First Class Records against New Zealanders

Hampshire Records against New Zealanders

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score421 at Bournemouth (1937)
Lowest Score99 at Southampton (1958)
Highest individual score132 BA Richards at Southampton (1969)
Best Bowling (innings)7-29 AS Kennedy at Bournemouth (1931)
Best Bowling (match)8-40 AS Kennedy at Bournemouth (1931)
1st Wicket partnership49 RH Moore and NT McCorkell at Bournemouth (1937)
2nd Wicket partnership55 DA Kenway and WS Kendall at Southampton (1999)
3rd Wicket partnership137 BA Richards and RMC Gilliat at Southampton (1969)
4th Wicket partnership116 RMC Gilliat and PJ Sainsbury at Southampton (1969)
5th Wicket partnership165 GW White and JP Stephenson at Southampton (1999)
6th Wicket partnership109 AE Pothecary and WCL Creese at Bournemouth (1937)
7th Wicket partnership42 AE Pothecary and GL Jones at Bournemouth (1937)
8th Wicket partnership82 J Arnold and G Hill at Southampton (1949)
9th Wicket partnership46 M Garaway and JP Stephenson at Southampton (1999)
10th Wicket partnership22 GL Jones and GEM Heath at Bournemouth (1937)
22 VJ Ransom and CJ Knott at Southampton (1949)

New Zealanders Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score430-5 at Southampton (1949)
Lowest Score79 at Bournemouth (1931)
Highest individual score135no DJ Nash at Southampton (1999)
Best Bowling (innings)7-39 DJ Nash at Southampton (1999)
Best Bowling (match)9-58 CFW Allcott at Bournemouth (1931)
1st Wicket partnership142 B Sutcliffe and VJ Scott at Southampton (1949)
2nd Wicket partnership100 VJ Scott and WA Hadlee at Southampton (1949)
3rd Wicket partnership96 HG Vivian and DAR Moloney at Bournemouth (1937)
4th Wicket partnership105 VJ Scott and MP Donnelly at Southampton (1949)
5th Wicket partnership76 MD Crowe and EJ Gray at Bournemouth (1983)
6th Wicket partnership114 CZ Harris and DJ Nash at Southampton (1999)
7th Wicket partnership85 DJ Nash and DL Vettori at Southampton (1999)
8th Wicket partnership53 DJ Nash and MG Croy at Southampton (1999)
9th Wicket partnership69 DJ Nash and SB Doull at Southampton (1999)
10th Wicket partnership12 KC James and CFW Allcott at Bournemouth (1931)
12 JA Dunning and J Cowie at Bournemouth (1937)