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Twenty20 Records against Derbyshire


Hampshire have played Derbyshire 1 times in Twenty20 matches since 2003.
They have won 1, Lost 0

Hampshire Records against Derbyshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score249-8 (20) at Derby (2017)
Lowest Score249-8 (20) at Derby (2017)
Highest individual score101 Shahid Afridi at Derby (2017)
Best Bowling (innings)3-25 KJ Abbott at Derby (2017)
1st Wicket partnership43 Shahid Afridi and CM Dickinson at Derby (2017)
2nd Wicket partnership103 Shahid Afridi and JM Vince at Derby (2017)
3rd Wicket partnership52 JM Vince and GJ Bailey at Derby (2017)
4th Wicket partnership26 JM Vince and MA Carberry at Derby (2017)
5th Wicket partnership10 MA Carberry and LA Dawson at Derby (2017)
6th Wicket partnership0 MA Carberry and GK Berg at Derby (2017)
7th Wicket partnership5 MA Carberry and TP Alsop at Derby (2017)
8th Wicket partnership2 TP Alsop and KJ Abbott at Derby (2017)
9th Wicket partnership8 TP Alsop and CP Wood at Derby (2017)
10th Wicket partnershipnone

Derbyshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score148 (19.5) at Derby (2017)
Lowest Score148 (19.5) at Derby (2017)
Highest individual score30no BD Cotton at Derby (2017)
Best Bowling (innings)3-32 MJJ Critchley at Derby (2017)
1st Wicket partnership4 BA Godleman and MJJ Critchley at Derby (2017)
2nd Wicket partnership4 MJJ Critchley and LM Reece at Derby (2017)
3rd Wicket partnership13 LM Reece and GC Viljoen at Derby (2017)
4th Wicket partnership14 GC Viljoen and WL Madsen at Derby (2017)
5th Wicket partnership13 GC Viljoen and GC Wilson at Derby (2017)
6th Wicket partnership8 GC Wilson and AL Hughes at Derby (2017)
7th Wicket partnership2 AL Hughes and MJ Henry at Derby (2017)
8th Wicket partnership31 AL Hughes and D Smit at Derby (2017)
9th Wicket partnership13 AL Hughes and BD Cotton at Derby (2017)
10th Wicket partnership46 BD Cotton and Imran Tahir at Derby (2017)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have not played Derbyshire in T20 matches since 2001.