First Class Records against Essex

All First Class Matches

Hampshire have played Essex 151 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 39, Lost 54, Drawn 57 and 1 were abandoned without a ball being bowled
Hampshire have also played Essex 1 times in other First Class matches since 1864.
They won 0, Lost 0, Drawn 1

Hampshire Records against Essex

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score539 at Southampton (1996)
Lowest Score54 at Southampton (1931)
Highest individual score240 JM Vince at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
Best Bowling (innings)9-26 AEG Baring at Colchester, Garrison (1931)
Best Bowling (match)13-78 H Baldwin at Southampton (1895)
1st Wicket partnership193 G Brown and JA Newman at Portsmouth (1929)
2nd Wicket partnership237 TC Middleton and CL Smith at Southampton (1990)
3rd Wicket partnership387 WR Smith and JM Vince at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
4th Wicket partnership187 G Hill and RH Moore at Portsmouth (1938)
5th Wicket partnership184 JM Vince and LA Dawson at Chelmsford (2023)
6th Wicket partnership202 JR Gray and G Hill at Southampton (1952)
7th Wicket partnership325 G Brown and CH Abercrombie at Leyton (1913)
8th Wicket partnership123 AS Kennedy and GS Boyes at Portsmouth (1934)
9th Wicket partnership102 HF Ward and T Soar at Southampton (1896)
10th Wicket partnership78 G Hill and HM Lawson at Bournemouth (1935)

Essex Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score662-7 at Colchester, Castle Park (1995)
Lowest Score69 at Colchester, Garrison (1931)
Highest individual score222 WI Jefferson at The Rose Bowl (2004)
Best Bowling (innings)9-40 W Mead at Southampton (1900)
Best Bowling (match)17-119 W Mead at Southampton (1895)
1st Wicket partnership210 CD McIver and CAG Russell at Leyton (1913)
2nd Wicket partnership243 AN Cook and T Westley at Chelmsford (2017)
3rd Wicket partnership225 FH Vigar and R Horsfall at Bournemouth (1947)
4th Wicket partnership233 CAG Russell and HM Morris at Southampton (1927)
5th Wicket partnership216 DJ Insole and TE Bailey at Bournemouth (1959)
6th Wicket partnership177 MJJ Critchley and AM Rossington at Chelmsford (2023)
7th Wicket partnership140 TN Pearce and FH Vigar at Westcliff-on-Sea (1946)
8th Wicket partnership114 BR Hardie and RE East at Bournemouth (1979)
9th Wicket partnership110 R Smith and TPB Smith at Bournemouth (1949)
10th Wicket partnership84 AB Hipkin and TPB Smith at Chelmsford (1930)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Essex 9 times in the County Championship since 2001.
They have won 3, Lost 4, Drawn 2

Hampshire Records against Essex at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score525-8 (2019)
Lowest Score76 (2017)
Highest individual score240 JM Vince (2014)
Best Bowling (innings)6-20 KJ Abbott (2017)
Best Bowling (match)10-154 MT Coles (2013)
1st Wicket partnership62 MA Carberry and JHK Adams (2010)
2nd Wicket partnership86 MA Carberry and LA Dawson (2013)
3rd Wicket partnership387 WR Smith and JM Vince (2014)
4th Wicket partnership160 JHK Adams and LA Dawson (2012)
5th Wicket partnership165 SA Northeast and LA Dawson (2019)
6th Wicket partnership43 GJ Bailey and LA Dawson (2017)
7th Wicket partnership100 DG Cork and ND McKenzie (2010)
8th Wicket partnership88 AJA Wheater and DR Briggs (2013)
9th Wicket partnership61 AJA Wheater and RMR Brathwaite (2013)
10th Wicket partnership62 JHK Adams and DA Griffiths (2012)

Essex Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score473 (2012)
Lowest Score76 (2017)
Highest individual score222 WI Jefferson (2004)
Best Bowling (innings)5-18 SJ Cook (2017)
Best Bowling (match)10-83 JA Porter (2023)
1st Wicket partnership54 NLJ Browne and AN Cook (2018)
2nd Wicket partnership193 JC Mickleburgh and OA Shah (2012)
3rd Wicket partnership67 NLJ Browne and JS Foster (2014)
4th Wicket partnership147 DW Lawrence and RS Bopara (2017)
5th Wicket partnership99 WI Jefferson and JS Foster (2004)
6th Wicket partnership111 RS Bopara and SR Harmer (2019)
7th Wicket partnership82 JD Middlebrook and GR Napier (2004)
8th Wicket partnership76 MJ Walker and GR Napier (2010)
9th Wicket partnership82 JS Foster and N Wagner (2017)
10th Wicket partnership30 MS Panesar and TS Mills (2013)