First Class Records against Worcestershire

All First Class Matches

Hampshire have played Worcestershire 158 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 54, Lost 39, Drawn 63 and 2 were abandoned without a ball being bowled

Hampshire Records against Worcestershire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score500-9 at The Ageas Bowl (2013)
Lowest Score30 at Worcester (1903)
Highest individual score235 CP Mead at Worcester (1922)
Best Bowling (innings)8-71 MD Marshall at Southampton (1982)
Best Bowling (match)14-171 CB Llewellyn at Southampton (1901)
1st Wicket partnership204 HAW Bowell and G Brown at Portsmouth (1920)
2nd Wicket partnership221 JG Greig and EM Sprot at Worcester (1905)
3rd Wicket partnership238 MCJ Nicholas and TE Jesty at Worcester (1984)
4th Wicket partnership248 HAW Bowell and CP Mead at Worcester (1926)
5th Wicket partnership209 J Bailey and NH Rogers at Southampton (1946)
6th Wicket partnership161 WHB Evans and AJL Hill at Worcester (1904)
7th Wicket partnership159 CB Fry and EM Sprot at Bournemouth (1910)
8th Wicket partnership178 CP Mead and CP Brutton at Bournemouth (1925)
9th Wicket partnership111 AC Johnston and WT Langford at Southampton (1904)
10th Wicket partnership192 HAW Bowell and WH Livsey at Bournemouth (1921)

Worcestershire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score547 at Southampton (1903)
Lowest Score68 at Dudley (1961)
Highest individual score303no GA Hick at Southampton (1997)
Best Bowling (innings)8-46 CF Root at Worcester (1926)
Best Bowling (match)14-109 A Bird at Southampton (1901)
1st Wicket partnership274 HK Foster and FL Bowley at Portsmouth (1907)
2nd Wicket partnership276 TS Curtis and GA Hick at Worcester (1988)
3rd Wicket partnership438 GA Hick and TM Moody at Southampton (1997)
4th Wicket partnership256 CF Walters and M Nichol at Bournemouth (1933)
5th Wicket partnership207 HHIH Gibbons and SH Martin at Worcester (1939)
6th Wicket partnership186 WW Lowe and GF Wheldon at Bournemouth (1900)
7th Wicket partnership181 GN Foster and WB Burns at Worcester (1905)
8th Wicket partnership106 PA Neale and RK Illingworth at Bournemouth (1989)
9th Wicket partnership78 R Howorth and RTD Perks at Southampton (1951)
10th Wicket partnership82 GF Wheldon and GA Wilson at Southampton (1899)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Worcestershire 9 times in the County Championship since 2001.
They have won 5, Lost 1, Drawn 3

Hampshire Records against Worcestershire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score500-9 (2013)
Lowest Score159 (2001)
Highest individual score219no JHK Adams (2013)
Best Bowling (innings)5-29 Imran Tahir (2011)
Best Bowling (match)8-66 AC Morris (2001)
1st Wicket partnership133 MJ Brown and MA Carberry (2007)
2nd Wicket partnership113 MA Carberry and JP Crawley (2007)
3rd Wicket partnership64 SM Katich and JP Crawley (2003)
4th Wicket partnership92 JP Crawley and LR Prittipaul (2003)
5th Wicket partnership68 WR Smith and AJA Wheater (2015)
6th Wicket partnership45 N Pothas and AD Mascarenhas (2007)
7th Wicket partnership142 AD Mascarenhas and JP Stephenson (2001)
8th Wicket partnership91 LA Dawson and DG Cork (2009)
9th Wicket partnership72 KJ Abbott and BTJ Wheal (2018)
10th Wicket partnership48 GK Berg and FH Edwards (2018)

Worcestershire Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score403-5 (2015)
Lowest Score86 (2007)
Highest individual score172no DKH Mitchell (2014)
Best Bowling (innings)6-125 GJ Batty (2007)
Best Bowling (match)9-145 GJ Batty (2007)
1st Wicket partnership68 DKH Mitchell and JG Cameron (2011)
2nd Wicket partnership154 DKH Mitchell and MM Ali (2014)
3rd Wicket partnership77 DKH Mitchell and TT Samaraweera (2013)
4th Wicket partnership136 Kadeer Ali and VS Solanki (2003)
5th Wicket partnership73 SD Peters and JM Kemp (2003)
6th Wicket partnership137 JM Kemp and DJ Pipe (2003)
7th Wicket partnership70 GA Hick and RJ Sillence (2007)
8th Wicket partnership97 VS Solanki and CD Whelan (2009)
9th Wicket partnership17 GA Hick and MS Mason (2007)
10th Wicket partnership34 DJ Pipe and M Hayward (2003)