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List A Records against Middlesex


Hampshire have played Middlesex 63 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 30, Lost 27, Tied 1, No-results 2 and 3 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Middlesex

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score353-8 (45) at Lords (2005)
Lowest Score138 (38.4) at Lords (1989)
Highest individual score122 CG Greenidge at Bournemouth (1978)
Best Bowling (innings)5-32 TE Jesty at Bournemouth (1978)
1st Wicket partnership159 TC Middleton and VP Terry at Southampton (1994)
2nd Wicket partnership106 MJ Lumb and N Pothas at The Rose Bowl (2007)
3rd Wicket partnership120 CG Greenidge and TE Jesty at Bournemouth (1978)
4th Wicket partnership141 AN Aymes and GW White at Lords (1998)
5th Wicket partnership103 WS Kendall and SD Udal at The Rose Bowl (2002)
6th Wicket partnership66 GA Lamb and KP Pietersen at Lords (2005)
7th Wicket partnership52 MA Carberry and AD Mascarenhas at Uxbridge (2006)
8th Wicket partnership93 AN Aymes and SD Udal at Portsmouth (1996)
9th Wicket partnership42 AN Aymes and AC Morris at Lords (2001)
10th Wicket partnership31 SD Udal and BV Taylor at Uxbridge (2006)

Middlesex Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score295-8 (50) at Radlett (2016)
295 (50) at The Ageas Bowl (2017)
Lowest Score117 (32.4) at The Ageas Bowl (2015)
Highest individual score123 MJ Smith at Lords (1977)
Best Bowling (innings)7-22 JR Thomson at Lords (1981)
1st Wicket partnership165 JD Carr and DL Haynes at Southampton (1989)
2nd Wicket partnership223 MJ Smith and CT Radley at Lords (1977)
3rd Wicket partnership139 OA Shah and JWM Dalrymple at Southampton (2005)
4th Wicket partnership185 MR Ramprakash and MW Gatting at Lords (1993)
5th Wicket partnership113 PN Weekes and KR Brown at Lords (1995)
6th Wicket partnership79 JD Carr and KR Brown at Southampton (1994)
7th Wicket partnership65 JF Sykes and NF Williams at Southampton (1988)
8th Wicket partnership61 SJ Cook and PN Weekes at Southampton (2002)
9th Wicket partnership34 KP Dutch and RL Johnson at Lords (2000)
10th Wicket partnership35 JT Murray and JSE Price at Lords (1971)
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