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List A Records against Northamptonshire


Hampshire have played Northamptonshire 46 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 20, Lost 22, No-results 2 and 2 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Northamptonshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score307-6 (40) at Northampton (2011)
Lowest Score123 (34.3) at Northampton (1982)
Highest individual score118no DI Gower at Southampton (1992)
Best Bowling (innings)5-14 JM Rice at Southampton (1975)
1st Wicket partnership127 RJ Scott and VP Terry at Bournemouth (1990)
2nd Wicket partnership114 DI Gower and RA Smith at Southampton (1992)
3rd Wicket partnership97 JR Wood and VP Terry at Northampton (1993)
4th Wicket partnership141 DI Gower and MD Marshall at Southampton (1990)
5th Wicket partnership120 NG Cowley and DR Turner at Southampton (1981)
6th Wicket partnership78 GA Lamb and N Pothas at Milton Keynes (2004)
7th Wicket partnership60 BAC Howell and CP Wood at Northampton (2011)
8th Wicket partnership53 NEJ Pocock and GR Stephenson at Northampton (1978)
9th Wicket partnership60 RJ Logan and SD Udal at Northampton (2005)
10th Wicket partnership21 N Pothas and AD Mullally at Milton Keynes (2004)

Northamptonshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score285-6 (45) at The Rose Bowl (2002)
Lowest Score114 (40) at Wellingborough (1980)
Highest individual score125no AJ Lamb at Northampton (1985)
Best Bowling (innings)6-22 RR Bailey at Portsmouth (1972)
1st Wicket partnership118 P Willey and W Larkins at Northampton (1978)
2nd Wicket partnership127 MJ Powell and DJG Sales at The Rose Bowl (2002)
3rd Wicket partnership207 AJ Lamb and RJ Bailey at Northampton (1985)
4th Wicket partnership80 RJ Bailey and KM Curran at Southampton (1992)
5th Wicket partnership78 MB Loye and RJ Bailey at Southampton (1994)
6th Wicket partnership86 AJ Lamb and AL Penberty at Northampton (1993)
7th Wicket partnership70 DJ Capel and AL Penberty at Basingstoke (1996)
8th Wicket partnership42 RG Williams and CEL Ambrose at Southampton (1990)
9th Wicket partnership39 AJ Hall and L Evans at Northampton (2011)
10th Wicket partnership10 GL Brophy and PC Rofe at Milton Keynes (2014)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Northamptonshire 6 times in List A matches since 2001.
They have won 2, Lost 3, No-results 1

Hampshire Records against Northamptonshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score289-4 (44.3) in 2002
Lowest Score153 (45) in 2004
Highest individual score103no JD Francis (2002)
Best Bowling4-22 AD Mascarenhas (2003)
1st Wicket partnership45 MA Carberry and SP Terry (2014)
2nd Wicket partnership98 NC Johnson and JP Crawley (2002)
3rd Wicket partnership76 JD Francis and NC Johnson (2002)
4th Wicket partnership99 JD Francis and WS Kendall (2002)
5th Wicket partnership79 GA Lamb and SM Ervine (2005)
6th Wicket partnership51 GA Lamb and LR Prittipaul (2005)
7th Wicket partnership27 LA Dawson and CP Wood (2014)
8th Wicket partnership21 CT Tremlett and SD Udal (2003)
9th Wicket partnership26 LA Dawson and DR Briggs (2011)
10th Wicket partnership12 DR Briggs and JA Tomlinson (2014)

Northamptonshire Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score285-6 (45) in 2002
Lowest Score162 (42.4) in 2003
Highest individual score121 NJ O'Brien (2011)
Best Bowling5-38 Azharullah (2014)
1st Wicket partnership32 ML Love and BM Shafayat (2005)
2nd Wicket partnership127 MJ Powell and DJG Sales (2002)
3rd Wicket partnership85 NJ O'Brien and AG Wakely (2011)
4th Wicket partnership77 DJG Sales and U Afzaal (2004)
5th Wicket partnership42 AL Penberthy and ME Cassar (2002)
6th Wicket partnership56 DJG Sales and BJ Phillips (2003)
7th Wicket partnership43 DJG Sales and BJ Phillips (2005)
8th Wicket partnership8 DJG Sales and MJ Cawdron (2003)
9th Wicket partnership34 DJG Sales and RSG Anderson (2003)
10th Wicket partnership9 DJG Sales and JF Brown (2003)