First Class Records against Middlesex

All First Class Matches

Hampshire have played Middlesex 147 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 30, Lost 58, Drawn 56, Tied 1 and 2 were abandoned without a ball being bowled
Hampshire have also played Middlesex 4 times in other First Class matches since 1864.
They won 1, Lost 3, Drawn 0

Hampshire Records against Middlesex

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score578 at Southampton (1925)
Lowest Score35 at Portsmouth (1922)
Highest individual score189no RE Marshall at Lords (1970)
Best Bowling (innings)8-86 AS Kennedy at Lords (1922)
Best Bowling (match)11-72 D Shackleton at Portsmouth (1957)
1st Wicket partnership249 RE Marshall and JR Gray at Portsmouth (1960)
2nd Wicket partnership188 MCJ Nicholas and DR Turner at Lords (1984)
3rd Wicket partnership272 H Horton and DA Livingstone at Bournemouth (1966)
4th Wicket partnership263 RE Marshall and DA Livingstone at Lords (1970)
5th Wicket partnership149 LH Tennyson and TO Jameson at Southampton (1923)
6th Wicket partnership162 AS Kennedy and WCL Creese at Portsmouth (1933)
7th Wicket partnership153 AL Hosie and WH Livsey at Portsmouth (1928)
8th Wicket partnership119 AE Pothecary and WCL Creese at Southampton (1932)
9th Wicket partnership103 AL Hosie and JA Newman at Southampton (1913)
10th Wicket partnership99 DA Kenway and PJ Hartley at Lords (1999)

Middlesex Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score642-3 at Southampton (1923)
Lowest Score59 at Lords (1956)
Highest individual score232 JW Hearne at Southampton (1923)
Best Bowling (innings)8-20 FA Tarrant at Lords (1913)
Best Bowling (match)15-47 FA Tarrant at Lords (1913)
1st Wicket partnership233 JDB Robertson and SM Brown at Portsmouth (1951)
2nd Wicket partnership314 HW Lee and EH Hendren at Lords (1928)
3rd Wicket partnership375 JW Hearne and EH Hendren at Southampton (1923)
4th Wicket partnership325 JW Hearne and EH Hendren at Lords (1919)
5th Wicket partnership133 HW Lee and FT Mann at Southampton (1920)
6th Wicket partnership157 RMS Watson and DC Nash at Southgate (2001)
7th Wicket partnership161 CT Radley and RW Hooker at Lords (1967)
8th Wicket partnership87 RO Butcher and JE Emburey at Lords (1984)
9th Wicket partnership137 EL Kidd and JT Hearne at Lords (1911)
10th Wicket partnership84 GE Hart and WT Nevell at Lords (1938)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Middlesex 7 times in the County Championship since 2001.
They have won 4, Lost 0, Drawn 3

Hampshire Records against Middlesex at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score438 (2017)
Lowest Score191 (2001)
Highest individual score146no IG Holland (2021)
Best Bowling (innings)7-99 SK Warne (2006)
Best Bowling (match)9-47 AD Mascarenhas (2001)
1st Wicket partnership85 JHK Adams and LA Dawson (2015)
2nd Wicket partnership81 JHK Adams and JM Vince (2016)
3rd Wicket partnership257 IG Holland and SA Northeast (2021)
4th Wicket partnership100 MA Carberry and LA Dawson (2016)
5th Wicket partnership128 N Pothas and DJ Thornely (2006)
6th Wicket partnership104 AJA Wheater and R McLaren (2016)
7th Wicket partnership91 WR Smith and GK Berg (2015)
8th Wicket partnership102 AN Aymes and SD Udal (2001)
9th Wicket partnership61 KJ Abbott and BTJ Wheal (2021)
10th Wicket partnership20 BTJ Wheal and JA Tomlinson (2015)

Middlesex Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score362 (2015)
Lowest Score79 (2021)
Highest individual score141 AJ Strauss (2006)
Best Bowling (innings)6-73 SB Styris (2005)
Best Bowling (match)10-118 SB Styris (2005)
1st Wicket partnership79 AJ Strauss and BL Hutton (2006)
2nd Wicket partnership105 SD Robson and SS Eskinazi (2017)
3rd Wicket partnership127 AJ Strauss and SP Fleming (2001)
4th Wicket partnership182 DJ Malan and JA Simpson (2016)
5th Wicket partnership53 RG White and MK Andersson (2021)
6th Wicket partnership75 AC Voges and JA Simpson (2017)
7th Wicket partnership58 NRD Compton and OP Rayner (2015)
8th Wicket partnership68 JAR Harris and TJ Murtagh (2016)
9th Wicket partnership37 TS Roland-Jones and OP Rayner (2017)
10th Wicket partnership75 TS Roland-Jones and ST Finn (2015)