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List A Records against Kent


Hampshire have played Kent 67 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 25, Lost 36, No-results 5 and 1 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Kent

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score330-7 (50) at Lords (2018)
Lowest Score99 (43.3) at Southampton (1984)
Highest individual score132no BA Richards at Bournemouth (1970)
Best Bowling (innings)5-28 TM Tremlett at Canterbury (1985)
1st Wicket partnership136 TP Alsop and RR Rossouw at Lords (2018)
2nd Wicket partnership136 BA Richards and DR Turner at Bournemouth (1970)
3rd Wicket partnership134 TE Jesty and CL Smith at Canterbury (1980)
4th Wicket partnership94 CL Smith and DR Turner at Canterbury (1988)
5th Wicket partnership133 JJ Weatherley and BJ Taylor at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
6th Wicket partnership82 N Pothas and AD Mascarenhas at Tunbridge Wells (2007)
7th Wicket partnership51 R McLaren and GK Berg at The Ageas Bowl (2016)
8th Wicket partnership47 MD Marshall and TM Tremlett at Southampton (1986)
9th Wicket partnership57 ACD Ingleby-MacKenzie and D Shackleton at Southampton (1966)
10th Wicket partnership30 AD Mascarenhas and BV Taylor at Canterbury (2004)

Kent Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score296-4 (50) at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
Lowest Score84-9 (16) at Basingstoke (1982)
Highest individual score114no BW Luckhurst at Canterbury (1973)
Best Bowling (innings)6-53 MA Ealham at Basingstoke (1993)
1st Wicket partnership203 DJ Bell-Drummond and JL Denly at The Ageas Bowl (2016)
2nd Wicket partnership136 JL Denly and M van Jaarsveld at Canterbury (2010)
3rd Wicket partnership112 TR Ward and AP Wells at Southampton (1998)
4th Wicket partnership145 MR Benson and GR Cowdrey at Southampton (1995)
5th Wicket partnership126 JN Shepherd and CS Cowdrey at Southampton (1978)
6th Wicket partnership88 GR Cowdrey and EAE Baptiste at Southampton (1986)
7th Wicket partnership73 MJ Walker and GO Jones at Canterbury (2006)
8th Wicket partnership93 NR Taylor and EM Ellison at Canterbury (1988)
9th Wicket partnership69 MJ Walker and R McLaren at Tunbridge Wells (2007)
10th Wicket partnership22 APE Knott and KBS Jarvis at Canterbury (1982)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Kent 6 times in List A matches since 2001.
They have won 0, Lost 5, No-results 1

Hampshire Records against Kent at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score295-5 (50) in 2018
Lowest Score115 (37.2) in 2002
Highest individual score107no DJ Thornely (2006)
Best Bowling4-38 BTJ Wheal (2016)
1st Wicket partnership85 JHK Adams and PJ Hughes (2010)
2nd Wicket partnership45 TP Alsop and JM Vince (2018)
3rd Wicket partnership39 JP Crawley and DJ Thornely (2006)
39 AJA Wheater and SM Ervine (2016)
4th Wicket partnership71 DJ Thornely and MA Carberry (2006)
5th Wicket partnership133 JJ Weatherley and BJ Taylor (2018)
6th Wicket partnership38 DJ Thornely and AD Mascarenhas (2006)
7th Wicket partnership51 R McLaren and GK Berg (2016)
8th Wicket partnership16 GW White and SD Udal (2002)
9th Wicket partnership1 SD Udal and CT Tremlett (2002)
1 R McLaren and BTJ Wheal (2016)
10th Wicket partnership26 DR Briggs and MA Carberry (2010)

Kent Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score296-4 (50) in 2018
Lowest Score169-9 (45) in 2004
Highest individual score105 JL Denly (2016)
Best Bowling6-56 MT Coles (2016)
1st Wicket partnership203 DJ Bell-Drummond and JL Denly (2016)
2nd Wicket partnership46 DJ Bell-Drummond and JL Denly (2018)
3rd Wicket partnership55 DJ Bell-Drummond and HG Kuhn (2018)
4th Wicket partnership79 M van Jaarsveld and GO Jones (2010)
5th Wicket partnership64 M van Jaarsveld and DI Stevens (2010)
6th Wicket partnership54 MJ Walker and PA Nixon (2002)
7th Wicket partnership5 MJ Walker and SJ Cook (2006)
8th Wicket partnership38 PA Nixon and JM Golding (2002)
9th Wicket partnership24 JM Golding and MJ Saggers (2002)
10th Wicket partnership12 DP Fulton and MJ Saggers (2004)