Records for Matches Played at Basingstoke

County Championship Records

Team Records
Most runs in an innings 421-5 dec v Durham (2010)
Least runs in an innings 61 v Nottinghamshire (1936)
Batting Records
Highest individual score 179 RA Smith v Northamptonshire (1996)
Highest 1st wkt Partnership 142 CG Greenidge and VP Terry v Surrey (1986)
Highest 2nd wkt Partnership 314 MA Carberry and MJ Lumb v Durham (2010)
Highest 3rd wkt Partnership 150 MA Carberry and MJ Lumb v Durham (2010)
Highest 4th wkt Partnership 161 CL Smith and RA Smith v Derbyshire (1985)
Highest 5th wkt Partnership 129 DR Turner and NEJ Pocock v Glamorgan (1980)
Highest 6th wkt Partnership 134 NEJ Pocock and NGC Cowley v Glamorgan (1980)
Highest 7th wkt Partnership 129 BA Richards and BSV Timms v Warwickshire (1968)
Highest 8th wkt Partnership 129 GS Boyes and G Hill v Wocestershire (1938)
Highest 9th wkt Partnership 57 M Keech and SJ Renshaw v Yorkshire (1999)
Highest 10th wkt Partnership 83 MNS Taylor and JW Southern v Gloucestershire (1978)
Bowing Records
Best performance 5-49 KD James v Somerset (1997)

First Class Records (as County Championship)

LIST A Records

Team Records
Most runs in an innings 251 v Glamorgan (1974)
Least runs in an innings 43 v Essex (1972)
Batting Records
Highest individual score 123 BA Richards v Glamorgan (1974)
Highest 1st wkt Partnership 123 VP Terry and CL Smith v Leicestershire (1983)
Highest 2nd wkt Partnership 112 RE Marshall and H Horton v Lincolnshire (1967)
Highest 3rd wkt Partnership 104 RA Smith and DR Turner v Nottinghamshire (1988)
Highest 4th wkt Partnership 102 WKM Benjamin and AN Aymes v Northampshire (1996)
Highest 5th wkt Partnership 58 TE Jesty and NEJ Pocock v Sussex (1981)
Highest 6th wkt Partnership 83 NEJ Pocock and VP Terry v Gloucestershire (1979)
Highest 7th wkt Partnership 53 AN Aymes and WKM Benjamin v Nottinghamshire (1994)
Highest 8th wkt Partnership 37 SD Udal and AN Ayme v Somerset (1997)
Highest 9th wkt Partnership 13 DW White and RMH Cottam v Leicestershire (1969)
Highest 10th wkt Partnership 15 DW White and D Shackleton v Leicestershire (1969)
Bowing Records
Best performance 5-25 CA Connor v Northamptonshire (1996)