First Class Records against Derbyshire


Hampshire have played Derbyshire 140 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 50, Lost 39, Drawn 51
Hampshire have also played Derbyshire 8 times in other First Class matches since 1864.
They won 1, Lost 6, Drawn 1

Hampshire Records against Derbyshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score580 at Derby (2003)
Lowest Score23 at Burton-on-Trent (1958)
Highest individual score227 CP Mead at Ilkeston (1933)
Best Bowling (innings)9-46 AS Kennedy at Portsmouth (1929)
Best Bowling (match)14-105 A Jaques at Basingstoke (1914)
1st Wicket partnership213 JS Laney and ML Hayden at Chesterfield (1997)
2nd Wicket partnership231 CL Smith and DR Turner at Derby (1984)
3rd Wicket partnership321 CL Smith and TE Jesty at Derby (1983)
4th Wicket partnership248 WS Kendall and LR Prittipaul at Southampton (2000)
5th Wicket partnership231 CB Llewellyn and EIM Barrett at Southampton (1903)
6th Wicket partnership187 DA Kenway and AD Mascarenhas at Derby (2000)
7th Wicket partnership127 JA Newman and EM Sprot at Basingstoke (1914)
8th Wicket partnership130 AN Aymes and SD Udal at The Rose Bowl (2001)
9th Wicket partnership89 JR Gray and D Shackleton at Portsmouth (1951)
10th Wicket partnership80 AN Aymes and AD Mullally at Derby (2001)

Derbyshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score645 at Derby (1898)
Lowest Score47 at Portsmouth (1933)
Highest individual score251no PD Bowler at Portsmouth (1992)
Best Bowling (innings)9-25 W Mycroft at Southampton, Antelope Ground(1876)
Best in County Championship
8-117 A Morton at Chesterfield (1910)
Best Bowling (match)17-103 W Mycroft at Southampton, Antelope Ground(1876)
Best in County Championship
14-101 G Porter at Derby (1895)
1st Wicket partnership199 A Hill and JG Wright at Bournemouth (1977)
2nd Wicket partnership298 AS Rollins and CJ Adams at Southampton (1996)
3rd Wicket partnership259 PD Bowler and TJG O'Gorman at Portsmouth (1992)
4th Wicket partnership196 KJ Barnett and WP Fowler at Derby (1984)
5th Wicket partnership191 AG Slater and A Morton at Basingstoke (1914)
6th Wicket partnership139 G Curgenven and AE Lawton at Derby (1902)
7th Wicket partnership241 GH Pope and AEG Rhodes at Portsmouth (1948)
8th Wicket partnership149 AS Rollins and P Aldred at Chesterfield (1997)
9th Wicket partnership118 L Oliver and J Chapman at Southampton (1911)
10th Wicket partnership79 AJ McLellan and RC Wincer at Basingstoke (1979)
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