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List A Records against Gloucestershire


Hampshire have played Gloucestershire 68 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 28, Lost 31, Tied 2, No-results 2 and 5 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Gloucestershire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score342-8 (50) at Bristol (2016)
Lowest Score77 (21.2) at Bristol (1970)
Highest individual score190 JM Vince at The Ageas Bowl (2019)
Best Bowling (innings)6-46 TE Jesty at Bristol (1979)
1st Wicket partnership162 CG Greenidge and BA Richards at Bristol (1974)
2nd Wicket partnership148 CG Greenidge and DR Turner at Bristol (1977)
3rd Wicket partnership145 CL Smith and RA Smith at Southampton (1990)
4th Wicket partnership148 MCJ Nicholas and CL Smith at Bristol (1984)
5th Wicket partnership186 JM Vince and LA Dawson at The Ageas Bowl (2019)
6th Wicket partnership83 NEJ Pocock and VP Terry at Basingstoke (1979)
7th Wicket partnership82 AD Mascarenhas and DJ Thornely at Bristol (2006)
8th Wicket partnership89 WS Kendall and SD Udal at Cheltenham, College (2002)
9th Wicket partnership60 AD Mascarenhas and CT Tremlett at Bristol (2004)
10th Wicket partnership61 JM Rice and AME Roberts at Bristol (1975)

Gloucestershire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score352-3 (50) at Bristol (2016)
Lowest Score62 (26.5) at Bristol (1975)
Highest individual score166no M Klinger at Bristol (2016)
Best Bowling (innings)6-13 MJ Procter at Southampton (1977)
1st Wicket partnership242 CDJ Dent and M Klinger at Bristol (2016)
2nd Wicket partnership168 Sadiq Mohammad and Zaheer Abbas at Bristol (1976)
3rd Wicket partnership171 CM Spearman and MGN Windows at Cheltenham (2002)
4th Wicket partnership130 BG Charlesworth and JMR Taylor at Bristol (2021)
5th Wicket partnership127 AJ Wright and MJ Church at Bristol (1998)
6th Wicket partnership113 RJ Cunliffe and MW Alleyne at Bristol (1996)
7th Wicket partnership41 WA Tavare and BAC Howell at Bristol (2014)
8th Wicket partnership33 AJ Wright and RC Russell at Towbridge (1989)
9th Wicket partnership32 DA Graveney and DV Lawrence at Bristol (1984)
10th Wicket partnership48 DA Payne and CJ Liddle at The Ageas Bowl (2019)

Matches at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Hampshire have played Gloucestershire 9 times in List A matches since 2001.
They have won 8, Lost 1

Hampshire Records against Gloucestershire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score331-8 (50) in 2019
Lowest Score150 (41.2) in 2005
Highest individual score190 JM Vince (2019)
Best Bowling5-27 AD Mascarenhas (2002)
1st Wicket partnership67 TP Alsop and JHK Adams (2017)
2nd Wicket partnership141 CC Benham and SM Ervine (2007)
3rd Wicket partnership81 JM Vince and GJ Bailey (2017)
4th Wicket partnership55 DA Kenway and JS Laney (2002)
5th Wicket partnership186 JM Vince and LA Dawson (2019)
6th Wicket partnership76 GA Lamb and AD Mascarenhas (2006)
7th Wicket partnership16 AD Mascarenhas and TG Burrows (2009)
8th Wicket partnership24 N Pothas and CT Tremlett (2005)
9th Wicket partnership4 KJ Abbott and MS Crane (2019)
10th Wicket partnership8 N Pothas and BV Taylor (2006)

Gloucestershire Records against Hampshire at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score350-5 (50) in 2008
Lowest Score147 (33.5) in 2006
Highest individual score114 Kadeer Ali (2007)
Best Bowling5-19 J Lewis (2005)
1st Wicket partnership162 HJH Marshall and Kadeer Ali (2007)
2nd Wicket partnership67 WPC Weston and J Lewis (2005)
3rd Wicket partnership79 APR Gidman and MJ North (2008)
4th Wicket partnership84 MJ North and CG Taylor (2008)
5th Wicket partnership46 CG Taylor and DO Brown (2009)
6th Wicket partnership70 JMR Taylor and BAC Howell (2017)
7th Wicket partnership36 SJ Adshead and MA Hardinges (2006)
8th Wicket partnership17 RF Higgins and TMJ Smith (2019)
9th Wicket partnership25 MA Hardinges and MCJ Ball (2006)
10th Wicket partnership48 DA Payne and CJ Liddle (2019)