dawson and JM VinceGlamorganCardiff
 1897130VA Barton and EG WynyardSomersetPortsmouth
 1951130L Harrison and C WalkerWorcestershireSouthampton
 1921129CP Mead and AL HosieAustraliansSouthampton
 2017129JHK Adams and GJ BaileySurreyThe Oval
 2019129SA Northeast and JM VinceSurreyThe Ageas Bowl
 1925128CP Mead and HAW BowellGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1925127CP Mead and HAW BowellSomersetTaunton
 1984127CL Smith and RA SmithSri LankansSouthampton
 1935126CP Mead and AE PothecaryNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1923125CP Mead and LH TennysonSussexHove
 1923124AS Kennedy and CP Mead
West IndiansSouthampton
 1928124CP Mead and LH TennysonEssexLeyton
 1969124RMC Gilliat and PJ SainsburyGlamorganBournemouth
 1928123CP Mead and TO JamesonGloucestershireSouthampton
 1967123DA Livingstone and KJ WheatleySomersetTaunton
 1947122G Hill and J ArnoldSouth AfricansSouthampton
 1949122GW Dawson and EDR EagarOxford UnivBournemouth
 1952121L Harrison and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieWorcestershireBournemouth
 1975121DR Turner and RMC GilliatWorcestershireWorcester
 1975121CG Greenidge and RMC GilliatSussexSouthampton
 1932120J Arnold and J BaileyGlamorganCardiff Arms Park
 1969120RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneSussexPortsmouth
 2005120JP Crawley and SR WatsonGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1900119VA Barton and CE BriggsSussexHove
 1927119CP Mead and R AirdKentCanterbury
 1933119CP Mead and AS KennedySurreySouthampton
 1976119TE Jesty and AJ MurtaghNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1921118CP Mead and AL HosieMiddlesexLords
 1929118CP Mead and LH TennysonKentBournemouth
 1963117RE Marshall and RG CapleSurreySouthampton
 1981117MCJ Nicholas and TE JestyGloucestershireSouthampton
 1988117MCJ Nicholas and DR TurnerMiddlesexBasingstoke
 2007117CC Benham and MA CarberryWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 2019117SA Northeast and RR RossouwEssexThe Ageas Bowl
 1911116CB Fry and G BrownKentCanterbury
 1931116CP Mead and G BrownWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1969116RMC Gilliat and PJ SainsburyNew ZealandersSouthampton
 1981116NGC Cowley and RE HaywardSri LankansBournemouth
 2006116JP Crawley and DJ ThornelyKentCanterbury
 2012116JHK Adams and LA DawsonKentThe Ageas Bowl
 1926115CP Mead and JA NewmanLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1912114J Stone and GN BignellSussexEastbourne
 1954114HM Barnard and EDR EagarOxford UnivThe Parks
 1959114DO Baldry and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieMCCLords
 1994114RA Smith and MCJ NicholasWorcestershireWorcester
 1948113J Bailey and EDR EagarLeicestershireSouthampton
 1948113GW Dawson and J BaileyGlamorganCardiff Arms Park
 1983113CL Smith and DR TurnerLeicestershireLeicester
 1926112G Brown and TO JamesonSomersetPortsmouth
 1937112J Arnold and AE PothecaryEssexSouthend-on-Sea
 1906111EIM Barrett and HAW BowellWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1908111HAW Bowell and AJL HillGentlemen of PhiladelphiaSouthampton
 1964111HM Barnard and JR GrayAustraliansSouthampton
 1980111CL Smith and NEJ PocockSussexSouthampton
 2014111WR Smith and JM VinceGloucestershireBristol
 2019111SA Northeast and RR RossouwWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1906110CB Llewellyn and WV JephsonSomersetTaunton
 1913110CP Mead and G BrownCambridge UnivFenners
 1923110CP Mead and LH TennysonNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1929110CP Mead and L HarfieldSouth AfricansSouthampton
 1961110JR Gray and PJ SainsburyNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1970110DR Turner and DA LivingstoneKentMaidstone
 1975110BA Richards and RMC GilliatLeicestershireLeicester
 2017110JM Vince and SM ErvineYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1947109J Arnold and J BaileyNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2014109WR Smith and AJA WheaterDerbyshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1980108MCJ Nicholas and NEJ PocockEssexChelmsford
 1985108CL Smith and RA SmithKentFolkestone
 1987108CL Smith and KD JamesWorcestershireWorcester
 1970107GR Stephenson and RE MarshallGlamorganPortsmouth
 2016107JM Vince and SM ErvineYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2023106JM Vince and BC BrownNorthamptonshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1967105DA Livingstone and PJ SainsburyWorcestershireWorcester
 1927104CP Mead and JA NewmanSurreyThe Oval
 1932104CP Mead and J BaileyLancashireOld Trafford
 1936104CP Mead and J ArnoldSurreyThe Oval
 1959104HM Barnard and JR GrayNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1976104TE Jesty and RMC GilliatYorkshirePortsmouth
 1981104TM Tremlett and DR TurnerSomersetSouthampton
 1985104VP Terry and RA SmithKentSouthampton
 1901103EM Sprot and VA BartonDerbyshireDerby
 1908103EM Sprot and CB LlewellynGloucestershireBournemouth
 1913103HAW Bowell and EM SprotKentDover
 1921103CP Mead and AL HosieSussexPortsmouth
 1927103G Brown and JA NewmanSomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 1937103J Arnold and CGA ParisCambridge UnivBasingstoke
 1962103H Horton and PJ SainsburySomersetTaunton
 1971103DR Turner and RMC GilliatYorkshireBournemouth
 1986103MCJ Nicholas and RA SmithSurreyBasingstoke
 1914102CP Mead and JA NewmanSomersetSouthampton
 1927102AS Kennedy and CP MeadGloucestershireSouthampton
 1934102RH Moore and WGLF LowndesSomersetBournemouth
 1953102JR Gray and AWH RaymentNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1976102DR Turner and RMC GilliatKentSouthampton
 1993102TC Middleton and KD JamesDerbyshireDerby
 2019102JJ Weatherley and RR RossouwYorkshireHeadingley
 1884101EO Powell and AC RichardsSomersetSouthampton, Antelope Ground
 1947101G Hill and NH RogersCambridge UnivPortsmouth
 1955101RE Marshall and NH RogersGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1961101RE Marshall and PJ SainsburyDerbyshireBournemouth
 1962101H Horton and PJ SainsburyKentSouthampton
 1971101RE Marshall and DA LivingstoneLeicestershireSouthampton
 1977101TE Jesty and NGC CowleyGloucestershireBristol
 1982101TE Jesty and DR TurnerYorkshireBournemouth
 1992101KD James and MCJ NicholasDurhamDarlington
 2010101ND McKenzie and JM VinceOxford MCCUThe Parks
 1922100HAW Bowell and CP MeadSomersetBath
 1985100CG Greenidge and RA SmithWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1989100KD James and MCJ NicholasSomersetTaunton
 1997100ML Hayden and WS KendallWarwickshireSouthampton
 2002100JP Crawley and WS KendallSurreyThe Rose Bowl
 2016100MA Carberry and LA DawsonMiddlesexThe Ageas Bowl
5th2022273LA Dawson and BC BrownKentCanterbury
 2019262IG Holland and AHT DonaldWarwickshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2023236NRT Gubbins and LA DawsonMiddlesexThe Ageas Bowl
 1937235G Hill and DF WalkerSussexPortsmouth
 1903231CB Llewellyn and EIM BarrettDerbyshireSouthampton
 1901219CB Llewellyn and JG GreigSouth AfricansSouthampton
 1922219CP Mead and HVL DayKentSouthampton
 2006217JP Crawley and N PothasNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 1946209J Bailey and NH RogersWorcestershireSouthampton
 2009208SM Ervine and MJ LumbNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1899196RM Poore and T SoarSomersetTaunton
 1927195CP Mead and LH TennysonNorthamptonshireKettering
 1930195CP Mead and LH TennysonNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1992195TC Middleton and JR AylingDurhamDarlington
 2021194JM Vince and LA DawsonLeicestershireLeicester
 2013189SM Ervine and ND McKenzieKentThe Ageas Bowl
 2023184JM Vince and LA DawsonEssexChelmsford
 1989183MCJ Nicholas and JR WoodNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 2001183JD Francis and NC JohnsonNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2024183BC Brown and LA DawsonSurreyThe Utilita Bowl
 2003182JP Crawley and N PothasWorcestershireWorcester
 1972178RE Marshall and PJ SainsburyDerbyshireDerby
 1939177WCL Creese and DF WalkerSomersetTaunton
 2018176JM Vince and RR RossouwSomersetTaunton
 1899174RM Poore and J SpensSomersetPortsmouth
 1997173GW White and JP StephensonYorkshirePortsmouth
 1901171JG Greig and EIM BarrettLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1953171JR Gray and EDR EagarNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1982171NEJ Pocock and NGC CowleyLancashireSouthampton
 2017167GJ Bailey and SM ErvineSurreyThe Oval
 1922165CP Mead and LH TennysonWarwickshireSouthampton
 1987165NGC Cowley and KD JamesOxford UnivThe Parks
 1999165GW White and JP StephensonNew ZealandersSouthampton
 2019165SA Northeast and LA DawsonEssexThe Ageas Bowl
 1898164EA English and AS WebbSurreyThe Oval
 1955162HM Barnard and H HortonLeicestershireBournemouth
 1966162RE Marshall and PJ SainsburyNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1958161H Horton and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieSomersetBournemouth
 1990161TC Middleton and RMF CoxWorcestershireWorcester
 2009161JHK Adams and N PothasWorcestershireWorcester
 1920159G Brown and JA NewmanEssexBournemouth
 1975159RMC Gilliat and TE JestySomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 1998159RA Smith and AN AymesDurhamSouthampton
 1910158AC Johnston and WN WhiteDerbyshireChesterfield
 2013158SM Ervine and JM VinceLeicestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1979157DR Turner and NGC CowleyNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1911156CP Mead and G BrownSomersetSouthampton
 1990154RA Smith and MCJ NicholasGlamorganSouthampton
 1996154RA Smith and VP TerrySurreySouthampton
 1882153FE Lacey and Arthur H WoodSussexHove
 2004152JP Crawley and N PothasNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2009152CC Benham and N PothasDurhamThe Rose Bowl
 1901151VA Barton and CB LlewellynSomersetTaunton
 1928151JA Newman and LH TennysonSurreyThe Oval
 2009150SM Ervine and N PothasSussexThe Rose Bowl
 2023150IG Holland and LA DawsonNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1907149WN White and J StoneYorkshireBournemouth
 1923149LH Tennyson and TO JamesonMiddlesexSouthampton
 1934149CP Mead and AS KennedyKentFolkestone
 1963149PJ Sainsbury and HM BarnardLancashirePortsmouth
 2005149SM Ervine and KP PietersenKentCanterbury
 1986148DR Turner and KD JamesWarwickshirePortsmouth
 2018148JHK Adams and SM ErvineCardiff MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1988144DR Turner and JR AylingSomersetSouthampton
 2022144NRT Gubbins and BC BrownLancashireThe Ageas Bowl
 1910143JG Greig and G BrownWarwickshireSouthampton
 1989143RA Smith and MCJ NicholasNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1989143MCJ Nicholas and JR WoodAustraliansSouthampton
 1999143WS Kendall and AN AymesSussexSouthampton
 2011143ND McKenzie and N PothasWorcestershireWorcester
 1913142HAW Bowell and CH AbercrombieOxford UnivSouthampton
 1925142HAW Bowell and LH TennysonWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1950141J Arnold and C WalkerEssexRomford
 2002141JP Crawley and N PothasKentCanterbury
 1901140AS Webb and EIM BarrettSomersetPortsmouth
 1957139HM Barnard and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieCambridge UnivBournemouth
 1924138CP Mead and G BrownGloucestershireSouthampton
 1994138VP Terry and KD JamesDurhamPortsmouth
 1913137CP Mead and J StoneSussexSouthampton
 1974137DR Turner and PJ SainsburyGloucestershireSouthampton
 1988137RA Smith and DR TurnerGloucestershireGloucester
 2022137IG Holland and LA DawsonWarwickshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1876136DWJ Duncan and C BoothKentSouthampton, Antelope Ground
 1951136JR Gray and C WalkerGlamorganBournemouth
 1975136RMC Gilliat and PJ SainsburyDerbyshireSouthampton
 1975136PJ Sainsbury and RMC GilliatNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1996136VP Terry and M KeechSussexArundel
 2012136SM Ervine and JM VinceDerbyshireDerby
 2012135MD Bates and JM VinceLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1928133JA Newman and AL HosieEssexPortsmouth
 1937133J Arnold and DF WalkerGlamorganSwansea
 2003133SM Kaitch and N PothasDurhamThe Rose Bowl
 1908132CB Llewellyn and EM SprotSussexPortsmouth
 1911132J Stone and G BrownWorcestershireSouthampton
 1922132CP Mead and HLV DaySomersetBournemouth
 1959132DO Baldry and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1895131HF Ward and FH BaconSomersetTaunton
 1926130HAW Bowell and JP Parker
to be confirmed
 1939130WCL Creese and AE PothecaryNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1980129DR Turner and NEJ PocockGlamorganBasingstoke
 2016129WR Smith and R McLarenLancashireThe Ageas Bowl
 1905128AJL Hill and AC JohnstonSomersetSouthampton
 1963128DA Livingstone and HM BarnardNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2006128N Pothas and DJ ThornelyMiddlesexThe Rose Bowl
 1906126AJL Hill and RM PooreDerbyshireSouthampton
 1908126AJL Hill and AJ EvansSomersetSouthampton
 1910126AC Johnston and G BrownSomersetAldershot
 1927126CP Mead and JP ParkerEssexSouthampton
 1971126RE Marshall and PJ SainsburySurreySouthampton
 1992126VP Terry and MCJ NicholasWorcestershireWorcester
 2005125JP Crawley and JJ McLeanGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 2002124JD Francis and RA SmithLeicestershireLeicester
 2012124SM Ervine and SM KaitchYorkshireHeadingley
 2015124LA Dawson and SM ErvineYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1985123VP Terry and MCJ NicholasWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1909122WN White and CP MeadGloucestershireBristol
 1912122CP Mead and EIM BarrettYorkshireSheffield, Bramall Lane
 1985122RA Smith and MD MarshallNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2003122AC Morris and N PothasGlamorganCardiff
 1965121GL Keith and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieDerbyshirePortsmouth
 1971121RMC Gilliat and PJ SainsburyLancashireBournemouth
 2007121JP Crawley and N PothasWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1896120FWD Quinton and AS WebbWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1920119CP Mead and JA Newman
to be confirmed
 1926119TO Jameson and R AirdSomersetPortsmouth
 1927119CP Mead and HAW BowellGloucestershireSouthampton
 1935119CP Mead and WCL CreeseSomersetSouthampton
 1910118CP Mead and HAW BowellLancashireOld Trafford
 1913118CP Mead and JA NewmanNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1991118CL Smith and DI GowerEssexChelmsford
 2016118SM Ervine and R McLarenSomersetTaunton
 2022118LA Dawson and BC BrownYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1955117HM Barnard and NH RogersMiddlesexBournemouth
 1947116J Bailey and EDR EagarNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1971116RE Marshall and RMC GilliatSussexHove
 1914115CP Mead and G BrownWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1925115HLV Day and TO JamesonLeicestershireBournemouth
 1936115CP Mead and WCL CreeseKentSouthampton
 1962115PJ Sainsbury and HM BarnardOxford UnivThe Parks
 1996115WS Kendall and M KeechGloucestershireSouthampton
 1902114VA Barton and CB LlewellynSomersetPortsmouth
 1980114DR Turner and NEJ PocockOxford UnivThe Parks
 1998114AN Aymes and AD MascarenhasLeicestershireLeicester
 1998114AN Aymes and AD MascarenhasDerbyshireBasingstoke
 1921113CP Mead and LH TennysonSomersetSouthampton
 1928113LH Tennyson and WH LivseyEssexLeyton
 1938113AG Holt and AE PothecaryLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1977113TE Jesty and NEJ PocockSussexSouthampton
 1983113VP Terry and NEJ PocockNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1996113WS Kendall and AN AymesNottinghamshireSouthampton
 2006113JP Crawley and N PothasDurhamChester-le-Street
 1925112TO Jameson and LH TennysonMiddlesexSouthampton
 1951112JR Gray and NH RogersSussexBournemouth
 1964112DA Livingstone and JR GraySurreyBournemouth
 1967112RMC Gilliat and DR TurnerKentSouthampton
 1975112RMC Gilliat and PJ SainsburyKentCanterbury
 1989112RA Smith and MD MarshallLancashirePortsmouth
 1928111CP Mead and AL HosieLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1950111DE Blake and C WalkerNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1913110HAW Bowell and EM SprotLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1938110NT McCorkell and CGA Paris
5th wicket fell at 331, CGA Paris retired hurt
 1963110DA Livingstone and HM BarnardSussexHove
 1995110MCJ Nicholas and GW WhiteLeicestershireBasingstoke
 1996110KD James and M KeechYorkshireHarrogate
 2012110SM Ervine and ND McKenzieEssexChelmsford
 1899109RM Poore and J SpensSomersetPortsmouth
 1902109EM Sprot and CB LlewellynDerbyshireDerby
 1912109CP Mead and G BrownEssexLeyton
 1951109JR Gray and C WalkerOxford UnivBasingstoke
 1909108WN White and EM SprotWorcestershireWorcester
 1958108HM Barnard and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieMiddlesexLords
 1987108DR Turner and MD MarshallGloucestershireGloucester
 1995108MCJ Nicholas and AN AymesOxford UnivThe Parks
 1997108RA Smith and JP StephensonDerbyshireChesterfield
 1999108GW White and AN AymesWarwickshireSouthampton
 2005108JP Crawley and N PothasNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 1938107RH Moore and DF WalkerMiddlesexLords
 1989107KD James and DR TurnerSurreyBasingstoke
 1963106H Horton and HM BarnardKentSouthampton
 1985106RA Smith and JJE HardyGloucestershireBristol
 2001106RA Smith and JP StephensonWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1903105AJL Hill and CB LlewellynGentlemen of PhiladelphiaSouthampton
 1910105HAW Bowell and G BrownGloucestershireSouthampton
 1919105CP Mead and G BrownSomersetBournemouth
 1929105JA Newman and LH TennysonWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1976105BA Richards and RMC GilliatKentMaidstone
 1987105RA Smith and KD JamesLeicestershireSouthampton
 1926104CP Mead and CP BruttonNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1957104HM Barnard and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieKentSouthampton
 1964104JR Gray and PJ SainsburyGloucestershireBournemouth
 1982104MCJ Nicholas and RE HaywardOxford UnivThe Parks
 1987104DR Turner and RA SmithSomersetBournemouth
 1991104VP Terry and JR Ayling
JR Ayling retired hurt when score was 232 and returned when 263-9
 2002104JD Francis and RA SmithSussexHove
 1897103FWD Quinton and FE LaceyLeicestershireLeicester
 1899103RM Poore and EG WynyardSurreyPortsmouth
 1965103DA Livingstone and PJ SainsburySussexPortsmouth
 1984103RA Smith and JJE HardySri LankansSouthampton
 1987103RA Smith and KD JamesNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 2003103WS Kendall and N PothasGloucestershireBristol
 1904102EM Sprot and CB LlewellynSouth AfricansAlton
 1914102CP Mead and JA NewmanCambridge UnivFenners
 1984102DR Turner and NGC CowleyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1984102TE Jesty and NEJ PocockLancashirePortsmouth
 2016102AJA Wheater and SM ErvineSurreyThe Ageas Bowl
 1930101AS Kennedy and LH TennysonSomersetTaunton
 1951101JR Gray and C WalkerYorkshireHeadingley
 1933100AE Pothecary and WCL CreeseYorkshireSheffield, Bramall Lane
 1938100WCL Creese and AE PothecaryKentSouthampton
 1994100MCJ Nicholas and AN AymesWorcestershireWorcester
6th1899411RM Poore and EG WynyardSomersetTaunton
 1928313JA Newman and LH TennysonWest IndiansSouthampton
 2005254JP Crawley and AD MascarenhasNottinghamshireThe Rose Bowl
 1928251CP Mead and JA NewmanWarwickshireBournemouth
 2014225JM Vince and SM ErvineGlamorganCardiff
 1952202JR Gray and G HillEssexSouthampton
 1922198G Brown and WRD ShirleyGlamorganSouthampton
 1956198ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and PJ SainsburyOxford UnivThe Parks
 2000187DA Kenway and AD MascarenhasDerbyshireDerby
 2016186SM Ervine and R McLarenSurreyThe Oval
 1956184HM Barnard and PJ SainsburyMCCLords
 1994184MCJ Nicholas and AN AymesSurreySouthampton
 2008182LA Dawson and N PothasNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1952175EDR Eagar and JR BridgerSomersetTaunton
 1947174EDR Eagar and G HillWarwickshireSouthampton
 2006174AD Mascarenhas and N PothasKentCanterbury
 1914170CP Mead and GC HarrisonYorkshireSouthampton
 2012170MD Bates and SM KaitchYorkshireHeadingley
 1921169HAW Bowell and JA NewmanWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1926166CP Mead and LH TennysonEssexPortsmouth
 1933162AS Kennedy and WCL CreeseMiddlesexPortsmouth
 1952162EDR Eagar and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieIndiansBournemouth
 1904161WHB Evans and AJL HillWorcestershireWorcester
 1983158CL Smith and MD MarshallWarwickshireSouthampton
 2010158SM Ervine and N PothasSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1930157AS Kennedy and WCL CreeseSussexPortsmouth
 2024157LA Dawson and KHD BarkerNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1950156G Hill and C WalkerKentCanterbury
 2013152MD Bates and JHK AdamsNorthamptonshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1993151RA Smith and AN AymesWarwickshireSouthampton
 1906150RM Poore and CB LlewellynSussexChichester
 1914149CP Mead and EM SprotKentTonbridge
 2003149AD Mascarenhas and N PothasGlamorganThe Rose Bowl
 1901147VA Barton and CB LlewellynKentBournemouth
 1954147EDR Eagar and NH RogersGloucestershireAshley Down, Bristol
 1934146AE Pothecary and WCL CreeseLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1998145AN Aymes and PR WhitakerGlamorganSouthampton
 2016144AJA Wheater and SM ErvineWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1976141PJ Sainsbury and JM RiceSomersetTaunton
 1962140JR Gray and DO BaldrySussexPortsmouth
 1924138R Aird and HAW BowellSomersetBath
 1949138C Walker and D ShackletonGlamorganBournemouth
 1993138DI Gower and AN AymesSussexPortsmouth
 1899137VA Barton and DA SteeleLeicestershireBournemouth
 2002137NC Johnson and N PothasWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1911135CB Fry and HC McDonellGloucestershireSouthampton
 1924135CP Mead and HAW BowellLeicestershireSouthampton
 1925134LH Tennyson and AS KennedyMiddlesexSouthampton
 1968134DA Livingstone and DR TurnerLeicestershireLeicester
 1980134NEJ Pocock and NGC CowleyGlamorganBasingstoke
 1995134MCJ Nicholas and SD UdalYorkshireSouthampton
 1884133GH Longman and HH ArmstrongKentGravesend
 1987133RA Smith and RJ ParksEssexSouthend-on-Sea
 1959132HM Barnard and PJ SainsburyIndiansBournemouth
 1974132BA Richards and TE JestyMCCLords
 1993132MCJ Nicholas and RMF CoxSurreyThe Oval
 1906131CP Mead and WT LangfordYorkshireSouthampton
 1964131PJ Sainsbury and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieSurreyBournemouth
 1978131NGC Cowley and MNS TaylorWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1993131MCJ Nicholas and KD JamesGloucestershireBristol
 1905130CB Llewellyn and AJL HillSurreyAldershot
 2021129NRT Gubbins and LD McManusGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1933128CP Mead and AS KennedyDerbyshireIlkeston
 1935128CP Mead and GS BoyesNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1951127NH Rogers and EDR EagarGloucestershirePortsmouth
 1999127AN Aymes and AD MascarenhasDerbyshireDerby
 2024127FS Middleton and JK FullerNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1952125JR Gray and G HillMiddlesexLords
 1964125DA Livingstone and PJ SainsburyOxford UnivThe Parks
 1969125RMC Gilliat and TE JestyMiddlesexLords
 2023125JM Vince and BC BrownNorthamptonshireNorthampton
 1938124AE Pothecary and GS BoyesNorthamptonshireNewport, IOW
 1920123CP Mead and JA NewmanEssexColchester, Castle Park
 1959123RD Flood and PJ SainsburySussexHove
 2016123AJA Wheater and LD McManusNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1895121FE Lacey and HWR BencraftSussexHove
 1936121NT McCorkell and AE PothecaryGlamorganBournemouth
 1923120JA Newman and CP BruttonWorcestershireWorcester
 1935120WCL Creese and GS BoyesKentPortsmouth
 1934119CP Mead and RH MooreMiddlesexLords
 1991119KD James and AN AymesYorkshireSouthampton
 1994119RA Smith and SD UdalDerbyshireSouthampton
 1998119GW White and AD MascarenhasMiddlesexSouthampton
 2004119AD Mascarenhas and N PothasDerbyshireThe Rose Bowl
 2011119SM Ervine and JM VinceWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1914118CP Mead and ER RemnantSomersetBath
 1962118ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and L HarrisonDerbyshireDerby
 1963118PJ Sainsbury and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieLancashirePortsmouth
 1971118PJ Sainsbury and TE JestyMiddlesexLords
 1990118VP Terry and RJ MaruWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1906117AJL Hill and WV JephsonSussexPortsmouth
 1936116WCL Creese and GS BoyesLancashireLiverpool
 1927115CP Mead and HLV DayKentSouthampton
 1930114J Arnold and LH TennysonMiddlesexSouthampton
 1961114H Horton and HM BarnardNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1976114PJ Sainsbury and NGC CowleySussexHove
 1987114DR Turner and MD MarshallNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1921113CP Mead and AS KennedySussexHorsham
 1951113JR Gray and L HarrisonKentSouthampton
 2004113CC Benham and GA LambDerbyshireDerby
 2005113SM Ervine and KP PietersenSussexHove
 1927112JA Newman and JP ParkerLeicestershireSouthampton
 1975112PJ Sainsbury and JM RiceKentSouthampton
 1925111CP Mead and HAW BowellNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1984111NGC Cowley and TM TremlettSussexBournemouth
 1921110CP Mead and JA NewmanEssexBournemouth
 1936110WCL Creese and GS BoyesSurreyThe Oval
 1989110DR Turner and TM Tremlett
6th wicket partnership was 120, TM Tremlett retired hurt
 1928109CP Mead and GS BoyesNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1937109AE Pothecary and WCL CreeseNew ZealandersBournemouth
 1946109J Bailey and NH RogersSussexBournemouth
 1961109PJ Sainsbury and DO BaldryYorkshireHeadingley
 2019109SA Northeast and LA DawsonYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 1960108DO Baldry and ACD Ingleby-MackenzieNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1969108RMC Gilliat and PJ SainsburyEssexIlford
 1913107CH Abercrombie and AJL HillOxford UnivSouthampton
 1962107PJ Sainsbury and DO BaldrySurreySouthampton
 1934106WGLF Lowndes and WCL CreeseSurreyBournemouth
 1975106PJ Sainsbury and JM RiceSomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 2012106MD Bates and SP TerryLoughborough MCCUThe Ageas Bowl
 1921105JA Newman and CP Brutton
to be confirmed
LeicestershireHinckley, Ashby Road
 1989105RA Smith and ST JefferiesKentSouthampton
 2023105IG Holland and JK FullerNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1928104CP Mead and TO JamesonNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1951104NT McCorkell and L HarrisonGloucestershireGloucester
 2013104JM Vince and AJA WheaterLeicestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 2016104AJA Wheater and R McLarenMiddlesexThe Ageas Bowl
 1908103AJL Hill and J StoneMiddlesexLords
 1910103JG Greig and HWM YatesSussexSouthampton
 1955103L Harrison and AWH RaymentSomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 1998103JS Laney and AD MascarenhasNottinghamshirePortsmouth
 1956102EDR Eagar and PJ SainsburyKentSouthampton
 1960102H Horton and PJ SainsburyGlamorganSwansea
 1962102PJ Sainsbury and GL KeithOxford UnivThe Parks
 1990102AN Aymes and TM TremlettKentBournemouth
 1932101AE Pothecary and LH TennysonSurreyPortsmouth
 1949101EDR Eagar and C WalkerLancashireBournemouth
 2010101N Pothas and JM VinceKentThe Rose Bowl
 1883100EG Wynyard and Arthur H WoodSurreyThe Oval
 1997100M Keech and JP StephensonMiddlesexLords
7th1913325G Brown and CH AbercrombieEssexLeyton
 1926270CP Mead and JP ParkerKentCanterbury
 2005234AD Mascarenhas and SR WatsonWarwickshireThe Rose Bowl
 1997205ML Hayden and SD UdalWarwickshireSouthampton
 1974202BA Richards and MNS TaylorNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2005191SM Ervine and N PothasSussexThe Rose Bowl
 1996178AN Aymes and WKM BenjaminEssexSouthampton
 2008165AD Mascarenhas and N PothasSurreyThe Oval
 1953161RO Prouton and C WalkerLeicestershirePortsmouth
 1910159CB Fry and EM SprotWorcestershireBournemouth
 2014155AJA Wheater and JM VinceGloucestershireBristol
 1957154L Harrison and PJ SainsburyWorcestershireWorcester
 1928153AL Hosie and WH LivseyMiddlesexPortsmouth
 1964153PJ Sainsbury and BSV TimmsNorthamptonshireSouthampton
 1921150JA Newman and PE LawrieGlamorganSouthampton
 1923150G Brown and JA NewmanKentCanterbury
 1965143GL Keith and BSV TimmsSouth AfricansSouthampton
 2016143SM Ervine and AJA WheaterYorkshireHeadingley
 1947142J Bailey and NT McCorkellSomersetWeston-Super-Mare
 2001142AD Mascarenhas and JP StephensonWorcestershireThe Rose Bowl
 1976136TE Jesty and PJ SainsburySomersetBournemouth
 1968129BA Richards and BSV TimmsWarwickshireBasingstoke
 2005129AD Mascarenhas and N PothasSurreyThe Oval
 1970128TE Jesty and GR StephensonSussexBournemouth
 1914127JA Newman and EM SprotDerbyshireBasingstoke
 1991126CL Smith and RJ MaruGloucestershireBristol
 1903125WV Jephson and DA SteeleWorcestershireSouthampton
 1978124MNS Taylor and RB ElmsDerbyshireDerby
 1995124JP Stephenson and AN AymesLancashirePortsmouth
 2014124SM Ervine and CP WoodKentCanterbury
 1987123MD Marshall and RJ ParksMiddlesexLords
 1931122CP Mead and WCL CreeseSurreyBournemouth
 2008122N Pothas and CT TremlettKentCanterbury
 1925121HAW Bowell and JA NewmanGloucestershireSouthampton
 1928121CP Mead and MDC WardKentSouthampton
 1920119JG Greig and HAW BowellGloucestershireSouthampton
 2012118MD Bates and CP WoodGloucestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 1921117CP Mead and JA NewmanSussexHorsham
 1980116MD Marshall and RJ ParksSomersetBournemouth
 2000116WS Kendall and SD UdalNew Zealand APortsmouth
 2019116LA Dawson and LD McManusSurreyThe Ageas Bowl
 1910115CB Llewellyn and EM SprotKentDover
 1977114CG Greenidge and MNS TaylorYorkshireHeadingley
 1969113PJ Sainsbury and TE JestyMiddlesexBournemouth
 1973113CG Greenidge and MNS TaylorYorkshireHeadingley
 1964112PJ Sainsbury and BSV TimmsSomersetTaunton
 2003112JRC Hamblin and AD MascarenhasDerbyshireDerby
 1933111AS Kennedy and J BaileyLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 2004111N Pothas and SK WarneLeicestershireLeicester
 1992110MCJ Nicholas and JR AylingMiddlesexBournemouth
 1933109RH Moore and AS KennedyEssexBournemouth
 1972109TE Jesty and GR StephensonLancashireBournemouth
 1976109DR Turner and GR StephensonSomersetTaunton
 1921108JA Newman and CP BruttonLeicestershireHinckley, Ashby Road
 1959108DO Baldry and PJ SainsburySomersetSouthampton
 1920107CP Mead and HC McDonellWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1876106AW Ridley and AF JeffreysKentFaversham
 1934106WCL Creese and AS KennedyLeicestershireLeicester, Aylestone Road
 1949106C Walker and DE BlakeWorcestershirePortsmouth
 1897105AS Webb and C HeseltineDerbyshireDerby
 1963105ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and BSV TimmsMCCSouthampton
 1990105JR Ayling and RJ MaruSomersetTaunton
 1996105GW White and AN AymesWorcestershireWorcester
 1901104EIM Barrett and VA BartonSussexHove
 1919104AJL Hill and HC McDonellMiddlesexSouthampton
 1972104CG Greenidge and GR StephensonSussexHove
 1904103AJL Hill and CB LlewellynWorcestershireWorcester
 1919103CP Mead and TO JamesonEssexLeyton
 1924103LH Tennyson and HAW BowellSurreySouthampton
 1933103CP Mead and WCL CreeseKentSouthampton
 1991103KD James and RJ MaruYorkshireSouthampton
 2007103TG Burrows and AD MascarenhasKentCanterbury
 1974102TE Jesty and MNS TaylorKentBasingstoke
 1950101D Shackleton and J ArnoldNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 2013101ND McKenzie and Sohail TanvirGlamorganCardiff
 1882100FE Lacey and HWR BencraftSussexHove
 1994100VP Terry and SD UdalYorkshireHeadingley
 2010100DG Cork and ND McKenzieEssexThe Rose Bowl
8th2005257AJ Bichel and N PothasGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1985227KD James and TM TremlettSomersetTaunton
 2013191MT Coles and AJA WheaterLancashireSouthport
 1925178CP Mead and CP BruttonWorcestershireBournemouth
 1978168MNS Taylor and GR StephensonGlamorganSouthampton
 2015165AJA Wheater and GK BergSussexHove
 1923162CP Mead and WK PearceGlamorganSouthampton
 2004158SD Udal and SR WatsonSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 1987152KD James and RJ ParksNottinghamshireBournemouth
 1983146MD Marshall and TM TremlettKentBournemouth
 1939140J Arnold and GS BoyesWorcestershireWorcester
 2005138AJ Bichel and N PothasKentThe Rose Bowl
 1906137CB Llewellyn and WT LangfordKentBournemouth
 1913134HC McDonell and JA NewmanSomersetTaunton
 1933134WCL Creese and WCL CreeseLancashireBournemouth
 2018133LA Dawson and KJ AbbottNottinghamshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2005131TG Burrows and SK WarneKentCanterbury
 2001130AN Aymes and SD UdalDerbyshireThe Rose Bowl
 1938129GS Boyes and G HillWorcestershireBasingstoke
 2017129CM Dickinson and AHJA HartSouth Africa AThe Ageas Bowl
 2021127C de Grandhomme and FS OrganSurreyThe Ageas Bowl
 1936125GS Boyes and AE PothecaryNorthamptonshirePortsmouth
 1974124MNS Taylor and GR StephensonWarwickshirePortsmouth
 1934123AS Kennedy and GS BoyesEssexPortsmouth
 1997123AN Aymes and SJ RenshawSurreyGuildford
 2003123AD Mascarenhas and SD UdalDurhamThe Rose Bowl
 1935121AE Pothecary and GS BoyesSurreyThe Oval
 1982121NGC Cowley and RJ ParksLeicestershireSouthampton
 1996120AN Aymes and SD UdalWorcestershireWorcester
 1932119AE Pothecary and WCL CreeseMiddlesexSouthampton
 1980119RJ Parks and SF GrafEssexChelmsford
 2006117N Pothas and SK WarneSussexHove
 1924116CP Mead and JA NewmanSurreyThe Oval
 1985115JJE Hardy and RJ ParksEssexSouthampton
 2014115NJ Rimmington and AJA WheaterEssexColchester, Castle Park
 1993114AN Aymes and SD UdalWorcestershirePortsmouth
 2001114AN Aymes and SD UdalMiddlesexSouthgate
 1913113CP Mead and EM SprotCambridge UnivFenners
 1950113D Shackleton and C WalkerSussexPortsmouth
 2006113N Pothas and SK WarneMiddlesexLords
 1970112RE Marshall and AT CastellSurreyBournemouth
 1911109J Stone and AS KennedyMiddlesexSouthampton
 2002109RA Smith and SD UdalKentThe Rose Bowl
 2015109SM Ervine and CP WoodSussexThe Ageas Bowl
 1958108PJ Sainsbury and D ShackletonWorcestershireWorcester
 1973107PJ Sainsbury and DR O'SullivanSomersetTaunton
 1954106AWH Rayment and RA DareMiddlesexLords
 1950105RA Dare and G HillCambridge UnivFenner's
 2003105AD Mascarenhas and SD UdalGlamorganCardiff
 1982104MD Marshall and RJ ParksLancashireSouthampton
 1919103AS Kennedy and AE EvansSurreySouthampton
 2015103AJA Wheater and DR BriggsWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1897102FE Lacey and DA SteeleDerbyshireSouthampton
 2001102AN Aymes and SD UdalMiddlesexThe Rose Bowl
 1961101HM Barnard and L HarrisonWarwickshireSouthampton
 1998101KD James and SD UdalLeicestershireLeicester
 1933100RH Moore and GS BoyesEssexBournemouth
 2005100AD Mascarenhas and SK WarneMiddlesexSouthgate
 2023100NRT Gubbins and LA DawsonSomersetTaunton
9th1962230DA Livingstone and AT CastellSurreySouthampton
 1923197CP Mead and WRD ShirleyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 1922177G Brown and WH LivseyWarwickshireEdgbaston
 2023177FS Organ and KJ AbbottSomersetTaunton
 1921157CP Mead and WH LivseyNottinghamshireSouthampton
 1905147J Stone and EMC EdeSussexPortsmouth
 1977135NGC Cowley and GR StephensonSomersetTaunton
 2019131LA Dawson and KHD BarkerYorkshireThe Ageas Bowl
 2010130SM Ervine and JA TomlinsonSomersetThe Rose Bowl
 2013128JHK Adams and DR BriggsGloucestershireBristol
 2015123GK Berg and R McLarenNottinghamshireTrent Bridge
 1884120AJ Andrews and WG DibleSussexSouthampton, Antelope Ground
 2019119JM Vince and KJ AbbottSomersetThe Ageas Bowl
 2019114KJ Abbott and RA StevensonSurreyThe Oval
 1997113SD Udal and SJ RenshawKentPortsmouth
 1926112CP Mead and WH LivseyLancashireOld Trafford
 1986112CL Smith and TM TremlettGloucestershireCheltenham, College
 1904111AC Johnston and WT LangfordWorcestershireSouthampton
 1976109JM Rice and GR StephensonSussexHove
 1911105ER Remnant and JA NewmanKentSouthampton
 1964105BSV Timms and D ShackletonLeicestershireLeicester
 1913103AL Hosie and JA NewmanMiddlesexSouthampton
 1896102HF Ward and T SoarEssexSouthampton
 1907100FH Bacon and MB LawsonLeicestershireSouthampton
 1937100DF Walker and OW HermanSomersetWells
10th1921192HAW Bowell and WH LivseyWorcestershireBournemouth
 2012168DJ Balcombe and CP WoodLeicestershireLeicester
 1911147EM Sprot and AE FielderGloucestershireBristol
 1922127CP Mead and GS BoyesWorcestershireWorcester
 1935125AL Hosie and WL BuddGlamorganBournemouth
 1913118CH Abercrombie and HAH SmithWorcestershireDudley
 1952117RA Dare and RO ProutonWorcestershireBournemouth
 2014115DJ Balcombe and JA TomlinsonGloucestershireThe Ageas Bowl
 2021114C de Grandhomme and BTJ WhealSurreyThe Ageas Bowl
 1901113JG Greig and C RobsonLancashireLiverpool
 1914107A Jaques and WH LivseyWorcestershireSouthampton
 1913106G Brown and AS KennedyYorkshireBournemouth
 2022101AHT Donald and JK FullerGloucestershireThe Ageas Bowl

Century partnerships by Season

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