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List A Records against Worcestershire


Hampshire have played Worcestershire 52 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 20, Lost 26, Tied 1, No-results 2 and 3 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Worcestershire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score328-6 (60) at Worcester (1996)
Lowest Score45 (23.4) (1 man absent) at Worcester (1988)
Highest individual score158 RA Smith at Worcester (1996)
Best Bowling (innings)6-33 JP Stephenson at Southampton (1997)
1st Wicket partnership116 JP Crawley and MJ Lumb at The Rose Bowl (2009)
2nd Wicket partnership179 JS Laney and RA Smith at Worcester (1996)
3rd Wicket partnership114 CL Smith and JR Wood at Southampton (1991)
4th Wicket partnership134 CL Smith and RA Smith at Portsmouth (1985)
5th Wicket partnership98 M Keech and SD Udal at Southampton (1997)
6th Wicket partnership72 MNS Taylor and DR Turner at Worcester (1973)
7th Wicket partnership137 MJ Brown and AD Mascarenhas at The Rose Bowl (2008)
8th Wicket partnership56 NGC Cowley and RA Smith at Worcester (1988)
9th Wicket partnership51 MD Marshall and RJ Parks at Southampton (1982)
10th Wicket partnership26 CA Connor and TM Tremlett at Southampton (1986)

Worcestershire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score320-8 (50) at The Rose Bowl (2009)
Lowest Score138-9 (55) at Bournemouth (1978)
Highest individual score125 DN Patel at Southampton (1982)
MM Ali at The Rose Bowl (2009)
Best Bowling (innings)5-32 SP Jones at Worcester (2008)
1st Wicket partnership224 JA Ormrod and DN Patel at Southampton (1982)
2nd Wicket partnership140 GM Turner and Younis Ahmed at Worcester (1979)
3rd Wicket partnership155 TS Curtis and GR Haynes at Worcester (1994)
4th Wicket partnership164 MM Ali and BF Smith at The Rose Bowl (2009)
5th Wicket partnership96 Imran Khan and TJ Yardley at Worcester (1973)
6th Wicket partnership79 GA Hick and SJ Rhodes at Worcester (1990)
7th Wicket partnership57 SJ Rhodes and JD Inchmore at Portsmouth (1985)
8th Wicket partnership50 SJ Rhodes and SR Lampitt at The Rose Bowl (2001)
9th Wicket partnership46 GM Andrew and SJ Magoffin at The Rose Bowl (2008)
10th Wicket partnership38 RK Illingworth and A Sheriyar at Worcester (1996)
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