First Class Records against Northamptonshire


Hampshire have played Northamptonshire 115 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 37, Lost 35, Drawn 43

Hampshire Records against Northamptonshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score560 at Northampton (1995)
Lowest Score60 at Northampton (1930)
60 at Peterborough (1932)
Highest individual score241 WCL Creese at Northampton (1939)
Best Bowling (innings)8-30 JA Newman at Northampton (1926)
Best Bowling (match)12-183 JA Newman at Portsmouth (1910)
1st Wicket partnership292 VP Terry and TC Middleton at Bournemouth (1990)
2nd Wicket partnership189 ML Hayden and KD James at Northampton (1997)
3rd Wicket partnership192 JA Newman and CP Mead at Southampton (1927)
4th Wicket partnership249 RA Smith and MCJ Nicholas at Northampton (1995)
5th Wicket partnership195 CP Mead and LH Tennyson at Kettering (1927)
6th Wicket partnership152 MD Bates and JHK Adams at The Ageas Bowl (2013)
7th Wicket partnership153 PJ Sainsbury and BSV Timms at Southampton (1964)
8th Wicket partnership125 GS Boyes and AE Pothecary at Portsmouth (1936)
9th Wicket partnership93 RE Marshall and D Shackleton at Kettering (1966)
10th Wicket partnership68 EDR Eagar and GEM Heath at Portsmouth (1948)

Northamptonshire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score497-5 at Northampton (1976)
Lowest Score50 at Northampton (1926)
Highest individual score221 RI Keogh at The Ageas Bowl (2013)
Best Bowling (innings)8-26 RW Clarke at Peterborough (1951)
Best Bowling (match)13-140 PD Watts at Bournemouth (1962)
1st Wicket partnership141 A Fordham and NA Felton at Northampton (1993)
2nd Wicket partnership196 G Cook and RG Williams at Southampton (1981)
3rd Wicket partnership163 W Larkins and RJ Bailey at Northampton (1989)
4th Wicket partnership232 GJ Thompson and SG Smith at Portsmouth (1910)
5th Wicket partnership124 Mushtaq Mohammad and P Willey at Bournemouth (1969)
6th Wicket partnership152 Mushtaq Mohammad and TJ Yardley at Northampton (1976)
7th Wicket partnership187 RI Keogh and MNW Spriegel at The Ageas Bowl (2013)
8th Wicket partnership117 AJ Hall and TA Copeland at Northampton (2013)
9th Wicket partnership132 AJ Hall and D Murphy at Northampton (2013)
10th Wicket partnership80 W East and LT Driffield at Northampton (1907)
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