First Class Records against Yorkshire


Hampshire have played Yorkshire 174 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 20, Lost 74, Drawn 79 and 1 were abandoned without a ball being bowled
Hampshire have also played Yorkshire 1 times in other First Class matches since 1864.
They won 0, Lost 0, Drawn 1

Hampshire Records against Yorkshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score599-3 at The Rose Bowl (2011)
Lowest Score36 at Southampton (1898)
36 at Headingley (1904)
Highest individual score300no MA Carberry at The Rose Bowl (2011)
Best Bowling (innings)8-49 OW Herman at Bournemouth (1930)
Best Bowling (match)12-145 D Shackleton at Bradford (1962)
1st Wicket partnership183 G Brown and HAW Bowell at Headingley (1920)
2nd Wicket partnership162 EG Wynyard and AS Webb at Bradford (1899)
3rd Wicket partnership523 MA Carberry and ND McKenzie at The Rose Bowl (2011)
4th Wicket partnership278 JHK Adams and JM Vince at Scarborough (2010)
5th Wicket partnership173 GW White and JP Stephenson at Portsmouth (1997)
6th Wicket partnership170 CP Mead and GC Harrison at Southampton (1914)
170 MD Bates and SM Kaitch at Headingley (2012)
7th Wicket partnership143 SM Ervine and AJA Wheater at Headingley (2016)
8th Wicket partnership96 AS Webb and EC Lee at Harrogate (1901)
9th Wicket partnership74 J Badcock and WT Langford at Bournemouth (1907)
74 VHD Cannings and D Shackleton at Bournemouth (1959)
10th Wicket partnership106 G Brown and AS Kennedy at Bournemouth (1913)

Yorkshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score593-9 at Headingley (2016)
Lowest Score23 at Middlesbrough (1965)
Highest individual score302no P Holmes at Portsmouth (1920)
Best Bowling (innings)9-29 AC Williams at Dewsbury (1919)
Best Bowling (match)14-43 S Haigh at Southampton (1898)
1st Wicket partnership347 P Holmes and H Sutcliffe at Portsmouth (1920)
2nd Wicket partnership197 BB Wilson and D Denton at Southampton (1912)
3rd Wicket partnership205 E Oldroyd and M Leyland at Harrogate (1924)
4th Wicket partnership312 D Denton and GH Hirst at Southampton (1914)
5th Wicket partnership273 L Hutton and NWD Yardley at Bournemouth (1947)
6th Wicket partnership225 E Wainwright and Lord Hawke at Southampton (1899)
7th Wicket partnership254 W Rhodes and DCF Burton at Dewsbury (1919)
8th Wicket partnership192 AU Rashid and A Shazad at Basingstoke (2009)
9th Wicket partnership144 TT Bresnan and JN Gillespie at Headingley (2006)
10th Wicket partnership76 L Whitehead and D Hunter at Hull (1900)
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