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List A Records against Durham


Hampshire have played Durham 27 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 15, Lost 9, No-results 2 and 1 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Durham

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score298-7 (40) at The Rose Bowl (2008)
Lowest Score115 (23) at Chester-le-Street (2010)
Highest individual score113no NC Johnson at Chester-le-Street (2001)
Best Bowling (innings)4-28 JP Stephenson at Chester-le-Street (1997)
1st Wicket partnership150 JHK Adams and MJ Lumb at The Rose Bowl (2010)
2nd Wicket partnership135 DI Gower and RA Smith at Southampton (1992)
3rd Wicket partnership79 JP Stephenson and RA Smith at Basingstoke (2000)
4th Wicket partnership118 AN Aymes and GW White at Southampton (1998)
5th Wicket partnership97 AN Aymes and MCJ Nicholas at Portsmouth (1994)
6th Wicket partnership109 AN Aymes and KD James at Chester-le-Street (1995)
7th Wicket partnership35 VP Terry and AN Aymes at Stockton-on-Tees (1993)
8th Wicket partnership23 LA Dawson and Sohail Tanvir at Chester-le-Street (2013)
9th Wicket partnership8 AN Aymes and RJ Maru at Southampton (1992)
8 WPUJC Vaas and CT Tremlett at Chester-le-Street (2003)
10th Wicket partnership30 AD Mullally and WPUJC Vaas at Chester-le-Street (2003)

Durham Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score312-5 (50) at Lords (2007)
Lowest Score91 (42.4) at Chester-le-Street (2000)
Highest individual score131no W Larkins at Portsmouth (1994)
Best Bowling (innings)4-20 GD Bridge at Chester-le-Street (2003)
1st Wicket partnership220 JI Longley and W Larkins at Portsmouth (1994)
2nd Wicket partnership163 P Mustard and SG Borthwick at Chester-le-Street (2013)
3rd Wicket partnership166 MD Love and PD Collingwood at Chester-le-Street (2001)
4th Wicket partnership125 GJ Muchall and DM Benkenstein at Chester-le-Street (2011)
5th Wicket partnership87 W Larkins and IT Botham at Stockton-on-Tees (1993)
87 PD Collingwood and JJB Lewis at Southampton (1998)
6th Wicket partnership52 BA Stokes and WR Smith at The Ageas Bowl (2013)
7th Wicket partnership74 WR Smith and RD Pringle at The Ageas Bowl (2013)
8th Wicket partnership37 LJ Goddard and LE Plunkett at The Rose Bowl (2008)
9th Wicket partnership24 BA Stokes and ME Claydon at The Rose Bowl (2010)
10th Wicket partnership32 JJB Lewis and N Killeen at Basingstoke (2000)
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