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List A Records against Surrey


Hampshire have played Surrey 67 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 29, Lost 32, Tied 1, No-results 2 and 3 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Surrey

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score359-8 (47.5) at The Oval (2005)
Lowest Score63 (30.3) at Southampton (1997)
Highest individual score172 CG Greenidge at Southampton (1987)
Best Bowling (innings)6-25 SJ Renshaw at Southampton (1997)
1st Wicket partnership128 RE Marshall and BL Reed at Bournemouth (1966)
2nd Wicket partnership269 CG Greenidge and TE Jesty at Portsmouth (1983)
3rd Wicket partnership117 CG Greenidge and TE Jesty at Southampton (1977)
4th Wicket partnership219 CG Greenidge and CL Smith at Southampton (1987)
5th Wicket partnership99 WS Kendall and SD Udal at Guildford (1997)
6th Wicket partnership69 NEJ Pocock and CL Smith at The Oval (1984)
7th Wicket partnership119 AN Aymes and RA Smith at The Oval (1996)
8th Wicket partnership152 GJ Bailey and KJ Abbott at The Oval (2017)
9th Wicket partnership35 KD James and RJ Parks at The Oval (1986)
10th Wicket partnership42 AN Aymes and SJ Renshaw at Southampton (1998)

Surrey Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score358-6 (50) at The Oval (2005)
Lowest Score92 (32) at Portsmouth (1969)
Highest individual score203 AD Brown at Guildford (1997)
Best Bowling (innings)6-22 RD Jackman at Southampton (1982)
1st Wicket partnership162 GC Smith and SM Davies at The Oval (2013)
2nd Wicket partnership144 DJ Bicknell and AJ Stewart at The Oval (1990)
3rd Wicket partnership128 KC Sangakkara and RJ Burns at The Oval (2017)
4th Wicket partnership118 Z de Bruyn and TL Maynard at Croydon, Whitgift School (2011)
5th Wicket partnership138 N Shahid and AJ Hollioake at Southampton (1997)
6th Wicket partnership132 AJ Stewart and MA Butcher at The Oval (1996)
7th Wicket partnership122 R Clarke and CP Schofield at The Rose Bowl (2007)
8th Wicket partnership42 DM Smith and CJ Richards at The Oval (1980)
9th Wicket partnership33 Waqar Younis and JE Benjamin at The Oval (1993)
10th Wicket partnership26 DJ Thomas and PI Pocock at The Oval (1982)
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