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Twenty20 Records against Kent


Hampshire have played Kent 27 times in Twenty20 matches since 2003.
They have won 14, Lost 12, Tied 1

Hampshire Records against Kent

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score207-6 (20) at Beckenham (2018)
Lowest Score88 (16.1) at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
Highest individual score99no JM Vince at Canterbury (2015)
Best Bowling (innings)4-19 LA Dawson at Canterbury (2013)
1st Wicket partnership72 CM Dickinson and JM Vince at Canterbury (2017)
2nd Wicket partnership79 JM Vince and TP Alsop at Canterbury (2017)
3rd Wicket partnership94 MA Carberry and ND McKenzie at Canterbury (2013)
4th Wicket partnership72 MA Carberry and CC Benham at Canterbury (2009)
5th Wicket partnership79 SM Ervine and GJ Maxwell at Canterbury (2012)
6th Wicket partnership55 LA Dawson and LD McManus at Beckenham (2018)
7th Wicket partnership48 LA Dawson and GK Berg at Beckenham (2018)
8th Wicket partnership49 AD Mascarenhas and DG Cork at The Rose Bowl (2009)
9th Wicket partnership24 MT Coles and MD Bates at Canterbury (2014)
10th Wicket partnership13 DR Briggs and SP Jones at Canterbury (2010)

Kent Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score210-4 (20) at Beckenham (2018)
Lowest Score72 (1 man absent) (14) at The Rose Bowl (2011)
Highest individual score96no A Symonds at Beckenham (2003)
Best Bowling (innings)4-17 MP Stoinis at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
1st Wicket partnership96 DJ Bell-Drummond and JL Denly at Canterbury (2016)
2nd Wicket partnership89 RWT Key and SA Northeast at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
3rd Wicket partnership94 SA Notheast and SW Billings at Canterbury (2016)
4th Wicket partnership102 GO Jones and DI Stevens at The Rose Bowl (2009)
5th Wicket partnership41 JL Denly and GO Jones at The Rose Bowl (2008)
41 BP Nash and SA Northeast at The Ageas Bowl (2012)
6th Wicket partnership108 SA Northeast and AJ Blake at The Ageas Bowl (2015)
7th Wicket partnership62 RWT Key and T Henderson at Beckenham (2006)
8th Wicket partnership27 CJ Haggett and AF Milne at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
9th Wicket partnership19 T Henderson and MM Patel at Beckenham (2006)
10th Wicket partnership17 RS Ferley and BJ Trott at The Rose Bowl (2004)
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