First Class Records against Gloucestershire


Hampshire have played Gloucestershire 170 times in the County Championship since 1895.
They have won 55, Lost 48, Drawn 67

Hampshire Records against Gloucestershire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score594-6 at Southampton (1911)
Lowest Score36 at Clifton (1920)
Highest individual score258no CB Fry at Southampton (1911)
Best Bowling (innings)9-38 CA Connor at Southampton (1996)
Best Bowling (match)14-148 JA Newman at Bournemouth (1926)
1st Wicket partnership223 VP Terry and CL Smith at Southampton (1984)
2nd Wicket partnership321 G Brown and EIM Barrett at Southampton (1920)
3rd Wicket partnership311 CG Greenidge and DR Turner at Gloucester (1987)
4th Wicket partnership246 CB Fry and G Brown at Southampton (1911)
246 AWH Rayment and C Walker at Ashley Down, Bristol (1953)
5th Wicket partnership138 CP Mead and G Brown at Southampton (1924)
6th Wicket partnership147 EDR Eagar and NH Rogers at Ashley Down, Bristol (1954)
7th Wicket partnership155 AJA Wheater and JM Vince at Bristol (2014)
8th Wicket partnership257 AJ Bichel and N Pothas at Cheltenham, College (2005)
9th Wicket partnership128 JHK Adams and DR Briggs at Bristol (2013)
10th Wicket partnership147 EM Sprot and AE Fielder at Bristol (1911)

Gloucestershire Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score504-8 at The Ageas Bowl (2014)
Lowest Score34 at Bristol (1914)
Highest individual score220 BO Allen at Bournemouth (1947)
Best Bowling (innings)8-32 CWL Parker at Cheltenham (1927)
Best Bowling (match)16-146 EG Dennett at Bristol (1912)
1st Wicket partnership279 BC Broad and GD Hodgson at Bristol (1993)
2nd Wicket partnership175 RB Nicholls and DR Sheperd at Bristol (1969)
3rd Wicket partnership199 H Smith and WL Neale at Southampton (1927)
4th Wicket partnership177 JH Broad and GL Jessop at Bristol (1909)
5th Wicket partnership201 H Smith and BF Clarke at Southampton (1919)
6th Wicket partnership149 MJ Procter and M Bissex at Bristol (1968)
7th Wicket partnership161 GW Parker and WL Neale at Bournemouth (1933)
8th Wicket partnership93 BH Lyons and EJ Stephens at Gloucester (1930)
93 DR Smith and DA Allen at Bristol (1959)
9th Wicket partnership92 HJH Marshall and DA Payne at Bristol (2014)
10th Wicket partnership87 RT Godsel and EG Dennet at Southampton (1910)
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