First Class Records against Pakistanis

Hampshire Records against Pakistanis

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score368-2 at Bournemouth (1962)
Lowest Score162 at Southampton (1992)
Highest individual score228no RE Marshall at Bournemouth (1962)
Best Bowling (innings)5-67 MNS Taylor at Southampton (1978)
Best Bowling (match)5-97 MNS Taylor at Southampton (1978)
1st Wicket partnership67 RE Marshall and JR Gray at Bournemouth (1962)
2nd Wicket partnership109 CG Greenidge and DR Turner at Southampton (1978)
3rd Wicket partnership267 RE Marshall and DA Livingstone at Bournemouth (1962)
4th Wicket partnership83 MCJ Nicholas and RE Hayward at Bournemouth (1982)
5th Wicket partnership64 EDR Eagar and ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie at Portsmouth (1954)
6th Wicket partnership96 RE Marshall and AT Castell at Portsmouth (1971)
7th Wicket partnership91 HM Barnard and G Hill at Portsmouth (1954)
8th Wicket partnership43 ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and RO Prouton at Portsmouth (1954)
9th Wicket partnership20 GR Stephenson and K Stevenson at Southampton (1978)
10th Wicket partnership30 SD Udal and PJ Bakker at Southampton (1992)

Pakistanis Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score406-1 at Southampton (1992)
Lowest Score163 at Portsmouth (1954)
Highest individual score154no Asif Mujtaba at Southampton (1992)
Best Bowling (innings)5-64 Mushtaq Ahmed at Southampton (1992)
Best Bowling (match)7-103 Fazal Mahmood at Portsmouth (1954)
1st Wicket partnership114 Hanif Mohammad and Shahid Mahmood at Bournemouth (1962)
2nd Wicket partnership223 Asif Mujtaba and Javed Miandad at Southampton (1992)
3rd Wicket partnership77 Mansoor Akhtar and Haroon Rasheed at Bournemouth (1982)
4th Wicket partnership77 Mansoor Akhtar and Saleem Malik at Southampton (1987)
5th Wicket partnership59 Mansoor Akhtar and Shoaib Mohammad at Southampton (1987)
6th Wicket partnership69 Wasim Raja and Wasim Bari at Bournemouth (1982)
69 Rameez Raja and Imran Khan at Southampton (1987)
7th Wicket partnership36 Imtiaz Ahmed and Nasim-ul-Ghani at Bournemouth (1962)
8th Wicket partnership50 Saleem Yousuf and Wasim Akram at Southampton (1987)
9th Wicket partnership25 Tahir Naqqash and Abdul Qadir at Bournemouth (1982)
10th Wicket partnership13 Abdul Qadir and Iqbal Qasim at Bournemouth (1982)