First Class Records against Leicestershire


Hampshire have played Leicestershire 168 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 55, Lost 42, Drawn 70 and 1 were abandoned without a ball being bowled

Hampshire Records against Leicestershire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score548-6 at Southampton (1927)
Lowest Score58 at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1907)
Highest individual score231 JHK Adams at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
Best Bowling (innings)9-44 DW White at Portsmouth (1966)
Best Bowling (match)14-119 DW White at Loughborough (1963)
1st Wicket partnership253 JHK Adams and MA Carberry at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
2nd Wicket partnership173 JR Gray and H Horton at Coalville (1960)
3rd Wicket partnership250 LA Dawson and JM Vince at Leicester (2013)
4th Wicket partnership259 CP Mead and LH Tennyson at Portsmouth (1921)
259 MCJ Nicholas and RA Smith at Bournemouth (1985)
5th Wicket partnership171 JG Greig and EIM Barrett at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1901)
6th Wicket partnership146 AE Pothecary and WCL Creese at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1934)
7th Wicket partnership161 RO Prouton and C Walker at Portsmouth (1953)
8th Wicket partnership121 NGC Cowley and RJ Parks at Southampton (1982)
9th Wicket partnership105 BSV Timms and D Shackleton at Leicester (1964)
10th Wicket partnership168 DJ Balcombe and CP Wood at Leicester (2012)

Leicestershire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score535-8 at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1938)
Lowest Score52 at Bournemouth (1931)
Highest individual score205 JHN King at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1923)
Best Bowling (innings)7-16 WE Benskin at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1920)
Best Bowling (match)14-86 G Geary at Southampton (1926)
1st Wicket partnership242 MR Hallam and MEJC Norman at Coalville (1966)
2nd Wicket partnership239 AW Shipman and NF Armstrong at Southampton (1933)
3rd Wicket partnership278 CJB Wood and AE Knight at Southampton (1905)
4th Wicket partnership273 P Willey and PD Bowler at Leicester (1986)
5th Wicket partnership159 DI Gower and RW Tolchard at Leicester (1977)
6th Wicket partnership231 VFS Crawford and T Jayes at Leicester, Aylestone Road (1908)
7th Wicket partnership219 JDR Benson and P Whitticase at Bournemouth (1991)
8th Wicket partnership107 VE Jackson and VS Munden at Bournemouth (1955)
9th Wicket partnership125 LR Gardner and W Watson at Coalville (1960)
10th Wicket partnership75 DJ Millns and MT Brimson at Southampton (1997)
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