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List A Records against Nottinghamshire


Hampshire have played Nottinghamshire 51 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 28, Lost 22, No-results 1

Hampshire Records against Nottinghamshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score283-9 (60) at Trent Bridge (1972)
Lowest Score117 (36.3) at Bournemouth (1977)
Highest individual score131 RA Smith at Trent Bridge (1989)
Best Bowling (innings)6-35 KD James at Southampton (1996)
1st Wicket partnership220 CG Greenidge and BA Richards at Southampton (1977)
2nd Wicket partnership119 RJ Scott and RA Smith at Southampton (1990)
3rd Wicket partnership152 RA Smith and JR Wood at Trent Bridge (1989)
4th Wicket partnership102 MNS Taylor and DR Turner at Trent Bridge (1978)
5th Wicket partnership127 WS Kendall and LR Prittipaul at Southampton (2000)
6th Wicket partnership64 LA Dawson and ND McKenzie at The Rose Bowl (2010)
7th Wicket partnership83 SM Ervine and AD Mascarenhas at Trent Bridge (2005)
8th Wicket partnership31 AD Mascarenhas and K Ali at Basingstoke (1988)
9th Wicket partnership27 AD Mascarenhas and BV Taylor at Southampton (2012)
10th Wicket partnership24 AD Mascarenhas and BV Taylor at Trent Bridge (2008)

Nottinghamshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score277-4 (40) at The Ageas Bowl (2012)
Lowest Score98 (26.3) at Bournemouth (1972)
Highest individual score115no JWA Taylor at The Ageas Bowl (2012)
Best Bowling (innings)5-16 CM Tolley at Southampton (1996)
1st Wicket partnership159 RT Robinson and BC Broad at Southampton (1986)
2nd Wicket partnership158 SB Hassan and MJ Harris at Nottingham, John Player Ground (1970)
3rd Wicket partnership135 RT Robinson and PR Pollard at Southampton (1996)
4th Wicket partnership122 RJ Warren and KP Pietersen at Trent Bridge (2003)
5th Wicket partnership142 JWA Taylor and AV Voges at The Ageas Bowl (2012)
6th Wicket partnership59 G Frost and MNS Taylor at Trent Bridge (1972)
7th Wicket partnership94 WI Jefferson and PJ Franks at The Rose Bowl (2009)
8th Wicket partnership51 BN French and EE Hemmings at Trent Bridge (1985)
9th Wicket partnership46 M Newell and EE Hemmings at Southampton (1990)
10th Wicket partnership44 BN French and RA Pick at Southampton (1991)
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