Hampshire CCC First Class Century Partnerships at The Rose/Ageas Bowl

1st2009261JHK Adams and MA CarberryWarwickshire
 2014253JHK Adams and MA CarberryLeicestershire
 2016191WR Smith and JHK AdamsLancashire
 2011181JHK Adams and LA DawsonSomerset
 2022180JJ Weatherley and IG HollandSomerset
 2011171JHK Adams and LA DawsonDurham
 2013170JHK Adams and MA CarberryLoughborough MCCU
 2016166TP Alsop and JJ WeatherleyCardiff MCCU
 2012150JHK Adams and ND McKenzieNorthamptonshire
 2011136JHK Adams and LA DawsonSomerset
 2007133MJ Brown and MA CarberryWorcestershire
 2009126JHK Adams and MA CarberrySussex
 2015117JHK Adams and AJA WheaterLoughborough MCCU
 2013113JHK Adams and MA CarberryWorcestershire
 2004111JHK Adams and MJ BrownGlamorgan
 2016111JHK Adams and WR SmithDurham
 2014110JHK Adams and WR SmithDerbyshire
 2008108MJ Brown and MA CarberryYorkshire
 2005104JHK Adams and SM ErvineWarwickshire
 2009104JHK Adams and LA DawsonSomerset
2nd2021228IG Holland and TP AlsopGloucestershire
 2015200MA Carberry and WR SmithLoughborough MCCU
 2015180MA Carberry and JM VinceWarwickshire
 2008170MA Carberry and MJ LumbSomerset
 2006168JHK Adams and JP CrawleyNottinghamshire
 2012164JHK Adams and BM ShafayatDerbyshire
 2003133SM Kaitch and DA KenwayGloucestershire
 2018132JHK Adams and RR RossouwCardiff MCCU
 2009131JHK Adams and MJ LumbSomerset
 2004130MJ Brown and JP CrawleyGlamorgan
 2012127JHK Adams and SM KaitchNorthamptonshire
 2010117JHK Adams and MJ LumbLancashire
 2007113MA Carberry and JP CrawleyWorcestershire
 2004110MJ Brown and JP CrawleyGlamorgan
 2009109JHK Adams and MJ LumbNottinghamshire
 2014108WR Smith and LA DawsonKent
 2014108MA Carberry and LA DawsonGlamorgan
 2018106JHK Adams and JM VinceWorcestershire
 2009105JHK Adams and JP CrawleyLoughborough UCCE
3rd2011523MA Carberry and ND McKenzie
Highest ever partnership for any wicket for Hampshire
and Highest 3rd wicket first class partnership ever in Britain
 2014387WR Smith and JM VinceEssex
 2021257IG Holland and SA NortheastMiddlesex
 2013194JHK Adams and JM VinceLoughborough MCCU
 2019166FS Organ and RR RossouwKent
 2022161FS Organ and JM VinceGloucestershire
 2001147DA Kenway and RA SmithGloucestershire
 2013141LA Dawson and GJ BaileyLeicestershire
 2008133MJ Brown and MJ LumbSurrey
 2006132MJ Brown and JJ McLeanLoughborough UCCE
 2003131JP Crawley and SM KaitchNorthamptonshire
 2013130MA Carberry and ND McKenzieGlamorgan
 2012124MA Carberry and SM KaitchLeicestershire
 2006123CC Benham and JP CrawleyYorkshire
 2014120JHK Adams and JM VinceSurrey
 2019118IG Holland and RR RossouwKent
 2001102DA Kenway and RA SmithAustralians
 2013102MA Carberry and ND McKenzieNorthamptonshire
 2016102WR Smith and JM VinceDurham
 2005101JP Crawley and SR WatsonWarwickshire
 2013100MA Carberry and JM VinceEssex
4th2017367JHK Adams and SM ErvineWarwickshire
 2010254MA Carberry and ND McKenzieKent
 2009223CC Benham and MJ LumbLoughborough UCCE
 2001182NC Johnson and RA SmithAustralians
 2011182MA Carberry and ND McKenzieWarwickshire
 2015182JM Vince and LA DawsonLoughborough MCCU
 2018179JHK Adams and TP AlsopYorkshire
 2011178JG Myburgh and JM VinceSussex
 2005175JP Crawley and KP PietersenGlamorgan
 2018171JM Vince and TP AlsopNottinghamshire
 2005162JP Crawley and JJ McLeanNottinghamshire
 2012160JHK Adams and LA DawsonEssex
 2006159CC Benham and DJ ThornelyWarwickshire
 2013154LA Dawson and JM VinceKent
 2001153NC Johnson and DA KenwayNottinghamshire
 2017153MA Carberry and SM ErvineCardiff MCCU
 2001134NC Johnson and GW WhiteSussex
 2019129SA Northeast and JM VinceSurrey
 2007117CC Benham and MA CarberryWarwickshire
 2019117SA Northeast and RR RossouwEssex
 2012116JHK Adams and LA DawsonKent
 2017110JM Vince and SM ErvineYorkshire
 2014109WR Smith and AJA WheaterDerbyshire
 2016107JM Vince and SM ErvineYorkshire
 2002100JP Crawley and WS KendallSurrey
 2016100MA Carberry and LA DawsonMiddlesex
5th2019262IG Holland and AHT DonaldWarwickshire
 2006217JP Crawley and N PothasNottinghamshire
 2013189SM Ervine and ND McKenzieKent
 2019165SA Northeast and LA DawsonEssex
 2013158SM Ervine and JM VinceLeicestershire
 2009152CC Benham and N PothasDurham
 2009150SM Ervine and N PothasSussex
 2018148JHK Adams and SM ErvineCardiff MCCU
 2022144NRT Gubbins and BC BrownLancashire
 2022137IG Holland and LA DawsonWarwickshire
 2012135MD Bates and JM VinceLoughborough MCCU
 2003133SM Kaitch and N PothasDurham
 2016129WR Smith and R McLarenLancashire
 2006128N Pothas and DJ ThornelyMiddlesex
 2015124LA Dawson and SM ErvineYorkshire
 2022118LA Dawson and BC BrownYorkshire
 2005108JP Crawley and N PothasNottinghamshire
 2016102AJA Wheater and SM ErvineSurrey
6th2005254JP Crawley and AD MascarenhasNottinghamshire
 2010158SM Ervine and N PothasSomerset
 2013152MD Bates and JHK AdamsNorthamptonshire
 2003149AD Mascarenhas and N PothasGlamorgan
 2004119AD Mascarenhas and N PothasDerbyshire
 2019109SA Northeast and LA DawsonYorkshire
 2012106MD Bates and SP TerryLoughborough MCCU
 2013104JM Vince and AJA WheaterLeicestershire
 2016104AJA Wheater and R McLarenMiddlesex
 2010101N Pothas and JM VinceKent
7th2005234AD Mascarenhas and SR WatsonWarwickshire
 2005191SM Ervine and N PothasSussex
 2001142AD Mascarenhas and JP StephensonWorcestershire
 2012118MD Bates and CP WoodGloucestershire
 2019116LA Dawson and LD McManusSurrey
 2010100DG Cork and ND McKenzieEssex
8th2004158SD Udal and SR WatsonSomerset
 2005138AJ Bichel and N PothasKent
 2018133LA Dawson and KJ AbbottNottinghamshire
 2001130AN Aymes and SD UdalDerbyshire
 2017129CM Dickinson and AHJA HartSouth Africa A
 2021127C de Grandhomme and FS OrganSurrey
 2003123AD Mascarenhas and SD UdalDurham
 2002109RA Smith and SD UdalKent
 2015109SM Ervine and CP WoodSussex
 2001102AN Aymes and SD UdalMiddlesex
9th2019131LA Dawson and KHD BarkerYorkshire
 2010130SM Ervine and JA TomlinsonSomerset
 2019119JM Vince and KJ AbbottSomerset
10th2014115DJ Balcombe and JA TomlinsonGloucestershire
 2021114C de Grandhomme and BTJ WhealSurrey
 2022101AHT Donald and JK FullerGloucestershire
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