First Class Records against MCC

Hampshire Records against MCC

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score382 at Lords (1913)
382-6 at Lords (1959)
Lowest Score24 at Lords (1878)
Highest individual score189 BA Richards at Lords (1974)
Best Bowling (innings)7-19 CR Young at Southampton, Antelope Ground (1882)
Best Bowling (match)13-57 CR Young at Southampton Antelope Ground (1880)
1st Wicket partnership53 RE Marshall and JR Gray at Southampton (1963)
2nd Wicket partnership100 H Horton and RE Marshall at Lords (1959)
3rd Wicket partnership82 H Horton and DA Livingstone at Southampton (1963)
4th Wicket partnership114 DO Baldry and ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie at Lords (1959)
5th Wicket partnership62 J Stone and J Evans at Lords (1913)
6th Wicket partnership184 HM Barnard and PJ Sainsbury at Lords (1956)
7th Wicket partnership105 ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and BSV Timms at Southampton (1963)
8th Wicket partnership98 EM Sprot and JA Newman at Lords (1913)
9th Wicket partnership52 HWR Bencraft and T Soar at Lords (1895)
52 FWD Quinton and HWR Bencraft at Lords (1895)
10th Wicket partnership86 GC Harrison and HAH Smith at Lords (1914)

MCC Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score269-9 at Southampton (1885)
Lowest Score59 at Southampton, Antelope Ground (1882)
Highest individual score101no G Davenport at Southampton (1885)
101 PH Parfitt at Southampton (1963)
Best Bowling (innings)8-26 A Rylott at Lords (1878)
Best Bowling (match)14-34 A Rylott at Lords (1878)
1st Wicket partnership116 JB Bolus and W Watson at Southampton (1963)
2nd Wicket partnership84 EGG Sutton and T Hearne at Lords (1869)
3rd Wicket partnership112 JS Russel and RT Richardson at Lords (1877)
4th Wicket partnership81 FJ Titmus and PH Parfitt at Southampton (1963)
5th Wicket partnership91 PH Parfitt and MJK Smith at Southampton (1963)
6th Wicket partnership58 RO Clayton and A Rylott at Southampton, Antelope Ground (1881)
7th Wicket partnership76 JF Pretlove and B Taylor at Lords (1959)
8th Wicket partnership48 G Davenport and CW Hulse at Southampton (1885)
48 JP Fellows-Smith and RJ Hurst at Lords (1956)
9th Wicket partnership52 JT Hearne and B Tremlin at Lords (1911)
10th Wicket partnership32 JHG Deighton and JW Martin at Lords (1953)