First Class Records against Kent

All First Class Matches

Hampshire have played Kent 197 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 42, Lost 75, Drawn 79, Tied 1
Hampshire have also played Kent 16 times in other First Class matches since 1864.
They won 3, Lost 12, Drawn 1

Hampshire Records against Kent

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score671-8 at Canterbury (2002)
Lowest Score31 at Maidstone (1967)
Highest individual score272 JP Crawley at Canterbury (2002)
Best Bowling (innings)8-41 RJ Maru at Southampton (1989)
Best Bowling (match)14-146 G Hill at Tonbridge (1935)
1st Wicket partnership241 BA Richards and CG Greenidge at Southampton (1973)
2nd Wicket partnership204 ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie and RE Marshall at Southampton (1958)
3rd Wicket partnership246 CP Mead and CB Fry at Southampton (1912)
4th Wicket partnership254 MA Carberry and ND McKenzie at The Rose Bowl (2010)
5th Wicket partnership273 LA Dawson and BC Brown at Canterbury (2022)
6th Wicket partnership174 AD Mascarenhas and N Pothas at Canterbury (2006)
7th Wicket partnership270 CP Mead and JP Parker at Canterbury (1926)
8th Wicket partnership146 MD Marshall and TM Tremlett at Bournemouth (1983)
9th Wicket partnership113 SD Udal and SJ Renshaw at Portsmouth (1997)
10th Wicket partnership99 WH Livsey and HRJ Sprinks at Dover (1928)

Kent Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score610 at Bournemouth (1906)
Lowest Score32 at Southampton (1952)
Highest individual score257 AE Fagg at Southampton (1936)
257 MR Benson at Southampton (1991)
Best Bowling (innings)9-30 C Blythe at Tonbridge (1904)
Best Bowling (match)15-76 C Blythe at Tonbridge (1904)
1st Wicket partnership281 DP Fulton and RWT Key at Canterbury (2006)
2nd Wicket partnership231 HTW Hardinge and J Seymour at Portsmouth (1913)
3rd Wicket partnership273 HTW Hardinge and FE Wooley at Southampton (1922)
4th Wicket partnership297 HTW Hardinge and APF Chapman at Southampton (1926)
5th Wicket partnership185 J Seymour and KL Hutchings at Tonbridge (1907)
6th Wicket partnership142 A Hearne and PC Baker at Tonbridge (1901)
7th Wicket partnership180 FGH Chalk and BH Valentine at Canterbury (1937)
8th Wicket partnership104 JGW Davies and E Crush at Canterbury (1948)
9th Wicket partnership108 RM Ellison and DL Underwood at Canterbury (1981)
10th Wicket partnership125 PA Nixon and DD Masters at Canterbury (2000)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Kent 11 times in the County Championship since 2001.
They have won 2, Lost 2, Drawn 7

Hampshire Records against Kent at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score553-7 (2010)
Lowest Score57 (2022)
Highest individual score158 MA Carberry (2010)
Best Bowling (innings)5-50 DG Cork (2010)
Best Bowling (match)8-122 AD Mascarenhas (2002)
1st Wicket partnership95 FS Organ and IG Holland (2019)
2nd Wicket partnership108 WR Smith and LA Dawson (2014)
3rd Wicket partnership166 FS Organ and RR Rossouw (2019)
4th Wicket partnership254 MA Carberry and ND McKenzie (2010)
5th Wicket partnership189 SM Ervine and ND McKenzie (2013)
6th Wicket partnership101 N Pothas and JM Vince (2010)
7th Wicket partnership73 LD McManus and KHD Barker (2019)
8th Wicket partnership138 AJ Bichel and N Pothas (2005)
9th Wicket partnership75 N Pothas and JTA Bruce (2006)
10th Wicket partnership98 SM Ervine and JA Tomlinson (2014)

Kent Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score555 (2019)
Lowest Score118 (2002)
Highest individual score154 JL Denly (2019)
Best Bowling (innings)7-150 AEN Riley (2013)
Best Bowling (match)8-92 MR Quinn (2022)
1st Wicket partnership252 SA Northeast and RWT Key (2012)
2nd Wicket partnership48 RWT Key and ET Smith (2002)
3rd Wicket partnership206 JL Denly and DJ Bell-Drummond (2019)
4th Wicket partnership244 DJ Bell-Drummond and SA Northeast (2014)
5th Wicket partnership144 DJ Bell-Drummond and DI Stevens (2013)
6th Wicket partnership102 BW Harmison and DI Stevens (2013)
7th Wicket partnership92 HG Kuhn and DI Stevens (2019)
8th Wicket partnership48 SW Billings and JC Tredwell (2014)
9th Wicket partnership46 JC Tredwell and MT Coles (2012)
46 CJ Haggett and AEN Riley (2013)
10th Wicket partnership65 MM Patel and A Khan (2005)