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List A Records against Glamorgan


Hampshire have played Glamorgan 70 times in List A matches since 1963.
They have won 38, Lost 27, No-results 1 and 4 were abandoned

Hampshire Records against Glamorgan

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score371-4 (60) at Southampton (1975)
Lowest Score69 (34.2) at Cardiff (2000)
69 (23.2) at Cardiff (2005)
Highest individual score178 JM Vince at The Ageas Bowl (2017)
Best Bowling (innings)6-20 TE Jesty at Cardiff (1975)
1st Wicket partnership210 CG Greenidge and BA Richards at Southampton (1975)
2nd Wicket partnership164 RA Smith and GW White at Southampton (1998)
3rd Wicket partnership185 RA Smith and VP Terry at Southampton (1989)
4th Wicket partnership221 JM Vince and LA Dawson at The Ageas Bowl (2017)
5th Wicket partnership130 KP Pietersen and N Pothas at Cardiff (2005)
6th Wicket partnership131 AD Mascarenhas and N Pothas at Swansea (2007)
7th Wicket partnership85 BJ Taylor and GK Berg at Swansea (2018)
8th Wicket partnership51 AN Aymes and SD Udal at Cardiff (2000)
9th Wicket partnership38 ND McKenzie and DR Briggs at Cardiff (2012)
10th Wicket partnership53 WS Kendall and CT Tremlett at Southampton (2000)

Glamorgan Records against Hampshire

Record DescriptionRecord
Highest Score334-7 (48.5) at The Ageas Bowl (2017)
Lowest Score91 (29.5) at Cardiff (1977)
Highest individual score143no H Morris at Southampton (1989)
Best Bowling (innings)5-24 EA Cordle at Portsmouth (1979)
1st Wicket partnership126 K Newell and MTG Elliott at Southampton (2000)
2nd Wicket partnership145 H Morris and PA Cottey at Southampton (1989)
145 MJ Wood and MJ Powell at Cardiff (2008)
3rd Wicket partnership87 RC Ontong and Javed Miandad at Cardiff (1981)
87 A Dale and MP Maynard at Cardiff (1997)
4th Wicket partnership121 AR Lewis and MJ Llewellyn at Swansea (1973)
5th Wicket partnership92 CA Ingram and JA Rudolph at The Ageas Bowl (2017)
6th Wicket partnership99 A Dale and K Newell at Cardiff (2000)
7th Wicket partnership102 EW Jones and MA Nash at Swansea (1976)
8th Wicket partnership58 MA Nash and EA Cordle at Swansea (1976)
9th Wicket partnership30 DA Cosker and SP Jones at Swansea (2007)
10th Wicket partnership44 JW Solanky and GD Armstong at Southampton (1975)
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