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List A Records against Yorkshire


Hampshire have played Yorkshire 46 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 24, Lost 20, No-results 1 and 1 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Yorkshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score348-9 (50) at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
Lowest Score50 (27.2) at Headingley (1991)
Highest individual score171 JM Vince at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
Best Bowling (innings)5-31 DW White at Southampton (1969)
1st Wicket partnership144 CG Greenidge and BA Richards at Huddersfield (1977)
2nd Wicket partnership147 SM Ervine and N Pothas at The Rose Bowl (2005)
3rd Wicket partnership142 JM Vince and SA Northeast at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
4th Wicket partnership150 RJ Scott and CL Smith at Southampton (1989)
5th Wicket partnership61 WS Kendall and JP Stephenson at Headingley (1996)
6th Wicket partnership53 JP Stephenson and M Keech at Headingley (1999)
7th Wicket partnership39 NAM McLean and JP Stephenson at Headingley (1999)
8th Wicket partnership45 JM Rice and MNS Taylor at Bournemouth (1976)
45 AN Aymes and HH Streak at Southampton (1995)
9th Wicket partnership26 AN Aymes and PJ Hartley at Headingley (1998)
10th Wicket partnership20 SJ Malone and K Stevenson at Southampton (1980)

Yorkshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score264-2 (40) at Southampton (1995)
Lowest Score74-9 (40) at Hull (1970)
Highest individual score104no D Byas at Headingley (1999)
Best Bowling (innings)5-16 GM Hamilton at Headingley (1998)
1st Wicket partnership186 GS Blewett and D Byas at Headingley (1999)
2nd Wicket partnership118 D Byas and MG Bevan at Southampton (1995)
3rd Wicket partnership130 RJ Blakey and PE Robinson at Southampton (1990)
4th Wicket partnership142 CWJ Athey and JD Love at Southampton (1980)
5th Wicket partnership150 SN Hartley and JD Love at Middlesbrough (1983)
6th Wicket partnership50 JA Tattersall and TT Bresnan at The Ageas Bowl (2018)
7th Wicket partnership76 JC Balderstone and JG Binks at Southampton (1969)
8th Wicket partnership35 A McGrath and GM Hamilton at Basingstoke (1999)
9th Wicket partnership27 A Ramage and HP Cooper at Headingley (1979)
10th Wicket partnership23 D Gough and SD Fletcher at Headingley (1990)
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