First Class Records against Durham


Hampshire have played Durham 33 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 12, Lost 6, Drawn 14 and 1 were abandoned without a ball being bowled

Hampshire Records against Durham

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score512 at Portsmouth (1994)
Lowest Score96 at Basingstoke (2008)
96 at Chester-le-Street (2009)
Highest individual score164 VP Terry at Portsmouth (1994)
Best Bowling (innings)6-29 JNB Bovill at Stockton-on-Tees (1995)
Best Bowling (match)12-68 JNB Bovill at Stockton-on-Tees (1995)
1st Wicket partnership191 JHK Adams and MA Carberry at Chester-le-Street (2006)
2nd Wicket partnership314 MA Carberry and MJ Lumb at Basingstoke (2010)
3rd Wicket partnership168 CC Benham and JP Crawley at Chester-le-Street (2006)
4th Wicket partnership142 WS Kendall and AN Aymes at Chester-le-Street (1999)
5th Wicket partnership195 TC Middleton and JR Ayling at Darlington (1992)
6th Wicket partnership94 SM Ervine and LA Dawson at Basingstoke (2008)
7th Wicket partnership84 MJ Brown and SK Warne at Chester-le-Street (2007)
8th Wicket partnership123 AD Mascarenhas and SD Udal at The Rose Bowl (2003)
9th Wicket partnership92 AN Aymes and AC Morris at The Rose Bowl (2001)
10th Wicket partnership41 AN Aymes and SM Milburn at Portsmouth (1996)

Durham Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score515 at Chester-le-Street (2003)
Lowest Score83 at Basingstoke (2000)
Highest individual score273 ML Love at Chester-le Street (2003)
Best Bowling (innings)10-47 OD Gibson at Chester-le-Street (2007)
Best Bowling (match)12-100 OD Gibson at Chester-le-Street (2007)
1st Wicket partnership116 MJ Di Venuto and WR Smith at The Rose Bowl (2007)
2nd Wicket partnership162 MD Stoneman and SG Borthwick at The Ageas Bowl (2016)
3rd Wicket partnership106 MA Gough and JA Daley at Chester-le-Street (1999)
4th Wicket partnership161 ML Love and GJ Pratt at Chester-le-Street (2003)
5th Wicket partnership176 GJ Muchall and BA Stokes at Basingstoke (2010)
6th Wicket partnership156 DM Benkenstein and BW Harmison at Chester-le-Street (2007)
7th Wicket partnership127 DR Law and JE Brinkley at Chester-le-Street (2001)
8th Wicket partnership79 MJ Richardson and BA Carse at The Ageas Bowl (2016)
9th Wicket partnership86 MJ Richardson and G Onions at The Ageas Bowl (2016)
10th Wicket partnership71 CD Thorp and G Onions at The Rose Bowl (2006)
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