First Class Records against Cambridge Univ

Hampshire Records against Cambridge Univ

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score472-9 at Fenners (1913)
Lowest Score72 at Fenners (1898)
Highest individual score248 TE Jesty at Fenners (1984)
Best Bowling (innings)8-26 CJ Knott at Bournemouth (1951)
Best Bowling (match)9-64 CJ Knott at Bournemouth (1951)
1st Wicket partnership155 DR Turner and RJ Parks at Fenner's (1984)
2nd Wicket partnership302 VP Terry and TE Jesty at Fenner's (1984)
3rd Wicket partnership171 JR Gray and AWH Rayment at Bournemouth (1957)
4th Wicket partnership148 HM Barnard and AWH Rayment at Bournemouth (1957)
5th Wicket partnership139 HM Barnard and ACD Ingleby-Mackenzie at Bournemouth (1957)
6th Wicket partnership92 JR Gray and AWH Rayment at Bournemouth (1951)
7th Wicket partnership65 G Hill and RA Carty at Fenners (1950)
8th Wicket partnership113 CP Mead and EM Sprot at Fenners (1913)
9th Wicket partnership69 CP Mead and ACP Arnold at Fenners (1913)
10th Wicket partnership30 G Brown and CH Yaldren at Southampton (1912)

Cambridge Univ Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score500-8 at Portsmouth (1947)
Lowest Score93 at Fenners (1914)
Highest individual score227no PBH May at Fenners (1950)
Best Bowling (innings)8-34 GL Jessop at Fenners (1898)
Best Bowling (match)12-67 GL Jessop at Fenners (1898)
1st Wicket partnership103 GL Willatt and J Pepper at Portsmouth (1947)
2nd Wicket partnership209 JG Dewes and PBH May at Fenners (1950)
3rd Wicket partnership223 PBH May and MH Stevenson at Fenners (1950)
4th Wicket partnership72 ER Dexter and RM Prideaux at Portsmouth (1958)
5th Wicket partnership123 RM Prideaux and IM McLachlan at Portsmouth (1958)
6th Wicket partnership157 J Pepper and DJ Insole at Portsmouth (1947)
7th Wicket partnership153 JH Pawle and DC Rought-Rought at Basingstoke (1937)
8th Wicket partnership64 AR Whittall and NJ Haste at Fenners (1996)
9th Wicket partnership91 DJ Insole and RD Pearsall at Portsmouth (1947)
10th Wicket partnership25 S Douglas-Pennant and A Hurd at Fenners (1960)