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List A Records against Leicestershire


Hampshire have played Leicestershire 50 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 22, Lost 21, No-results 4 and 3 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Leicestershire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score326-9 (60) at Southampton (1987)
Lowest Score88 (30.3) at Leicester (1998)
Highest individual score142 VP Terry at Southampton (1986)
Best Bowling (innings)4-21 KStJD Emery at Leicester (1982)
1st Wicket partnership164 CG Greenidge and BA Richards at Leicester (1972)
2nd Wicket partnership132 CC Benham and MA Carberry at Leicester (2006)
3rd Wicket partnership163 SM Ervine and ND McKenzie at The Rose Bowl (2011)
4th Wicket partnership96 DI Gower and MD Marshall at Leicester (1990)
5th Wicket partnership73 CC Benham and LA Dawson at Leicester (2009)
6th Wicket partnership177 CC Benham and N Pothas at The Rose Bowl (2009)
7th Wicket partnership70 DR Turner and MNS Taylor at Leicester (1974)
8th Wicket partnership70 SP Terry and CP Wood at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
9th Wicket partnership22 RMH Cottam and TE Jesty at Portsmouth (1971)
10th Wicket partnership29 DR Briggs and JA Tomlinson at The Ageas Bowl (2014)

Leicestershire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score341-6 (60) at Southampton (1987)
Lowest Score82 (32.4) at Leicester (1977)
Highest individual score154 P Willey at Leicester (1987)
Best Bowling (innings)5-24 HF Gurney at Leicester (2010)
1st Wicket partnership130 DI Gower and NE Briers at Leicester (1982)
2nd Wicket partnership102 NE Briers and TJ Boon at Bournemouth (1991)
3rd Wicket partnership158 P Willey and DI Gower at Leicester (1987)
4th Wicket partnership122 NE Briers and RW Tolchard at Leicester (1980)
5th Wicket partnership87 JC Balderstone and RW Tolchard at Leicester (1975)
6th Wicket partnership78 JC Balderstone and R Illingworth at Southampton (1973)
7th Wicket partnership58 PA Nixon and DI Stevens at Leicester (1998)
8th Wicket partnership49 JL Sadler and DD Masters at Leicester (2006)
9th Wicket partnership28 P Willey and AD Mullally at Leicester (1990)
10th Wicket partnership33 AD Mullally and ARK Pierson at Leicester (1995)
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