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Twenty20 Records against Northamptonshire


Hampshire have played Northamptonshire 1 times in Twenty20 matches since 2003.
They have won 0, Lost 1

Hampshire Records against Northamptonshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score121 (19.4) at Northampton (2009)
Lowest Score121 (19.4) at Northampton (2009)
Highest individual score36 AD Mascarenhas at Northampton (2009)
Best Bowling (innings)2-8 SM Ervine at Northampton (2009)
1st Wicket partnership6 MJ Lumb and JHK Adams at Northampton (2009)
2nd Wicket partnership30 MJ Lumb and MA Carberry at Northampton (2009)
3rd Wicket partnership10 MA Carberry and SM Ervine at Northampton (2009)
4th Wicket partnership8 SM Ervine and CC Benham at Northampton (2009)
5th Wicket partnership8 SM Ervine and LA Dawson at Northampton (2009)
6th Wicket partnership21 SM Ervine and AD Mascarenhas at Northampton (2009)
7th Wicket partnership38 AD Mascarenhas and DG Cork at Northampton (2009)
8th Wicket partnership0 DG Cork and CT Tremlett at Northampton (2009)
9th Wicket partnership0 DG Cork and TG Burrows at Northampton (2009)
10th Wicket partnership0 TG Burrows and Imran Tahir at Northampton (2009)

Northamptonshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score134-6 (20) at Northampton (2009)
Lowest Score134-6 (20) at Northampton (2009)
Highest individual score39no AJ Hall at Northampton (2009)
Best Bowling (innings)3-25 AJ Hall at Northampton (2009)
1st Wicket partnership1 RA White and SD Peters at Northampton (2009)
2nd Wicket partnership4 RA White and NJ O'Brien at Northampton (2009)
3rd Wicket partnership11 NJ O'Brien and N Boje at Northampton (2009)
4th Wicket partnership24 NJ O'Brien and AG Wakely at Northampton (2009)
5th Wicket partnership35 NJ O'Brien and MH Wessels at Northampton (2009)
6th Wicket partnership7 MH Wessels and AJ Hall at Northampton (2009)
7th Wicket partnership52 AJ Hall and JJ van der Wath at Northampton (2009)
8th Wicket partnershipnone
9th Wicket partnershipnone
10th Wicket partnershipnone

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have not played Northamptonshire in T20 matches since 2001.