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List A Records against Warwickshire


Hampshire have played Warwickshire 53 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 25, Lost 27, No-results 1

Hampshire Records against Warwickshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score341-6 (40) at Edgbaston (2010)
Lowest Score76 (26.5) at Basingstoke (1975)
Highest individual score163no CG Greenidge at Edgbaston (1979)
Best Bowling (innings)4-22 RS Herman at Edgbaston (1972)
1st Wicket partnership185 ML Hayden and GW White at Southampton (1997)
2nd Wicket partnership194 RA Smith and VP Terry at Southampton (1993)
3rd Wicket partnership107 RV Lewis and BA Richards at Southampton (1971)
4th Wicket partnership117 CL Smith and DR Turner at Portsmouth (1984)
5th Wicket partnership123 LA Dawson and WR Smith at Edgbaston (2015)
6th Wicket partnership57 TE Jesty and PJ Sainsbury at Edgbaston (1970)
7th Wicket partnership54 AD Mascarenhas and N Pothas at The Rose Bowl (2007)
8th Wicket partnership37 BL Reed and DW White at Bournemouth (1969)
9th Wicket partnership23 JR Gray and D Shackleton at Edgbaston (1965)
10th Wicket partnership18 GW White and CA Connor at Edgbaston (1998)

Warwickshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score307-8 (60) at Edgbaston (1964)
Lowest Score128 (35.3) at Edgbaston (1998)
Highest individual score134 NV Knight at Edgbaston (1996)
Best Bowling (innings)6-32 Khalid Abadulla at Edgbaston (1965)
1st Wicket partnership185 NV Knight and A Singh at Edgbaston (2000)
2nd Wicket partnership155 IJL Trott and IR Bell at The Rose Bowl (2010)
3rd Wicket partnership136 RN Abberley and RB Kanhai at Bournemouth (1976)
4th Wicket partnership86 RB Kanhai and DL Amiss at Bournemouth (1968)
5th Wicket partnership127 MJK Smith and JA Jameson at Edgbaston (1964)
6th Wicket partnership87 TL Penney and DR Brown at Edgbaston (2000)
87 DL Maddy and R Clarke at The Rose Bowl (2011)
7th Wicket partnership77 Asif Din and NMK Smith at Edgbaston (1990)
8th Wicket partnership46 T Frost and GG Wagg at Edgbaston (2004)
9th Wicket partnership36 NMK Smith and N McVicker at Edgbaston (1970)
36 DA Reeve and TA Munton at Edgbaston (1991)
10th Wicket partnership28 KHD Barker and WB Rankin at Edgbaston (2010)
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